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                                   Official Newsletter
                       The Kenosha Yacht Club

  John Burhani (center) accepts his Yachtsman of the Year Award from
 Commodore Larry LaPoint (right) and Vice Commodore Jim Buck (left).

                        KYC Officers
Commodore                 Rear Commodore                 House Committee
Larry LaPoint               Paul Lendved                   Tim Helgesen
Vice Commodore               Secretary                      Trustees
   Jim Buck                  Kathea Buck                    Rita LaPoint
                                                            Dick Schmidt
Past Commodore               Treasurer                      Ed Landa
Michael Marquardt          Phyllisann Landa
                                 Larry LaPoint

       The Installation of Officers Dinner was a pleasant evening and for those
who didn’t attend, you missed a good get together evening. I want to thank
Kathea Buck, Carol Stanley and Rita LaPoint for making all the plans and
getting the event organized. Also, thanks to the Bistro staff for their service.
       The officers were sworn in by our own Doug Vaccarello. “Thank you,
Doug.” It was easier to remember the oath this year without the discomfort of a
kidney stone. All things pass sooner or later!!
       The Yachtsman of the Year was given to club member John Burhani for
his work with the youth sailing program. “Congrats, John!” Keep up the good
       All year long we have had members who donated a lot of time to the sailing
programs and other in-house projects. Thank you for your support for the KYC
and our future.
       Our Packer/Bear get together and Sea Scout Fundraiser on 11-16 was a
blast. And best of all, the Packers won. Tim…the hot beef sandwiches were that!
They were sinus decloggers!
       Our next event will be December 7th for our Holiday Party. Please bring a
toy for a child and food items for the food pantry. Also, bring a snack to munch
       The Chili Cook Off will be December 14th. Please bring your favorite
Grandma’s recipe chili to be judged. Kathea will post the times for these dated on
the Mainsheet calendar. Please attend if you can and we’ll have a good time.
       Just a heads up for January, we will have no Membership Meeting but we
will have our Board Meeting – weather permitting.
       So for our year of 2008 we kept our club afloat and look forward to a safe
boating year in 2009.
       As your Commodore and the Board we want to wish everyone a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year. THANKS FOR A GOOD YEAR!

                                             Larry LaPoint
                                  Rita LaPoint
         I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Now it’s time to start thinking about
Christmas. So, be good because Santa Clause will be watching.
         I got the report too late to put in the last Mainsheet but Harry Benn was
hospitalized. I hope he is back to good health and enjoying life. Cards and a plant were sent
to him.
         I just got back from my annual trek to Branson, MO. The usual beautiful foliage in
route was history (all done). The city goes all out with Christmas lights, starting November
1st. It is awesome, Traffic is endless. It is not always wise to follow if you don’t know
where its leading to, especially if you follow the trail of lights to the Sheppard Hills. If you
want to know, just ask Doug Vaccarello. He hates Branson.
         Carol Stanley and Kathea Buck did a good job in organizing the Installation
Dinner in November. Only one thing was wrong. Carol had other commitments and was
unable to attend. We missed you, Carol.
         Congratulations to Mitchell (Mitch) Sytkowski on his 90th birthday. Mitch and
Virginia are retired members. Mitch goes way back just a little farther than me (not
much). Mitch was an avid sailor. If my memory is right, at that time he had star boat.
Happy Birthday Mitch!!!
         The Packer/Bear Party on Sunday, November 16th was fun and very well attended.
It was like old times to see so many people there. The hot beef sandwiches were delicious
although a lot of people thought they were HOT in more ways than one. (I didn’t think so!)
         Don’t forget the Holiday Party, Sunday, December 7th, at the KYC. Please be
generous with non-perishable food items (NO GLASS!) The food pantry is in dire need.
Bring a new toy for Toys for Tots but do not wrap it. Also, if possible, please bring an
appetizer for the snack table.
         Carol Stanley is off to Kansas on company business. Andy Schmelling says he
knows what happens to people that go to Kansas. They keep them there. That better not be
true. We need her!
         It is never too early to start thinking about the Blessing of the Fleet, Sunday, June
7 , 2009. Mike Marquardt says not to worry about a bugler. He has the solution. Ask
                                     MELLE KALIKIMAKA
     In case you don’t know that that means. I WISH YOU ALL A VERY
 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!. See you at the Holiday Party.

                             Fair Winds! Smooth Sailing!
              If you know someone who is ill, call Rita - 262-654-6723
              View from the Lantern Room
                             December 2008
                                   Ed. C. Werner
       Weather-wise, December can be quite a challenging month in the Kenosha harbor.
Boy, isn’t that an original remark! Like many of you, I have seen mild weather, almost
spring-like, or heavy snow, or thick ice covering the harbor. In every case, though, it is
always interesting to observe the harbor in December. In hard winter weather it was always a
show that Herman Frietag put on with his steel-hulled fishtug as he rammed the ice, back and
forth, opening a channel so the fish tugs could get out of the harbor. I remember other harbor
scenes to over the years. For example:

December 1, 1971 Kenosha News
       On Monday last, high winds and water damaged the Morelli docks on the south side
(of the harbor). High waves squeezed between the freighter Spildra, which was tied to the
dock, pounded over the seawall with such force and persistence that they washed out 400 feet
of steel sheeting. They also washed out the roadway along the dock and so undermined a
wall as to make one Morelli building useless. The waves and surging seas washed out the
sheeting beside the Spildra and one of the ballards to which she was tied. She had finished
loading before this happened and left later Monday. Where the ship was moored, a 50-foot
bulge developed. The washout extends both east and west of this bulge, a total of about 400
feet. No estimate has been placed on the damage. This is privately owned sheeting, installed
originally by Endee Co., predecessor of Jupiter and Morelli Overseas Export as port
And in 1966 …
December 13, 1966, Kenosha News
                                     And NO reindeer
       Naturally, Santa Claus arrived in a boat Sunday when he was a guest of the Kenosha
Yacht Club Auxiliary at its Christmas party for members’ children and grandchildren,
about 85 in all. Santa was escorted in a Coast Guard boat piloted by George Lipsumb,
William K. Herriage and Vernon Stehr. Carols were sung and Santa distributed gifts and
goodies. Mrs. James Tinker, general chairman, said Santa expects to use his sleigh and eight
tiny reindeer for the rest of his rounds, but he is hoping for snow.
      As always, it is a pleasure to report that, once again, no Kenosha Yacht Club personnel
were lost or injured by a boating mishap during the past boating season. I like that!

      Merry Christmas to all hands – and remember – Stay between the buoys.
From Andy Schmelling – Judge Bakers Boat on a bumpy Lake Michigan last summer.
               Sunday, December 7th
                   2 pm to 5 pm
          Bring an appetizer for all to enjoy!
           Come spend time with friends,
    Sample some treats and Celebrate the Season!!
                   Bring non-perishable
                   food for the pantry!
              Bring a new, unwrapped toy
                   for Toys for Tots!

              Sunday, December 14th
              Noon to 3 pm (or later!)

         Bring a pot of your favorite Chili!
Or an appetizer for all to enjoy while enjoying a big
       steaming bowl of delicious, hot soup!
          Crackers, bowls and spoons will be provided!!
                      December 2008
 Sunday              Monday       Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday         Friday   Saturday
                1             2            3            4           5             6
                              Meeting 7 pm

7 Holiday       8             9             10          11          12            13

      3 pm

14 Chili        15            16            17          18          19            20

      Party                   Board
     Noon to?                 Meeting 7pm

21              22            23            24               25     26            27

28              29            30            31

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