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					                  CCRW CONNECTIONS NEWSLETTER
                    “INSPIRE! IMPACT! EMPOWER!”

                      CRYSTAL COAST
                    REPUBLICAN WOMEN
"Inspire, Impact and Empower"..... Let us be energetic enough to "Inspire"
the Republican masses to make an "Impact" on our local, state and federal
governments to "Empower" our Republican leaders to return to our
conservative grassroots. Please join the Crystal Coast Republican Women
to work towards this goal.
                                                               Mary Marks

               Volume 5                      June, 2009 Issue
                              CCRW CONNECTIONS
                        “INSPIRE! IMPACT! EMPOWER!”


Close to 40 members and guests attended the Silver Anniversary Membership Luncheon
of the Crystal Coast Republican Women’s club on June 19 at the Western Park
Community Center. Under the leadership of Linda Schriever, the Community Center
became a beautiful arena for a grand agenda and luncheon.

The honored, guest speaker was CCRW’s own member and North Carolina Senator Jean
Preston. Also in attendance as honored guests were CCRW member and NC
Representative Pat McElraft; NC Representative George Cleveland and his wife, Nancy;
CCRW member and Carteret County GOP Chairman Pam Hanson; and Carteret County
GOP Treasurer, Jack Millis.

Pat McElraft led the membership in the Republican Party Pledge and Pam Hanson
introduced the guest speaker, Senator Jean Preston. Senator Preston presented a moving
speech and both she and Rep. Pat McElraft answered questions until lunch was served.
Once again, the Fairway Restaurant provided a scrumptious salad luncheon to
complement the punch and cake provided by the CCRW members.

After lunch, Jan Grube presented a short history of the North Carolina Federation of
Republican Women. President Mary Marks concluded the meeting and thanked everyone
for joining the CCRW on such a special occasion.

Page 1                                Volume 5                               6/30/2009
                                      CCRW CONNECTIONS
                              “INSPIRE! IMPACT! EMPOWER!”


Submitted by Jan Grube

OUTSTANDING JOB, LADIES! Our first NCFRW essay contest is over and the
reception is history. What a great job you all have done. Thank you for volunteering and
saying YES to using your talents and expertise on this project. We hope that it continues.

The following ladies helped by contacting schools, teachers, home school parents, private
schools, baking cookies, providing refreshments and punch, acting as judges, taking
pictures, writing the news story and hand-carrying a copy to the Carteret News Times
office, producing a beautiful program, providing clean and ironed tablecloths, decorating,
hostessing, providing each person a name tag, and sending out emails and evites and
cleaning up: Harriet Joyce, Shirley McGinnis, Donna and husband Steve Williamson,
Linda Schriever and her brother-in-law Wayne Schriever, Ellen Brent Boone, Sarah
Fulcher, Ann Martin, Susan Rynas, Bev and husband Bob Stone, Mary Marks, Sue
Verdon, Pam White, Lynn Pate and husband Mark Pollman, Pam Hanson, Linda Hughs,
Elaine Jones, Jo Heckert, Judy Armento, Judy Wilgus, Ann Bundy, and Jan Grube. If I
omitted a name, please let me know because we need this information for the history
book and the Essay Committee report. It was a good beginning with three deserving
winners and a beautiful reception. Thanks to each and every one of you.
     Ann Martin, Essay Committee Chairman; Mary Marks, President; and Jan Grube, Assistant Chairman.

                                                    President Mary Marks and Essay Committee
                                                    Chairman Ann Martin present certificates to
                                                    winners Cierra Tomaso, Peter Pitman and Priyo
                                                    Shah (left to right) at the Awards ceremony for
                                                    the Americanism Essay Contest.
                                                             Date: April 19, 2009.


CCRW members joined over 1,500 people in the Morehead City and Stella Tea Parties
this quarter. Those who attended included Nancy Forster, Bev Stone, Yvonne Meyer,
Ann Martin, Judy Armento, Jan Grube, Mary Marks and others. (See Jan’s sign and
Ann Martin’s red hat with tea bags on display with the food donations from the April

general meeting.)

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                                CCRW CONNECTIONS
                         “INSPIRE! IMPACT! EMPOWER!”

CCRW CONNECTIONS IN THE NEWS: CCRW Member Speaks on Practical Advocacy

                                Bev Stone was the Guest Speaker at the April 17 CCRW
                                General Meeting. Not only is Bev a member of the
                                CCRW and 24 other organizations, she is also the Vice
                                President of the Council of Women. Bev gave a notable
                                presentation on Practical Advocacy and how each of us
                                can become an Advocate. Ask Bev if you would like to
                                help out.

CCRW CONNECTIONS IN THE NEWS: Board of Elections Update

Sue Verdon stated that we have several new members and President Mary Marks asked
her to speak about information needed for donations at the Board meeting and the
General meeting in April. Sue stated that it is necessary for all members to understand
why the CCRW requires information for donations. In particular, the State Board of
Elections requires that any individual providing donations must also provide their name,
address, telephone number and occupation for any potential audit. An individual cannot
give more than $2,000 in cash and/or in-kind donations within a single election cycle
($4,000 per couple). Sue also stated that the CCRW members must begin to be more
prudent with providing receipts for in-kind donations.

CCRW CONNECTIONS IN THE NEWS: Contacting Your State Senators

Pam Hanson provided two email addresses for contacting all of your senators at once
versus individually. These email addresses are: & SenateE- Several items such as Cap and Trade as well as the Marriage
Amendment, the Bullying law and others need you to contact your senators now.


7. Non –Republican political candidates, political officeholders, party officials or their
representatives shall not be allowed to address the group or distribute political materials
at NCFRW state federations and club meetings or events.

Page 3                                   Volume 5                                 6/30/2009
                                    CCRW CONNECTIONS
                           “INSPIRE! IMPACT! EMPOWER!”

RATIONALE: Our organization and members promote the principles and support
loyalty to the Republican Party at all levels of government, and support the objectives
and policies of the Republican National Committee, etc. There is no way to justify
having elected officials or candidates of another party speak at a meeting or event, no
matter what the topic.

CCRW CONNECTIONS IN THE NEWS: Members Attend NCFRW Spring Board Meeting

Mary Marks, Jan Grube, Judy Armento and Lynn Pate represented the CCRW at the May
8-9 Spring Board Meeting in Greensboro, NC. Members attended workshop sessions on
the NC Education System and Diversity Outreach. Dinner speakers on Friday included
NC Rep. Pearl Burris Floyd and Pastor Richard Callahan. The honored speakers during
Saturday’s lunch were US Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn and US Congressman
Howard Coble. We elected the new NCFRW Officers and presentation of Honorary Life
Members awards were given. Unfortunately our History/Scrapbook and Newsletters did
not win this year… we’ll get them next time!

                                    Caring for America Committee
    Thanks to all the ladies who have faithfully remembered to bring household cleaning and paper
    products, personal care items, and non-perishable foods for those in need. Remember this is a
    Caring For America Project we voted in this year. We will be delivering items each month
    after our meetings and any special events we sponsor. In May, items will be delivered to the
    Hope Mission in Morehead City. June will be Hem Of His Garment in Swansboro, and July
    will be back to Martha's Mission. Every can of soup, beans, baby food, or tube of toothpaste is
    appreciated. Bring what you CAN! Thanks.

           God of our life, there are days when the burdens we carry chafe our shoulders
           and weigh us down; when the road seems dreary and endless, the skies grey
           and threatening; when our lives have no music in them and should have lost
           their courage. Flood the path with light we beseech Thee; turn our eyes to
           where the skies are full of promise; tune our hearts with heroes and saints of
           every age, and so quicken our spirits that we may encourage those who travel
           the pathway of life with us here. Amen.
                                             Provided by Ellen Brent Boone

Page 4                                       Volume 5                                        6/30/2009
                              CCRW CONNECTIONS
                        “INSPIRE! IMPACT! EMPOWER!”

CCRW CONNECTIONS IN THE NEWS: Members Attend NC State Convention

Submitted by Jan Grube

We are proud of the members who attended and participated in all the convention events
and enjoyed every minute of it. Attending were: Mary Boughton, Evelyn Fetzer, Sarah
Fulcher, Jan Grube, Pam Hanson, Linda Holden, Jessica Hult, Harriett Joyce, Ann
Martin, and Senator Jean Preston. We helped to elect Tom Fetzer as Chairman and Dr.
Johnson as Vice Chairman. We also voted to pass the Plan of Organization, and heard
fine speeches. Ann Martin set up the jewelry table and with the help of Mary Boughton,
Linda Holden, Evelyn Fetzer, Jessica Hult and Jan Grube. We sold jewelry fast and
furiously. Associate Member, Katy Benningfield, took hundreds of pictures which we
hope to see. Ann Martin and Jan Grube, along with Associate Member, Fred Grube,
attended the Chairman's Breakfast which was just delightful. Judge Rusty Duke gave an
inspiring sermon. If we can get a copy, it will be forwarded to you by email. Following
the Breakfast, Ann, I and Katy Benningfield attended the State Party Executive
Committee meeting where Martha Jenkins was elected Secretary of the Party. We
covered a lot of business and then we passed many of the resolutions which were not
addressed during the convention. At least four resolutions were delayed until the next
Executive Meeting. You should receive an email with copies of these resolutions. Please
respond with your feeling about them. Resolutions that were passed at our County and
Third Congressional District Conventions were passed, including the honoring of
President and Mrs. Bush and Senator Dole. We also passed the resolution concerning
"Improving Communications from the State Party Level Down to the Local Party
Four Members of our club have registered for the National Federation of Republican
Women's Convention in Orlando this September. They are Ann Martin, Judy Armento
and Mary Boughton from the club, and Jan Grube as Delegate-at-Large from the North
Carolina Federation.


Submitted by President Mary Marks

The CCRW have three Regents: Jessica Hult- Bronze Level; Silver Level – Jan Grube &
Ann Martin. Go to website and read how you too
can become a Regent. Thank you ladies.

Guess who’s going to the 35th Biennial Convention in Orlando, Florida, September 10-
13, 2009 as a Delegate-At-Large? If you said Jan Grube you are correct. She was
elected number 4 out of 12 people nominated.. we think she should have been #1!

Page 5                                Volume 5                               6/30/2009
                               CCRW CONNECTIONS
                        “INSPIRE! IMPACT! EMPOWER!”

Congratulations to Judy Wilgus for being granted an Honorary Life Membership, May 9,
2009. The membership is granted for outstanding dedication and lasting contributions to
the Federation. CCRW was proud to nominate Judy for her outstanding work for the
Republican party.

The new 2010-2011 officers elected at the Spring Board Meeting include three from the
Coastal Region. They are Cecelia Wasserman, Coastal Region VP, Craven Co.
Republican Women; Lucille Dicktel, Secretary, Craven Co. Republican Women; and
Kim Hendrix, Assistant Secretary, Pitt County Republican Women. Congratulations!

Caring for America. How special is that? Bring non-perishable items to every meeting
to share with the less fortunate in our community.

Did you know the CCRW has a meeting every third Friday of the month at 10 a.m? I
know some of you do because I see you there. But, perhaps some of you don’t know this
or perhaps have forgotten. Come and join us. Bring something non-perishable for our
Caring for America program, participate in discussions, help us make our Club better by
being there, and then enjoy a social lunch and chat with other club members. You’ll
have a good time, I promise. AND, don’t forget, bring a friend.


Information below reprinted from NCFRW Legislative Report (5/9/2009)

Hate Crimes Legislation - Many say it is all about silencing criticism. H.R. 1913 - the
Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act could lead to the criminalization of
the Biblical view of homosexuality in sermons and elsewhere. An offended homosexual
could accuse a pastor, Sunday School teacher or broadcaster of causing emotional injury
simply by expressing the Biblical view that homosexuality is sinful. It broadly defines
"intimidation" and some organizations say "A pastor's sermon could be considered 'hate
speech' and under those circumstances, the pastor could be prosecuted for "conspiracy to
commit a hate crime." This legislation will punish people for their thoughts and not the
deeds...a very slippery slope. The House passed this measure recently.

North Carolina Issues

H 361 and S 272 Defense of Marriage Amendment is still our top priority and has still
not been scheduled for hearing. Continue to get signatures on our petitions (can be
downloaded from website), write letters to the editor and call your Legislators weekly
until this is done.

HB 890-Unborn Victims of Violence Act. North Carolina is one of only 15 states that
does not recognize crimes committed against unborn children that result in death. Similar

Page 6                                 Volume 5                                6/30/2009
                                CCRW CONNECTIONS
                         “INSPIRE! IMPACT! EMPOWER!”

bills have been introduced for more than five years in the General Assembly without ever
receiving even a hearing in committee. HB 890, which is sponsored by 54 of the 120
members of the House, has been assigned to the Judiciary I committee, but not yet
scheduled for consideration.

SB 526-School Violence Prevention Act (Bullying Bill) The North Carolina Senate
gave final approval Wednesday afternoon to a bill that would grant special legal
protections based on "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" for the first time in North
Carolina history. Now that the Senate has passed the bill, SB 526 will go to the House for
consideration. The bill, which purports to be about bullying, includes a list of enumerated
characteristics of students that deserve special attention by teachers and school
administrators. Last session, bill sponsors in the House refused to consider a Senate
version of the bill that removed all enumerations and sought to protect all students from
any bullying for any reason, revealing the true intent of the bill to be normalization of
"alternative" sexual behaviors. All students should be protected from bullying for any
reason and no child should be singled out.

HB 88-Healthy Youth Act, which would overturn North Carolina's abstinence law was
referred back to the Senate Mental Health and Youth Services Comm. The bill would
mandate the teaching of Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) in all 115 school districts
in the state. Currently CSE is only taught in the 11 districts that have followed the
procedure in the current law to adopt this method. The hallmark of CSE is teaching the
use of contraceptive devices such as condoms. The Senate Mental Health and Youth
Services Committee meets on Tuesday and also calendared to be taken up on the Senate
floor for Wednesday.

HB 2 Smoking Ban passed the Senate on Thursday. The Senate Bill is different from the
House Bill and it will have to go to a conference committee. Smokers do not have a right
to smoke on someone else's property. Nor do nonsmokers have a right to a smoke-free
environment on someone else's property. The ban violates property rights by prohibiting
property owners from being able to use their properties for legal activities, such as
smoking. Private property does not somehow get transformed into public property
because the public is permitted to enter.

Choose Life - A coalition of pro-life groups unveiled a new design for North Carolina's
"Choose Life" license plate at a press conference held at the General Assembly earlier
this week. The pro-life coalition, wants the leadership of the State House to allow a vote
on HB 168-"Choose Life" Special Plate, which has been introduced by Representative
Mitch Gillespie (R-Marion) for eight years in a row, but never considered. HB 168
currently sits in the Rules Committee. The bill would direct $15 of each $25 license plate
toward pregnancy care centers in North Carolina that offer pregnancy and STD testing,
counseling and other free services to men and women at no cost to taxpayers. In 2008,
more than 85 pregnancy care centers in the state provided free services to over 46,000
men and women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Page 7                                  Volume 5                                 6/30/2009
                                  CCRW CONNECTIONS
                          “INSPIRE! IMPACT! EMPOWER!”

House Bill 120 would expand taxpayer financing of political campaigns to municipal
races. Taxpayers should not be forced to fund campaigns they disagree with. This bill
could for the first time force taxpayers to fund politicians they cannot vote for because
they live in a city that does not elect all its representatives on an at-large basis. Even if
you do not live in a city, this movement to have taxpayers fund every campaign from the
Courthouse to the Whitehouse will result at some point in an increase in your taxes.

             July 6       CCRW Executive Board Meeting, 10:00am
             July 11      Chamber Reverse Raffle, Civic Center, 6:00pm
             July 17      CCRW General Meeting, Western Park, 10:00am
             Sept 10-13   NFRW Convention, Orlando, FL


Submitted by Ellen Brent Boone

                                   No movable parts. . .
                                No batteries to wear out. . .
                                 No periodic checkups. . .
                               Low energy consumption. . .
                                   High energy yield. . .
                                    Inflation – proof. . .
                                 No monthly payments. . .
                               No insurance requirements. . .
                                       Theft – proof. . .
                                       Non-taxable. . .
                                      Non-polluting. . .
                             And, of course, fully returnable! ! !
                                    Hugging is healthy!
                                     It relieves tension!
                                   Combats depression!
                                       Reduces stress!
                                Improves blood circulation!
                                      It’s invigorating!
                                      It’s rejuvenating!

Page 8                                    Volume 5                                 6/30/2009
                                CCRW CONNECTIONS
                         “INSPIRE! IMPACT! EMPOWER!”


Please welcome the following new members:

Mary Morris 409 Hickory Street, Emerald Isle, NC 28594

Kim Malbon 554 Broad Creek Loop Road, Newport, NC 28570

And our newest Associate Member, Fred Fulcher!


Thanks to all those who contributed to the publication of this issue.

All members are encouraged and welcomed to submit your own articles for
publication. Deadline for submitting articles for the September 30, 2009 newsletter
is September 15, 2009.

Please send your articles to Lynn Pate, at the email address: . If
you do not have email capability, please send a hardcopy to me at the following address:
407 Great Oaks Drive, Hubert, NC 28539. I’ll retype your article and include it in the
next newsletter.

Lynn Pate, Secretary, CCRW and Newsletter Publisher

                             HAPPY 4TH OF JULY !

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