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             (ARTS Education Consultants of Ontario, formerly OAEN)
                 ARTSECO WEBSITE:

Meeting          To support system arts leaders in the implementation and promotion of arts
Purpose          education in Ontario

Date, Time       Date: Friday, February 5th, 2010
and Place        Time: 10:00 a.m.
                 Place: Art Gallery of Hamilton, 123 Main Street West, Hamilton

                               2009-2010 EXECUTIVE
President          Kevin Merkley    York Region District School Board
Vice President     Gerda Klassen    District School Board of Niagara
Secretary          Susan Davies     Hastings & Prince Edward District School Board
Treasurer          Michael Pin      Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School

ATTENDANCE – 29 members
      Avon Maitland District School Board
      Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board             Michael Pin
      District School Board of Niagara
      Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board                       Rob Weatherbee
      Durham Catholic District School Board                              Tish K. Sheppard
      Durham District School Board                                       James Klodnicki
      Greater Essex County District School Board                         Mike Lilley
      Halton Catholic District School Board                              Babe Santucci
      Halton District School Board                                       Mary Baratto
                                                                         Lynette Werner
      Hamilton Wentworth District School Board                           Karen Wilkins
      Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board                   Susan Davies
      Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board
        Limestone District School Board                                          Joanne Pratt
        London Catholic District School Board                                    Mary Holmes
        Niagara Catholic District School Board                                   Jayne Evans
        OMEA                                                                     (Jim Palmer)
        Ottawa Carleton District School Board                                    Greg Wysynski
        Ottawa Catholic School Board                                             Jane Wharton
        Peel District School Board                                               Kelly Dever
        Penetanguishene Protestant Separate School Board
        Peterborough Victoria Northumberland & Clarington Catholic District
        School Board
        Rainbow District School Board                                            Ralph McIntosh
        Simcoe County District School Board                                      James Dobson
        Thames Valley District School Board                                      Deborah Mitchell
        Toronto Catholic District School Board                                   Sylvia Au
                                                                                 Graz Brescacin
                                                                                 Carla Di Nunzio
                                                                                 Maria Tavares
        Toronto District School Board                                            Janice Lewis
        Upper Canada District School Board                                       Jim Palmer
        Waterloo Catholic District School Board                                  Jennifer Rodrigues
                                                                                 Joan Harris
        Waterloo Region District School Board
        York Catholic District School Board                                      Laurie Rossi
        York Region District School Board                                        Kevin Merkley

1.0 Welcome
and             Welcome to the Art Gallery of Hamilton
Kevin           Thank you:
Merkley,        To Karen Wilkins and Laurie Kilgour-Walsh for welcoming us to the Art Gallery of Hamilton
YRDSB           and hosting today’s meeting.

                We watched the new DVD from NFB – The Whirlwind of your Passion: A Philanthropist’s

Review of       Adoption of minutes from 5 November 2009 meeting in Toronto hosted by TCDSB, at the
Minutes of      Doubletree Hotel, Toronto
5th November
2009 meeting    Motion to accept minutes – James Klodnicki
Susan Davies,   Seconded by Greg Wysynski
                Membership list is being circulated for revisions and updates – please forward names of any
                coordinators/consultants who may wish to participate in ARTSECO to Susan.

                PLEASE NOTE: We will use Doodle (thanks Babe) for RSVPing for ARTSECO
                meetings and ordering lunch. It works very well and saves our email in boxes from
                clutter, so please click on the link when the meeting notice goes out to respond.

3.0             Minister Wynne – James Klodnicki
Additions to    Letter to new Minister Dombrowski – Kevin Merkley
agenda          SHSM Information from Halton DSB – Mary Baratto
                PPM 150 - James Klodnicki
4.0 Ministry & Subject Association Updates
4.1          Kevin will attend the OTF Curriculum Forum Retreat in February on behalf of ARTSECO.
             We expect an update soon on the PD funds for the Arts which OTF will be dispersing.

             There has not been an EDU meeting since our last meeting in November.


             CODE Report
             Submitted for Feb. 5th ARTSECO Meeting

             All units and course profiles are currently being reviewed. We have units for grades 1
             to 10 and 3M, 3O, 4M and 4E being written. We are also writing course profiles,
             sample lessons, BLMs and lists of resources for the following dance AQ courses: ATB
             Ballet, ATJ Jazz, ATM Modern, ATS Social, ATT Tap, ATR Urban, ATD
             Composition, ATH History, ATP Performance Practice, ATU Music Theatre, ATI
             Indian/South Central Asia, ATF African, ATK Caribbean, ATG English/Irish/Scottish,
             ATO Pacific Rim/Asia, ATW Mediterranean/Middle Eastern and ATZ World
             Cultures; and for all the drama focus courses including Improvisation and Playwriting.

             Our second writing project has begun. We will be creating integrated drama, dance,
             and critical literacy units for grades 1 to 8. Training sessions will be held Thurs. Feb.
             11th and Fri. Feb. 12th.

             TDSB and CODE:
             CODE has partnered with TDSB to run a Jonothan Neelands workshop Feb. 3rd at
             OISE/UT. Professor Neelands is a National Teaching Fellow, Chair of Drama and
             Theatre Education and Director of Teaching and Learning at the University of
             Warwick. Registration opened and the workshop was sold out in a day.

             PULSE and CODE:
             PULSE Youth Dance Conference will be held again this year at York University May
             13 to 16 with keynote Rex Harrington. This conference is for both teachers and their
             students. Visit

             SHAW and CODE 2010:
             Celebrate our 40th anniversary at the CODE Conference this Oct. 29th to 31st at
             Niagara-on-the-Lake. CODE is partnering with Shaw Festival Theatre with a focus on
              integration, the revised arts curriculum, developing theatre skills, and the artist within.

              STRATFORD and CODE:
              CODE Camp will run July 5th to 10th. This 6 day camp is for experienced drama
              teachers who have completed their specialist part 3 qualifications. The camp provides
              participants with the opportunity to share resources, plan units, network, see Stratford
              performances, and engage in dialogue with colleagues. Registration is up and running
              on the code website.

              THEATRE ONTARIO and CODE:
              We continue to partner with Theatre Ontario to offer workshops to educators and plan
              on offering one in the Ottawa area in the fall. Further information to follow.

              PARTNERS and CODE:
              We continue to develop partnerships with the community and this results in savings for
              our members. Visit for further information.

              ARTSECO and CODE:
              CODE Regional Reps will be contacting arts consultants in their regions. They would
              simply like to introduce themselves to you in the hopes of helping you to promote and
              support drama and dance in your board.

              If you would like to invite a member of CODE to attend an event please contact Kim
              Snider at and she would be happy to contact a board
              member in your region to attend. If you would like a code board member to do a
              workshop in your area, please let me know.

              Respectfully submitted,

              Wendie Gibbons, CODE President

              CODE Conference 2010 - Oct 29-31 at Shaw Festival – 40th anniversary

              For complete conference details go to:

              New resource:
              Resource from CODE - Arts at the Heart - A Practical Guide to Dance and Drama in
              Elementary Schools - ed. Ron Dodson; Written by Boersma, Deluzio, Fraumeni, Jackson,

              See for order form.

Jim Palmer,

Main areas of recent work:

A major overhaul of the website that should allow posting in a searchable database – launch in
September 2010.
OMEA has migrated to a larger server – so we can add more ARTSECO info to our site.

A very successful conference celebrating:
60th anniversary of OMEA; 50th anniversary of CMEA; 30th Anniversary of Canadian Brass;
including reunions, the Canadian Brass, Dr. Tim Lautzenheizer, student leadership day, special
performances, Jowi Taylor & The Six String Nation Guitar, Sean Cullen, special banquet with
concert, an additional day, including the Ontario Orff Chapter’s culminating activity on the
Sunday morning.

Conference proceedings and workshop notes will be posted on:

The Creative Process Poster
Introduced at the conference and available through Kevin. OMEA made enough for one for
each elementary and secondary school in the province. OMEA is willing to facilitate a reprint
to provide one per classroom – we will circulate a signup sheet to reorder – probably in the
$1.25 per poster range.

Ministry Funding
Working on the ministry funding:

Retreat for writers at Kempenfelt for 3 days with lead writers, as well as Mervi Salo and John
OMEA Project Leads:
         Sharon Fitzsimmins is the project manager
         Jim Palmer - Secondary lead
         Jane Wamsley - Elementary lead
         Kevin Merkley – Grade Performance Steps lead

GPS – Grade Performance Steps
Based on the Band Olympics program – expanded to include not just band, but other mediums
of expression – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, year Band and Strings program for Grades 6, 7 and 8 getting at the
fundamental concepts, with tasks for those grades. Expanding to K-6 – including Orff and
Recorder – like long range plans with a sequential way/tasks to address fundamental concepts.
Working to embed videos.
In addition, Orff Canada and other OMEA partner organizations are involved.

Course Overviews (for focus courses):
Electronic Music
Small Ensemble
Keyboard etc.
In GAINS lesson format

All available prior to the summer on the OMEA website
Margot Roi,

                                        Ontario Society for Education through Art

              OSEA Visual Arts Literacy Resource
              Still available: $9.00 – email: to order – will be shipped to you –
              OR download from the OSEA site if you are a member.

              Resource Writing Project Report – Feb. 2010
              On Nov. 13,14 and 15, 2009 the 63 selected writers and reviewer/editors, involved in
              the OSEA/Ministry writing project, gathered for training sessions at the Kempenfelt
              Conference Centre near Barrie. Once the training session were complete, teams of
              writers met for the first time and began to share ideas for their assignments and started
              the writing process. Writing has continued on Google Docs.

              At the Elementary level there are three division teams each with 5 teams of writers
              each responsible for one of the following media: Drawing Painting Printmaking,
              Sculpture or Mixed Media. Each division team has an Editor/Reviewer. 15 units of
              study for Grades 1 through 8 will be produced. As well there is a team writing lesson
              plans for each of the Principles of Design for each grade level. The first draft of these
              documents is currently in editing and should go back to the writings for revisions in
              the next week.

              At the Secondary level 19 course outlines are being written. A Grade 10 and a
              Grade11 or 12 course outline is being written for the following focus courses: AWJ
              Stage Craft, AWL Drawing, AWN Painting, AWQ Photography, AWR Film/Video,
              AWS Digital Media, AWA Crafts, AWC Ceramics, AWD Applied Design and AWU
              Cultural / Historical Studies. The Grade 10 Course Outlines are due to
              Editor/Reviewers February 6th, 2010, with the Senior level, first drafts due February

              The plan is that Elementary Documents will be complete and ready for publication on
              line in April followed by the Secondary documents in May.

                                                                          OSEA Writing Project Manager
                                                                                          Terry Reeves

              Margot Roi OSEA President
5.0 Working Groups 2009-2010
              1. Elementary Time Allocation:

                 Ralph McIntosh
                 Tish K. Sheppard
                 Jennifer Rodrigues
                 Jayne Evans
                 Deborah Mitchell
                 Maria Tavares
                 Carla Di Nunzio
                 Joanne Pratt

                 Absent: Nancy Lizmore

                 Increased prep time issues – resulting in blocked prep time to hire itinerant Arts
                 teachers (2009-2010 is 200 minutes and 2010-2011 is 220)
                 See: Tish (4 x 10 week blocks of 40 minutes each for additional prep in Music taught
                 by itinerant teachers) and Jenn R. (blocks, every other day for) -

                 Block schedules – recommending 160 minutes (4 x 40) of The Arts strands to teach
                 the skills + integration throughout the other subject areas.

                 Challenge is delivering all of the Arts – are they all created equal – we aren’t having
                 that discussion – the school/board must make decisions about how many minutes is a
                 minimum – and then provide principals with models of delivery.

                 Catholic boards must add 30 minutes of religion every day.

                 Jim P: There are other delivery models besides release time – such as team teaching
                 and rotary teaching.

                 From Mary Holmes - Mervi recommended for this year only – until the new report
                 card comes – all 4 should be taught all year however to make it easier for this year –
                 Visual Arts and Music every term – Drama and Dance 2 of 3 terms.

              2. Secondary PLM

                 Jim Palmer
                 James Klodnicki
                 Mary Barratto
                 Rob Weatherbee
                 Greg Wysynski
                 Jane Wharton
                 Graz Brescacin
                 Joan Harris

                 Absent: Gerda Klassen

                 Will be based on the elementary model that was created in spring 2009 using a
                 universal platform. Will add a link to a list serve and social networking type site as
                 support for the implementation year.

                 Emailing John Philips to find out if there is a PLM that has already been developed in
                 the north???
   We may need to supplement the group with a Dance person.

   Expand the sections on critical and creative processes and do them as separate learning
   modules and add anecdotal/case study examples of the creative process.

   Student success and Pathways will be addressed – one of the team has expertise.

   Writing time will take place April 14 &15 from 9:30-3:00 in Durham District School
   Board Education Centre, 400 Taunton Road East, Whitby.

   James will ask the membership for additional members who may have expertise in the
   various areas to participate in the PLM writing.

3. Health and Safety Issues

   Kevin Merkley
   Babe Santucci
   Mike Lilley
   Janice Lewis
   James Dobson
   Karen Wilkins

   HINI brought this issue to the forefront in the fall. This seems to have died down.
   Many boards are reviewing their policies which were looked at.

   This working group had a SKYPE call and two sub meetings. They have drafted a
   recommendation from ARTSECO based on wordings from a variety of boards based
   on best practices. It should be viewed as a working document. It is a good place to
   start. There are two appendices that will accompany: MSDS and details on how
   various instruments should be cleaned.

   Other health and safety issues that the working group will look at:

1) Clay and kiln issues
2) Hearing protection for music teachers

   Note: In response to Jayne Evan’s question - Pottery Supply House will come and do
   safety checks on kiln installation.

   Please forward any policies/procedures on these issues to Kevin.

4. Assessment and Evaluation

   Michael Pin
   Laurie Rossi
   Kelly Dever
   Sylvia Au
   Lynette Werner
   Mary Holmes

   Absent: Mervi Salo, Tricia Fiorino

   The Growing Success document will be out this year – so there are issues that need to
   be left until that time. The Drama and Dance strands do need to be reported separately.
   Any recommendations on reporting periods are interim.
                 ARTSECO would like to make the following recommendation:

                        That all Arts strands be reported on in both reporting periods;
                        That report cards clearly delineate all four strands.

                 The group decided to look at:
                 1) The Achievement Charts in the document and come up with charts that are strand
                    specific with examples;
                 2) Develop a set of generic rubrics linked to each strand for each division.

                 Jim Palmer (UCDSB) noted that there will be assessment tools in the writing projects.
         There is a move away from generic rubrics to student generated rubrics so the students
         understand clearly what they are being assessed on.


          Laurie Rossi – York Catholic - questioned the support for dance – lack of proper floors for
                viable dance programs.

          Karen Wilkins – working on an Arts research process to collate the Arts programs and
                facilities within HWDSB.

          Jane Wharton – Ottawa Catholic – what are people doing in their boards?

          James Klodnicki – used PD days – had a team that went out to schools – very concise. They
                also had summer workshops + PD Days in September with one identified Arts rep at
                each school. The only supply time was for the Arts Implementation Team.

          Mary Holmes – London Catholic – managed to get funds for full day release for 2-3 people
               per school – then applied for the Aboriginal Education Grant - $42,000 – to go into the
               schools to make sure that the Arts kits and Drum kits are being used – deliver
               meetings at the school level + workshops for kids.

          Jim Palmer – Upper Canada – tapped into the grant for student needs (includes new
                implementation) + Education for All (Spec. Ed.) – used the Universal Design lens –
                had a release day for 3 teachers from each school + 2 follow up days at the school +
                one further day for them to present at a PA Day

          Karen Wilkins – Hamilton – had afterschool workshops, plus conference sites on their First
                Class – PLC’s set up after school – a set of meetings have been established – they
                made a pre-req chart for the new course calendars. Next year more specific things on
                the Creative Process. For they have had 600-700 teachers come out after school for the
                elementary roll-out.

          Mary Baratto – Halton – Very strong after-school music teacher network. Utilized the TLCP
               model. They have had 3 after school dance workshops to get the dance message out.
               Mervi came to do an Arts night with dinner for 250 teachers – bought all the teachers
               Hannah Beach books. Each person did two workshops.

          Kelly Dever – Peel – Will do an after school Department Heads night from 4-7. Then later
                they have a similar night for the secondary teachers.

          Mary Holmes – London Catholic – the Program Enhancement Funding – where did the
              money go?

6.2   ARTSECO Website update

       We have the capacity to start uploading new material.

       Jim was thanked for maintaining our website.
6.3   Elementary Arts Implementation Update
      We have a chart of board implementation plans which was circulated at previous meetings.
      Additions may be submitted at any time for inclusion.
6.4   Working time in Durham – April 14/15, 2010

       James has offered to pre-book hotel rooms if needed.
       What technology is needed in addition to the Smart Boards and computers?

       Sessions will take place at:

       Durham District School Board Education Centre,
       400 Taunton Road East,
       Whitby, ON
       L1R 2K6

       905-666-5500 ext. 6386

       Time: 9:30 – 3:00 p.m.

6.5    ARTIST IN RESIDENCE PROGRAM (in partnership with the Ontario Arts Council)

       As of September James started tracking data around Artsmarts – to track student engagement
             and attendance – as well as a diagnostic assessment and a summative assessment.

       Meeting with OAC - James had the chance to meet with Kathleen Wynne + Mary Jean
              Gallagher, Sue Durst, John Phillips.
       They were able to prove that the Artsmarts program comes under the pillar of Community,
              Culture and Caring – supports all parts of the Student Success plan.
       It should not be an exchange for the arts programs currently running.
       This is a way to take the arts and putting them into a core classroom – important for the entire
       Five days later, Kathleen was replaced with Leona Dombrowsky
6.6    Specialist High Skills Majors – Mary Baratto (Halton)

       Each school in her board has a pamphlet that they hand out at parent’s night around their
              SHSM – they do not have a specialized Arts high school in Halton however, the
              trustees were very happy to see what was already being done.
       Contextualized Learning Activity – Babe did one with Business –
       See the CLA Review Tool which may be used to develop CLA’s for SHSM.

       Jim Palmer – The Workplace courses that are coming are to support the SHSM

6.7    Resources for French Teachers - Greg W.

       Looking for resources in French

       Suggestion to go to NAC website: all resources are bilingual
             Les Arts Vivant –

 7.0 Information Items
7.1          PPM 150 - Food and Beverage Policy
             Issued January 15, 2010
             All publicly funded school are required to ensure that all food and beverages sold on
                   school premises for school purposes meet the requirements of this PPM by
                   September 1, 2011.

             Nutrition standards have to be adhered to and apply to all food and beverages sold in all
                    venues (e.g. cafeterias, vending machines, tuck shops), through all programs (e.g.,
                    catered lunch programs), and at all events (e.g., bake sales, sports events).

             This PPM will impact fund-raising in particular, through vending machines and direct sales.

             For complete policy and appendix see:


             1) School House Songs – Lee and Sandy Paley – Calgary, Alberta
                many boards have been approached – no one has committed to shows or a tour at
                   this point

             2)   Big Kid Entertainment
                  Character and Equity/Diversity shows followed by classroom visits with the actors

             3) Great Big Theatre Company – Lilly Small
                A few coordinators have had negative experiences

             4) Hannah Beach (from Ottawa)
                Came to Halton and Niagara – very successful
                $139.95 for the series of books (with music)
                Highly recommended – available from Bacon and Hughes

                  “I Can Dance” Series –
                  613-226-8136 email:

             Kevin brought the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat article from May 2009

             Research Monograph #19
            Placing Music at the Centre of Literacy Instruction available on the Ministry website:

 8.0 Presentations
            Art Gallery of Hamilton Tour with Laurie Kilgour-Walsh
            905-527-6610, ext. 272
            All interested members available participated in a tour of the new gallery spaces and in
            particular the Arctic Passion and Posing Beauty in African American Culture exhibits.
Meeting Meetings 2009-2010:
               April 14th and 15th –

               Secondary PLM working meetings

               Hosts: Durham D.S.B./Durham Catholic –
               organized by James Klodnicki and Tish Sheppard:

                Durham District School Board Education Centre,
                400 Taunton Road East,
                Whitby, ON
                L1R 2K6

                905-666-5500 ext. 6386

                Time: 9:30 – 3:00 p.m.

               Friday, May 28th –
               Hosts: Thames Valley DSB & London District Catholic School Board --
               Nancy Lizmore and Mary Holmes

               LDCSB Education Centre,
               5200 Wellington Road South

2:20 p.m.
Gallery tour

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