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           2009-2010 COUNCIL MEETING

              Palmer House Hilton Hotel
                Chicago, Illinois, USA

                    June 21, 2009

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  1.       Welcome, Antitrust, Conflict of Interest
  2.       Roll Call
  3.       Approval of Operating Plan 2009-2010
  4.       President’s Remarks
  5.       EXCOM Appointees & Committee Chair
   6.      Executive Director Remarks
   7.      Corporate Affiliate Program
   8.      SPE Foundation Update
   9.      Treasurer’s Report
  10.      Parliamentary Procedure
  11.      Old Business/New Business
  12.      ADJOURN
            2009-2010 Council II Meeting
              Palmer House Hilton
                    June 21, 2009
                        SOCIETY OF PLASTICS ENGINEERS

                            2009-2010 COUNCIL MEETING

                               Palmer House Hilton Hotel
                                 Chicago, Illinois, USA

                                      June 21, 2009

1. Welcome, Antitrust & Conflict of Interest
   President Paul Andersen called the meeting to order at 2:33 p.m. Local Time, Sunday,
   June 21, 2009 and reminded everyone that the meeting was operating under SPE’s
   Antitrust and Conflict of Interest Statements.

2. Roll Call

a. Determination of Attendance
    Since this was not an election meeting, Secretary Boolani asked each Councilor to fill
    out an attendance card that was collected by SPE staff members. Proxies were asked
    to announce their presence when their Section or Division was called based on
    approved proxy forms received by SPE staff prior to the meeting.

   President:                        Paul Andersen
   President-elect:                  Ken Braney
   Senior Vice President:            Russell Broome
   Vice President/Treasurer:         Jim Griffing
   Vice President/Secretary:         Vijay Boolani
   Vice President:                   Vassilios Galiatsatos
   Vice President:                   Brian Grady
   Vice President:                   Scott Owens
   Vice President:                   Jon Ratzlaff
   Vice President:                   Austin Reid
   Vice President:                   Brent Strong
   Past President:                   Bill O’Connell
   Prior Past President:             Vicki Flaris
   Executive Director:               Susan Oderwald

   Additives & Color Europe          Samuel Kenig (Proxy for Tom Mestdag)
   Akron                             Joseph Mattingly
   Australia-New Zealand             Dave Erickson (Proxy for Lex Edmond)
   Automotive                        Nippani Rao
   Benelux                           Edwin Hilgeholt
   Blow Molding                      Mark Barger
Brazil (remote)             Ernst Spieth
Caribbean                   Gregorio M. Velez
Carolinas                   Dennis Hayford
Central Europe              Monika Verheij (Proxy for Klaus Dieter Johnke)
Central Indiana             Joe Williams
Chicago                     Ray Wyer
Cleveland                   Jerry Blayne (Proxy for Gary Petruska)
Composites                  Dale Grove
Connecticut                 James Madenjian, Jr. (Proxy for Richard Nunn)
Decorating & Assembly       Jordan Rotheiser
Detroit                     Norm Kakarala
Eastern New England         Stephen McCarthy
Electrical & Electronic      Dr.V G Kulkarni (Proxy for Amod Ogale)
Engineering Properties &
Structure                   Brian Landes
European Thermoforming      Ken Darby
Extrusion                   Greg Campbell
Flexible Packaging          Rick Wagner
France                      Olivier Crave
Golden Gate                 Brian Scappaticci (Proxy)
Great Salt Lake (remote)    Richard Morrison
Gulf South Central          Naresh Alle
Hong Kong                   R. P. Devnani (Proxy)
India                       Prem Manghani
Injection Molding           Jack Dispenza
Iowa                        Andy Bondhus
Israel                      Amos Ophir
Italy                       Barbara Arnold-Feret (Proxy for Andrea Artiglia)
Japan                       Tom Martin (Proxy for Hiroshito Ito)
Kansas City                 Jim Hayes (Proxy)
Korea                       Sun Woong Choi (Proxy for Kil Yeong Choi)
Lehigh Valley               Larry Ingram
Lower Rio Grande             Dr. Kevin Lee (Proxy for Oscar Garcia)
Marketing & Management      Sam McCord
Medical Plastics            Margie Hanna
Miami Valley                Zan Smith
Mid Michigan                Parvinder Walia
Milwaukee                   Don Klein
Mold Making & Mold Design   Jerry Fischer (Proxy for Scott Peters)
New York                    Barbara Genet (Proxy for Gary Spalter)
Northwestern Pennsylvania   Brian Young
North Texas                 Earl Balthazar
Oklahoma                    Thomas Morton
Ontario                     Paul Waller
Pacific Northwest           Allen Smith
Palisades New Jersey        Rich Bradley
   Philadelphia                    Roger Corneliussen
   Piedmont Coastal                Clark Broome
   Pioneer Valley                  Steve Gilvar
   Pittsburgh                      Dick Cameron
   Plastics Environmental          Mike Montpetit
   Polymer Analysis                Patrick Mather
   Polymer Modifiers & Additives   David W. Riley
   Product Design & Development    Lance Neward
   Quebec                          Dr. Martin Bureau
   Rocky Mountain                  Ray Hauser (Proxy for Bill Tobin)
   Rotational Molding              R. Dru Laws
   Smokey Mountain                 Brian West
   Spain                           Prof. Dr. Jose Lagaron
   Southern                        Jamal El-Hibri
   Southern California             Doreen Beghtol
   South Florida                   Peter Perez-Castro
   South Texas                     Donna Davis
   Susquehanna                     Rick Wilson (Proxy for Lou McCloskey)
   Tennessee                       Frank Palmer
   Thermoforming                   Roger C. Kipp
   Thermoplastic Materials &
   Foams                           Ashutosh Sharma
   Thermoset                       Greg Spaeth (Proxy for Kevin Sweeney)
   Toledo                          Scott Steele
   United Kingdom/Ireland          Len Czuba (Proxy for Ray Bush)
   Upper Midwest                   Tom McNamara
   Vinyl Plastics                  Bill Arendt
   Virginia                        Harrison Yu (Proxy for Bob Burnett)
   Western Michigan                Helen Basso
   Western New England             Carl Olson (Proxy for Greg Prentiss)
   West Virginia & Southeast
   Ohio                            Derek Li

Absent were:
   Arkansas                        Bill Strohm
   Baltimore Washington
   Central Florida                 Charles Beatty
   Central Texas                   Edward Stumpek
   Color & Appearance              Sandra Davis
   Columbia River                  Sal Gonzalez
   Michiana                        Ray Shute
   Mid-Michigan                    Ken Kerouac
   Mississippi                     Hossein Togihani
   Ohio Firelands
   Portugal                         Joaquim Menezes
   Rochester                        Ralph Barnes
   Saint Louis                      James Morrison
   Southeastern New England         Scott Raymond
   Tri-State                        Rick Kaskel

Present as online guests were:
   Jose Louvier                     Mexico Centro Section in Formation
   Paul Steinke                     Kansas City Section
   Surinder Ahluwalia               India Section

Present as guests were:
   Anne Bernhardt, Guest South Texas
   Frank Czulewicz, Retiring Councilor N.W. Pennsylvania
   Myung-Ho Kim, Guest Korea Section
   Kishor Mehta, Former SPE Vice President
   Norm Fowler, SPE Past President
   Jay Gardiner, SPE Past President
   John Kretzschmar, SPE Past President
   Tim Womer, SPE Past President
   Karen Hately, SPE European Office Representative
   Peter Boergermann, SPE Technical Program Coordinator
   Gail Bristol, SPE Foundation Managing Director
   Tom Conklin, SPE New Business Development Director
   Tobi Gebauer, SPE Senior Manager, Membership
   Lesley Kyle, SPE Senior Event Manager
   Tricia McKnight, SPE Senior Leadership Services Liaison
   Elizabeth Regan, SPE Online Technical Program Developer
   Bonnie Kaczowski, SPE Customer Relations Manager
   Marie Salzo, SPE Governance Liaison

b. Declaration of Vacant Council Seats
    Secretary Boolani declared vacant the Council seats of the following Sections owing
    to non-election of Councilor:

   Kentuckiana (Provisional)
   Mexico City (Provisional)
   Ohio Firelands
   Rock Valley (Provisional)
   Wichita (Provisional)
   Secretary Boolani declared vacant the Council seats of the following Sections owing
   to non-attendance at three consecutive Council meetings, in accordance with Bylaw

   Buffalo (Provisional)
   Central Ohio (Provisional)
   Scandinavia (Provisional)

   President Andersen welcomed Past Presidents: Bill O’Connell, Vicki Flaris, Tim
   Womer, Lance Neward, Jay Gardiner, Norm Fowler, John Kretzschmar and
   recognized the staff and Executive Committee present at the meeting.

3. Approval of Operation Plan for 2009-2010
   President Andersen asked for approval of this year’s Operating Plan.
   The motion was seconded and approved.

4. President’s Remarks
   President Andersen presented his comments on the year to date and the goals for the
   Society. President Andersen made a presentation on the Operating Plan for 2009-
   2010 underlining:
   a) Structure
   b) Key strategic objectives
   c) Strategic activities

5. Approval of EXCOM Appointees and Committee Chairs
   President Andersen introduced the 2009-2010 Executive Committee. The new
   members of the Executive Committee are: Scott Owens – beginning a 3-year term as
   Vice President; Brent Strong beginning a 3-year term as Vice President; Russell
   Broome – beginning a 1 year term as Senior Vice President.

   The motion to approve the appointments was seconded and approved.

   President Paul Andersen introduced the 2009-2010 Committee Chair appointments.
   They are:

   Paul Andersen                    Council & Executive Committees
   Greg Campbell                    Bylaws & Policy Committee
   Helen Basso                      Council Committee of the Whole
   Ashutosh Sharma                  Divisions Committee
   Greg Campbell                    Fellows Election Committee
   Jim Griffing                     Finance Committee
   Nancy Hermanson                  Honored Service Election Committee
   Bill O’Connell                   Nominating Committee
   Ray Wyer                         Sections Committee
   Lance Neward                     SPE Foundation
   Tom Hass                         Annual Awards Committee
   Mark Spalding                    ANTEC Technical Programming Committee
   Monika Verheij                   Communications Committee
   John Szymankiewicz               Conference Committee
   Lance Neward                     Corporate Outreach Committee
   Krishna Venkataswamy             New Technology Committee
   Jukke Silen                      SPE Europe
   Donna Davis                      Geographic Initiatives Committee
   Steve McCarthy                   Student Activities @ ANTEC Committee
   TBD                              Editorial Advisory Board
   Vicki Flaris                     Industry Liaison Committee
   Andy Bondhus                     Next Generation Advisory Board
   Vicki Flaris                     Past Presidents Advisory Board
   Dick Cameron                     Council Continuous Improvement Task Force
   Ken Braney                       Committee Coordination Team
   Vassilios Galiatsatos            GAP Analysis Task Force
   Bill O’Connell                   Performance and Compensation Committee
   Scott Owens                      Strategic Growth Steering Committee
   Ken Braney                       Volunteer Resource Management Task Force

   President Paul Andersen made a motion to approve these appointees. The motion to
   approve the committee chairs was seconded and approved.

b) 2009-2010 Operating Plan
   President Paul Andersen made his presentation on the Operating Plan for 2009-2010.

6. Executive Director’s Remarks
   Susan Oderawald made a presentation outlining the Society’s initiatives and plans to
   tackle the future trends in terms of recruiting X&Y generation.

7. Corporate Affiliate Program
   Gail Bristol, Managing Director SPE Foundation and Vice President Scott Owens made a
   presentation on the plans to achieve success in getting Corporate sponsorships.

8. SPE Foundation Update
   Gail Bristol reported on the financial health of the SPE Foundation. The SPE
   Foundation awarded US$138,500 in scholarships to 33 students in 2008.

   Foundation grants totaling US$16,700 were made in 2008. At their April 2009
   meeting, the Foundation Board approved two new grants totaling US$5,306 for the
   Rochester Institute of Technology and Georgia Southern University. RIT’s grant will
   help cover the development of a biodegradability testing laboratory. The Georgia
   Southern grant will cover the purchase of training materials for their composites
9. Treasurer’s Report
   Vice President/Treasurer Jim Griffing introduced his Committee:

   1) Vijay Boolani, Secretary
   2) Greg Campbell
   3) Olivier Crave (ad-hoc)
   4) Scott Peters
   5) Joe Williams
   6) Ken Braney, President-elect (ex-officio/non-voting)

   He gave a brief presentation on the financial calendar for this year.

10. Parliamentary Procedure
   Lance Neward gave a talk on “Parliamentary Procedure.” He explained various myths
   and the correct meaning & correct position on those.

11. Old/New Busines
    President Andersen opened the floor for any Old or New Business.
    There was no old business.

   Past President Tim Womer made a motion to appoint Mark Spalding as the ANTEC
   2010 General Program Chair. The motion was seconded. Motion carried.

   Jim Madenjian, proxy for Connecticut, opened a discussion about a problem of
   retaining volunteers. President Andersen mentioned that this was an issue which
   needed attention. Some discussions and solutions were discussed at the Sections
   Committee meeting held on June 20, 2009. President Andersen assured Mr.
   Madenjian that he would take up this matter with the Sections Committee. Susan
   Oderwald advised that the Sections Committee should also take this up with Tricia
   McKnight as she would be glad to assist. Ms McKnight also offered solutions on the
   spot and requested all to contact her for further assistance. Various Councilors offered
   solutions regarding their experiences. Jay Gardiner, SPE Past President, spoke about
   Gail Bristol’s presentation on the History of SPE, which was presented at this
   morning’s Council meeting. He also offered congratulations to Don Witenhafer, one
   of this year’s Plastics Hall of Fame honorees.

    President Andersen reminded the Council that the next Council meeting will be at the
    Heritage Hotel in Southbury, CT, USA on October 24, 2009 and made a motion to
    adjourn the meeting at 4:03 p.m. local time. The motion was seconded. The motion

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