Career Opportunities at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

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					Career Opportunities at U.S.
Citizenship and Immigration
      Services (USCIS)

The Federal Career Intern Program
Who We Are
            The Department of Homeland Security

                                   Secure America

                                                              Protect against and
Prevent and deter terrorist
                                                            respond to threats and
                                                            hazards to the Nation.

                               “Preserving our freedoms,
                                protecting America… we
                                 secure our homeland.”

 Promote the free-flow of                                  Ensure safe and secure
      commerce.                                                   borders

                              Welcome lawful immigrants
                                    and visitors

                                                           Delivering America’s Promise
     U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
                    customer service
 Adjudicates                                              Reduces
immigrant visa                                           adjudication
  petitions                                                backlog

                 “To provide the right immigration
                 benefit to the right person in the
                      right amount of time.”

 asylum and
   refugee                                             Promotes national
 applications                                              security

                                                      Delivering America’s Promise
Working for the United States
    Federal Government
         Why Work for the Federal Government?

                Service to your country

Job locations                              Work-life balance

         You truly make a difference!

                                          Federal benefits
 Federal career paths

                        Career opportunities

                                           Delivering America’s Promise
      Federal Employee Benefits

   Competitive Salaries
   Health Insurance
   Holidays and Personal Leave Days
   Paid Training
   Thrift Savings Plan
   Retirement Plan
   Life and Long-term Care Insurance

                                  Delivering America’s Promise
What Will I Do At USCIS?
           The Immigration Officer at USCIS

     What does an Immigration Officer do?
 Interprets and enforces Immigration and Nationality laws
 Conducts research concerning the immigration eligibility
 Reviews applications
 Conducts interviews to make determinations on cases
 May hear and adjudicate appeals
 May appear in court as the representative of DHS

                                         Delivering America’s Promise
      What Do I Need to be an Immigration

   U.S. Citizenship
   Background Security Investigation
   Drug Testing
   Experience
   Education
   Training

                               Delivering America’s Promise
 The Federal Career Intern
      Program (FCIP)
Three positions will be opening in the Omaha Field
       Office in the next couple of months.
      The Federal Career Intern Program (FCIP)

         Key Features of the FCIP
 Create an Individual Development Plan
 Two years of in-depth training
 Federal employee benefits
 Competitive salary (GS-5, 7, 9)
 Potential conversion to permanent

                               Delivering America’s Promise
       The Federal Career Intern Program (FCIP)

             Who is Eligible?

   U.S. Citizenship is required.
   Requires successful completion of a 2 year
    formal training and development internship
    to be eligible for conversion to a career

                                    Delivering America’s Promise
Become a Part of USCIS!
How Do I Get Started?

Talk to your local recruiter

Review the job announcement

Apply for the job

Interview for the job

                        Delivering America’s Promise
Becoming a Member of the
   Omaha Field Office
      The Omaha Field Office

The Omaha Field Office is located at 1717
Avenue H near Eppley Airport. We provide
immigration services support for all of
Nebraska and some counties in western
Iowa. We currently have 16 employees in
our office who work with the public
processing immigration applications. The
workweek hours are flexible.

                             Delivering America’s Promise
            Contact Information and References

     For further information about working for the
     government, you may go to:

Al Oswald
Mission Support Specialist
1717 Avenue H
Omaha, NE 68110-2752
402-341-9050 fax

                                      Delivering America’s Promise