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									                            CONFERENCE MINUTES

                             58TH Annual Conference
                  Penn Stater Conference Center, Centre County
                                June 12-16, 2006

Joseph Davidson of Centre County and Barbara Stringer of Mifflin County were the hosts
for the 58th Annual Conference held on June 12-16, 2006 at the Penn Stater Conference
Center, State College, PA. The following counties were present at the conference:

       Allegheny County                           Lancaster County
       Armstrong County                           Lawrence County
       Beaver County                              Lebanon County
       Bedford County                             Lehigh County
       Berks County                               Luzerne County
       Blair County                               McKean County
       Bradford County                            Mercer County
       Bucks County                               Mifflin County
       Cambria County                             Montgomery County
       Carbon County                              Northampton County
       Centre County                              Northumberland County
       Chester County                             Perry County
       Clearfield County                          Pike County
       Columbia County                            Schuylkill County
       Cumberland County                          Snyder County
       Dauphin County                             Somerset County
       Delaware County                            Susquehanna County
       Elk County                                 Tioga County
       Franklin County                            Venango County
       Greene County                              Wayne County
       Huntingdon County                          Westmoreland County
       Indiana County                             Wyoming County
       Juniata County                             York County
       Lackawanna County                          Monroe County
                                      June 12, 2006

Registration took place from 1:00 to 5:00 pm in the Courtyard Lobby. The Executive
Committee met from 4:30 to 5:30PM. The President’s Reception Dinner began at
6:00PM in the Dean’s Hall. The theme for the evening was wear Penn State Blue &
White with a tail gate picnic type buffet dinner. Wine tasting was sponsored by
IMR/Landex with the wine from Mt. Nittany Winery. The entertainment for the evening
was the Penn State Blue Band and the Keystone Cats.

                                      June 13, 2006

Registration took place from 8:30 to 3:00PM in the Courtyard Lobby. A Nittany Lion
breakfast buffet was held in the Dean’s Hall along with committee meetings
corresponding with breakfast.

The opening meeting was held in Room 208. The meeting was called to order by
President Donna J. Lutz at 9:07am with roll call by the secretary with 44 counties present
at this time. Pledge to the flag by Donna. The secretary’s minutes are in the conference
packet and Donna would like everyone to look over the minutes and if there are any
additions or corrections, they will be dealt with on Thursday. Tom Murphy made a
motion to suspend Robert’s Rules of Order, second by Faith Zembower. No questions,
all in favor, none opposed. Motion passes.

New Business

Mary Zimmerman made a motion for an honorarium for the Legislative Chair. Evie
Rafalko McNulty second the motion. Valerie McDonald-Roberts would rather have it
brought up at Thursday’s meeting.

Tom Murphy made a motion to table legislative chair honorarium. Second by Valerie.
All in favor no opposition. Tabled until Thursday’s meeting. Donna recognized Patty
Streams Warman for all her hard work as the Legislative Chair.

Pete Weidenboerner gave the Treasurer’s Report. The association currently has a
checking balance of $62,639.60 and a CD balance of $88,849.33. The Treasurer’s Report
will be tabled for audit.

Donna appointed Jim Zugay as Parlimentarian.

Faith introduced the following vendors with time for each to speak about their company.
   1. ACS
   2. AmCad
   3. BMI Imaging Systems
   4. Commonwealth of PA Dept. of Treasury
   5. Complete System Support
   6. Cott Systems
   7. Electronic Document Logistics
   8. Fidlar Software
   9. Foveonics Imaging Technologies
   10. Hart Intercivic
   11. IMR Limited/Landex
   12. Info Quick Solutions
   13. Infocon Corporation
   14. Iron Mountain Information Management
   15. Landata Technologies
   16. Lanier Worldwide

Meeting in recess until 10:30am.

Recorders were invited to spend time in vendor alley from 10:00-10:30am.

Meeting reconvened at 10:40am. Donna introduced Ed Halpern & Calvin Gilchrist with
Escheats. The website is Phone numbers to report escheat holdings
is 1-800-379-3999 and for claims the number is 1-800-222-2046. Remember if any
recorders are holding property please fill out the appropriate forms to report to escheats.
(see information in packet)

Donna introduced Barry H. Williams from King’s College, Speaker on Business Ethics.
Generally in ethics if you do the right thing you are going to be okay. Internal Control
deals with people and ethics. Management addresses ethics by:
   1. Commitment to honesty & integrity.
   2. Recognition & adherence to laws.
   3. Respect for organization/office.
   4. Leadership by example.

Encourage integrity by:

   1.   Establish a code of conduct and mission statement.
   2.   Reward ethical values & ethical behavior by giving incentives.
   3.   Have a way to report violations.
   4.   Be consistent in reporting of violations.
Internal Control:

   1.   Environment is set by management, determines whether you will fail or succeed.
   2.   Do a Risk Assessment.
   3.   Set up controls sufficient to meet your risks.
   4.   Information & communication are important.

Organization needs:

   1. Authorization & approval.
   2. Document of Policies & Procedures.
   3. Physical security over items (cash & documents).
   4. Management of Costs & Expenses.
   5. Separation of Duties. (no one person should handle the document from start to
   6. Training & Supervision.

The opening luncheon was held in the Dean’s Hall with the presentation of colors by the
Nittany Leathernecks Detachment of the Marine Corps League, followed by the Pledge
of Allegiance. The Honorable Michael T. Maderia, Centre County DA sang the Star
Spangled Banner, with opening prayer by Pastor Jorn Junod. Mayor Bill Welsh
welcomed everyone to State College and hoped that we would enjoy our stay. The
luncheon was sponsored by Aptitude Solutions.

The opening session resumed at 1:38pm. Fee Bills for everyone who wanted to send
them to Donna were given to all members present.

Ways & Means Committee Report given by Wendy Welfley, chairperson. The
committee is selling bears this year for $10.00 and we also have T-shirts this year and
various other items. See one of us on committee if you are interested. We are also
selling the $10.00 raffle tickets this year. The drawing will be held during the President’s
Banquet on Thursday. See any committee member to buy a ticket.

By-Laws Committee Report given by Beverly Casella, chairperson. The following
changes are proposed:

Article II, Section 2 ELIGIBILTY and SALARIES.

Section 2.(b). The Secretary and Treasurer shall receive compensation in amounts to be
determined by the Executive Committee. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected
every year by the association. The Secretary and Treasurer are not required to move
through the chairs, unless they so desire, at the time of election.
Section 2.(c). Any officer defeated for re-relection or who shall not be in the office of
Recorder of Deeds at the time of serving as an officer in this Association, shall resign
his/her office in the Association immediately. In the event it is the President of this
Association who is defeated for re-relection, the First Vice-President shall assume the
office of President and be eligible for another full term provided he/she has not served
more than eight (8) months of the assumed term in which event he/she shall not be
permitted another full term.

Section 2.(f) Should any other position on the Executive Committee become vacant, all
officers will ascend to the next position and the third vice president position will be
vacant. At the next Annual Seminar all members will ascend to the next natural position
if so elected and the third vice president position will be filled by election.

Beverly makes a motion to accept the proposed changes, second by Nancy Lebkicher.
The motion is tabled until Thursday.

Donna then introduced Warren Klunk, from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.
Warren indicated that Realty Transfer Tax is up 18%. He indicated that our reports are
now due by the 10th of each month instead of the 5th. He is hoping that by January, 2007
all recorders who are not currently withholding their RTT commission, you will begin to
receive it through direct deposit into your account instead of being issued a check. Please
remember when receiving a Statement of Value regarding a trust, that the Trust
Agreement must be attached to the SOV. Also remember that SOV’s must be completely
filled out. New Common Law Ratio factors are out to be effective July 1, 2007. The
Act 40 implementation has started, Warren indicated that about 30 counties should have
already received the new Realty Transfer Tax Imprint Sheets. The monies will be in your
account by the 23rd of each month. Warren thanked everyone for a good job and that
everything is not possible without the recorders help.

All recorders were given the opportunity to spend time in vendor’s alley between 3:00 to
3:30 pm.

The entertainment for the evening was a tour of Penn’s Cave with a Butler Affair Dinner.
Then Arsenic & Old Lace at the Boal Barn Playhouse sponsored by Landata

                                       June 14, 2006

The General Session was held in Room 208. Meeting called to order at 9:08am by
President Donna Lutz. Roll call taken with 3 additional counties in attendance. Donna
led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Faith introduced the following vendors with each given an opportunity to speak about
their company:
   1. Aptitude Solutions
   2. BMI Imaging Systems
   3. Ingeo
   4. Pennsylvania Association of Notaries
   5. RBA Professional Systems, Inc.
   6. RCG Information Technology
   7. Record Fusion
   8. Simplifile
   9. Tyler Technologies
   10. US Imaging Inc.
   11. Team IA
   12. Sunrise Systems

Donna thanked all the vendors for their support and attendance.

Break Out Session for Class 1-4 counties were held in Room 203 with Jack Smith, Esq.
while Class 5-8 counties attended vendor alley from 9:30 to 10:15am.

Vendor alley for Class 1-4 counties were held while Class 5-8 counties were with Jack
Smith, Esq. in Room 208 from 10:15 to 11:00am.

Dr. Richard Hansberger, Director of E-Notarization presented a slide presentation of E-
Notarization. Counties can offer a service simply by contacting Martha Brown of the
Department of State and indicate that you would be able to register e-notary’s if they
came into your office.

Lunch was provided in the Gardens Restaurant from 12:00 to 1:00pm. Lunch was
sponsored by Record Fusion.

The Afternoon Session resumed at 1:05pm in Room 208. The E-Recording presentation
was given by Steve McDonald, Terence Farrell and Tom Murphy. Currently e-recording
is working in all 4 counties.

Jack Smith presented the Solicitors Report. He felt that 3 issues seem to be the driving
force behind legislation:
    1. Patriot Act
    2. Social Security Number issues
    3. Privacy issues

He indicated that currently there is no legislation in place to require e-recording in the
state of PA, however, he felt that you will see legislation in the future.

Please remember that the 50 cent writ tax also applies to plans/plats.
Jack Smith’s report is in the conference folder.

Patty Streams-Warman, legislative chair presented the legislative report. Sherwood
legislation to take the liability away from the Recorders Office. (see legislative report).
Donna presented Patty with a Certificate of Recognition for all her hard work during the
past year.

Recorders Manual Committee Report given by Jan Kalajainen, chair indicated that the
first 3 chapters of the book are almost finished. The book will have 3 parts: solicitors
info, discussion and law. Others felt the book needed room for notes and other possible

Bonds & Commission report was given by Donna Lutz. Donna indicated that the
Department of State is open to anything to correct the bonding & commission procedure,
but they cannot do anything because the laws have not been changed since 1955. Donna
felt that the association could be the driving force behind this issue. Jack Smith indicated
that the association should approve this and then let it move to the executive committee.
Donna felt that 1 person from each association needs to be on a committee to try to get
changes made to the existing law. Joe Davidson made a motion to appoint Donna Lutz as
the rep. for the Association to handle the bonds & commissions issues. Second by Tom
Murphy. All in favor. Motion passes.

Steve McDonald described what PREP was and the following reports were given:

Jan Kalajainen-North West Group-1st meeting last week with e-notary & e-recording

Nancy Becker-South East Group-Formed on 10/19/05, everyone in the industry is
included, has had e-notary presentation and next meeting is 7/12/06.

Jim Zugay-South Central Group-has had 3 meetings, very good response. Has had e-
notary demo and next meeting is in September in Fulton County.

Jan Beall-South West Group-has had e-notarization and e-recording demo and their next
meeting is in September.

Joe Davidson-North Central Group-has not had any meetings. No interest at this time.

Mary Dysleski-North East Group-no meetings at this time, info was sent out to recorders
and their first meeting will be within the next 2 months.

Some in the association wandered if attorneys could get CLE credits for the PREP
meetings? Jack felt that the Local Bar Association in each area could probably get it
approved for CLE Credits.
Donna thanked Jack for all his help the past year and presented him with a PRODA tool
bag. Meeting recessed until tomorrow.

Entertainment for the evening included a PSU Campus Bus Tour with a tour of the All
Sports Museum at Beaver Stadium. A Reception and Dinner were held at Mt. Nittany
Lounge in Beaver Stadium. Music for the evening by Tommy Wareham. The group was
offered free caricatures. This dinner was sponsored by Info Quick Solutions and RBA
Professional Data Systems, Inc.

                                     June 15, 2006

Breakfast from 7:30 to 9:00am was provided in the Gardens Restaurant.

General Session was held in Room 203. Meeting was called to order at 9:06AM by
President Donna Lutz. Roll call was taken with no new members present. Pledge of
Allegiance led by Donna.

Secretary’s Minutes from the 2006 conference were approved.

Auditing Committee report was given by Harvey Kreamer. Everything appears to be in
order, no problems. Terence Farrell motion to accept auditors report, second by Wendy
Welfley. All in favor, report approved.

Jen Dixon from Lancaster presented a presentation of the PRODA website. The website
is Let everyone know that the website is up and running and check
your information on the webpage. If info is wrong, simply click on Jen’s email at the
bottom of the webpage and let her know. Donna presented Jen with a gift from the
association for all her hard work on the website. Donna also thanked Ed Welsh from
Oce’ for sponsoring the highlighters with the website info on them. Donna presented
Steve McDonald with a Certification of Recognition for all his with developing the

Steve, Nancy Becker and Terence presented the 2007 conference information. The dates
will be June 11 to June 15, 2007 at the Radisson Plaza, Warwick Hotel in the Rittenhouse
Square District in Philadelphia.

Invitations went out for future conferences. Faith Zembower from Bedford County will
host 2008 in Bedford and Emmett McCall from Carbon County will host the 2009
conference in Jim Thorpe.
Wendy Welfley presented the Resolutions Committee Report for Linda Miller,
chairperson. The following committees, hosts, vendors, speakers and groups were

   1. Executive Committee
   2. By Laws Committee
   3. Legislative Committee
   4. Recorders Manual Committee
   5. Ways & Means Committee
   6. Communications Committee
   7. Auditing Committee
   8. PSAECO Committee
   9. Resolutions Committee
   10. Nominating Committee
   11. Technology Committee
   12. Joseph L. Davidson, Host
   13. Barbara A. Stringer, Co-host
   14. Jeffrey Shank, Legislative Solicitor
   15. Jack Smith, PRODA Solicitor
   16. Judge Charles Brown
   17. Jennifer Dixon
   18. Calvin Gilchrist
   19. Ed Halpern
   20. Dr. Richard Hansberger
   21. Warren G. Klunk
   22. Mayor Bill Welsh
   23. Barry H. Williams
   24. Vendors-ACS, AmCad, Aptitude Solutions, Comm of PA Dept of Treasury/Invest
       Program, Complete System Support, Inc., Cott Indexing Systems, Electronic
       Document Logistics, Fidlar Software, Foveonics, Hart Intercivic, High Tech
       Accessory Items, inc., IMR Limited/Landex, Info Quick Solutions, Ingeo, Iron
       Mountain Information Mangement, Landata Technologies, Lanier Worldwide,
       Inc., RBA Professional Data System, Inc., RCG information Technology, Record
       Fusion, Simplifile, Tyler Technologies Eagle Divison, Team IA, OCE’, and
       Sunrise Systems.
   25. Marine Corp Leage
   26. Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel and Staff.

Joyce McLean did a memorial to Floss Hunt and Pete Weidenboerner a memorial to Lou
Donna then introduced Lora Kulick and Ken Perry from the PA Department of Revenue
to talk about 6% sales tax on copies. Transactions in recorders offices that are taxable:

   1. Copies from a copy machine
   2. copies from a printer
   3. CD/tapes (information of indexes or images)

A title company presenting a certificate of exemption to you must have a sales tax license
number so that they are then selling them to their customers and charging sales tax at that
time. Implementation for the sales tax is 1/1/07. Each county will have at least 1 sales
tax license. Requests for exempt copies do not need to have exemption number on
receipt, however you must be able to tract the receipt to the exemption certificate.

There is a commercial site at for Title 61.

Donna thanked both Lora & Ken and presented them each a PRODA gym bag.

By Laws Committee proposed changes were read by Beverly Casella, chairperson. Tom
Murphy motion to accept changes, second by Patty Streams Warman. No questions, all
in favor, changes approved.

No Old Business.

New Business

Stipend for Legislative chair-Harvey Kreamer motion to move to Executive Committee,
second by Bob Zeigler. No questions, all in favor, motion passes.

Joe Davidson motion to review stipend for Secretary & Treasurer, handled by Executive
Committee per by-laws.

Jane Weatherbee, nominating committee chairperson, presented the following

President-Faith Zembower, Bedford County
1st Vice President-Tom Murphy, Westmoreland County
2nd Vice President-Valerie McDonald-Roberts, Allegheny County
3rd Vice President-Rhonda McClelland, Mercer County
Treasurer-Pete Weidenboerner, Elk County
Secretary-Wendy Welfley, Perry County

Members at Large:
James Zugay, Jr., Dauphin County
Karen L. Starck, Clearfield County
Randi Reisinger, York County of Perry

No other nominations. Jane Weatherbee motion to accept the nominations, second by
Bob Zeigler, no questions, motion passes.

Motion to Adjourn meeting by Tom Murphy, second by Faith. Meeting adjourned at

Lunch was provided at the Gardens Restaurant for those who wanted to attend. A golf
outing sponsored by ACS was taken to Toftrees while everyone else enjoyed a free

Group photo sponsored by Hart Intercivic was taken outside in the courtyard at 6:30pm
followed by the President’s Dinner in President’s Hall. The Penn State NROTC Color
Guard did the Presentation of Colors, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer by
Pastor Ronnie Neff. The Honorable Judge Charles C. Brown, Jr., swore in the new
officers followed by the entertainment for the evening by the Centre Swingers.

                                     June 16, 2006

Breakfast was available in the Gardens Restaurant from 7:30 to 9:30am with an
Executive Committee Meeting at 9:00am.

We hope everyone had a safe trip home and we would like to thank Joe and Barb
for all their hard work over the past year to make this conference a success.

Respectfully submitted,

Wendy Welfley, Secretary
Pennsylvania Recorder of Deeds Association

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