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Unique Career Opportunities Available
Imagine working on some of the most sophisticated            Managing
and complex systems on the planet — ships, aircraft,
                                                             •	 Design, development, acquisition, testing and
tanks, sensors, simulators, radars, sonar and commu
                                                                support of complex systems and munitions
nications systems, and more…
                                                             •	 Design, development, and construction of new
                                                                buildings, roads, and municipal services
Now’s your chance!!                                          •	 Specialized research and development projects
The Department of National Defence (DND) employs             •	 Projects, budgets, resources and personnel
over 700 engineers from various engineering fields.
Civilian (non military) engineers at DND support
the Canadian Forces by:                                      •	 Competitive salary and benefits package
                                                             •	 Healthy work life balance
Analyzing                                                    •	 Challenging and interesting projects
                                                             •	 Career training and professional development
•	 Technical	options	and	performing	technical	
                                                                to enhance knowledge of equipment, systems
                                                                and technology management
Developing                                                   •	 Career paths within the Public Service

•	 Technical solutions
•	 Specifications and other technical documentation
                                                             Exciting Possibilities:
•	 Business strategies and plans relating to systems         •	 Career advancement opportunities
   acquisition and support                                   •	 Locations across Canada
•	 Codes and standards                                       •	 Connect with engineers from foreign countries
•	 Testing	and	evaluation	methodologies	and	participating	   •	 International travel
   in test and acceptance of military equipment              •	 Leading edge equipment and technology

Designing, Creating and Maintaining
•	 Over	$21	billion	of	buildings,	work	facilities	and	
   municipal services plus related property holdings
   across Canada

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                                                                                                       ADM(PA) DPAPS CS08-0344

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