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									  Personal Property Securities Seminar Series
A series of short presentations on the problems associated with taking a security over
property (other than land) in connection with a loan transaction, including:
      • uncertainty about priority on default or sale of the collateral to a third party
      • the inconsistent coverage of existing security registers
      • the relationship between the existing security registers
      • technical invalidity from formal requirements and lodgement times
      • multi-State registration for cross-border transactions
      • loss of priority when the collateral is moved interstate, and
      • cumbersome search procedures for existing security registers.

Speakers from the judiciary, leading law firms, banks and the financial community

The Australian Attorney-General, the Hon Philip Ruddock MP, has asked the Standing Committee of
Attorneys-General to review the law on personal property securities.
A personal property security law and on-line registry would result in a faster, simpler and more certain
system for taking and registering security interests (including leases, hire purchase and retention
of title arrangements) over most types of tangible and intangible personal property (including
agricultural livestock and crops, intellectual property and receivables). The proposed reform would
also have a significant impact on manufacturers and suppliers who provide their product on a
retention of title basis.
The practical benefits would include simpler security documents and registration procedures, the
facilitation of financial product innovation and electronic/on-line transactions and greater certainty
of outcome in insolvency and for the holders of competing security. These benefits would flow to
providers of financial services and their customers.
Personal property security law has been successfully reformed in the USA, Canada and New

Seminars in: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth
City         Date                  Time                      Venue
Sydney       2 May 2006            4:55pm - 7pm              Grace Hotel, 77 York Street
Brisbane     3 May 2006            4:55pm - 7pm              Mercure Hotel, 85-87 North Quay
Melbourne    5 May 2006            12:25pm - 3:30pm          Mercure Hotel, 13 Spring Street
Adelaide     9 May 2006            3:55pm - 6pm              Mercure Grosvenor Hotel, 125 North Terrace
Perth        10 May 2006           4:55pm - 7pm              Novotel Terrace, 221 Adelaide Terrace
  Personal Property Securities Seminar Series
                      The Hon Philip Ruddock MP, Attorney-General for Australia∗
                       The Hon Robert Nicholson AO, Federal Court of Australia∗
                          The Hon Berna Collier, Federal Court of Australia∗
                               Craig Wappett, Partner, Piper-Alderman
                             Michael Rowe, Partner, Henry Davis York∗
                             Peter Banki, Partner, Banki Haddock Fiora∗
                                    Australian Finance Conference
                           Business Law Section, Law Council of Australia
                                National Australia Bank, Agribusiness
                                               ANZ Bank
                                            Not at all venues

The seminars will be of most interest to lawyers, accountants, and other advisers in the banking and
finance sectors and to those interested in commercial lending, including:
                banking industry personnel               corporate counsel
                financial institutions                   finance companies
                credit unions                            rural financial institutions
                stock and station agents                 motor vehicle financiers and dealers
                retail traders and their advisors        banking & finance lawyers
                legal academics and commentators         government regulators
                solicitors in general practice

A copy of an Options Paper prepared for consultation purposes, and further information about these free
seminars, are available from
Please monitor for updates on the seminars as new information becomes available.
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