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									                                        The Willow Tree Center
                                         415 Speedwell Ave., Morris Plains, NJ 07950
                                 phone 973-682-8733 fax 973-682-8734

                                       Dear Potential NEW Volunteer Staff Member:

    We’re hoping we can interest you in serving as volunteer staff for the Willow Tree Teen Institute
(WTTI). It’s a powerful and uplifting experience that we’re sure you will be glad you decided to do. At
our WTTI conference, volunteers play an essential role by serving as positive role models for kindness,
health and wellness, encouraging our middle and high school teens to become or remain tobacco, alco-
hol and drug free — and assuring them that being naturally high is truly the cool choice. We want you to
know that previous WTTI staff return year after year because they find the experience, although in-
tense, to be immensely fulfilling; the growth and energy of the student participants is catching! WTTI’s
success is built upon the skills, talents and enthusiasm of its all-volunteer staff — people like you — and
we are very grateful.
                                      Please join our staff. We need & want you.

         WTTI Conference Dates:                                 Nov. 5 – 8, 2009

                                       Training Dates
October 18, 2009          Mandatory Staff training for first time volunteers

Time:                     1 to 7 pm
Place:                    The Willow Tree Center, 415 Speedwell Ave., Morris Plains, NJ 07950
Training Focus:           Prepare you to (1) facilitate small group meetings; (2) lead recreational activi-
                          ties; (3) supervise a cabin; & (4) act as role models for healthy and fulfilling
                          lives. You will also learn Willow Tree’s Conference Policies & Procedures re:
                          Safety & Supervision. Yes, it's a lot, but don't worry. You’ll have help.
Please RSVP               Via your application and again just before the Oct. 18TH training via email
                 or telephone: 973-682-8733.

November 4                Important Team-Building Session for ALL staff at 7 pm

Purpose:                  To insure a cohesive staff, to handle last minute details, and to get settled
                          BEFORE the students arrive the next day. Please make plans NOW to ena-
                          ble you to be there. Thank you.
Time:                     Thanksgiving Dinner for all:     7 - 8 pm
                          All Staff:                      8 - 10 pm
Place:                    Fairview Lake YMCA Camp, Newton, NJ               800-686-1166
        Requested Tuition – Optional/Not Required

                          $150 per volunteer staff member. Please read on …

    Each year, we are grateful that approximately 50 adults volunteer as staff. However, this costs us
$150 per person or $7,500. We are, therefore, asking you — if you can — to help us by contributing
the full amount or any portion of this expense. If this is a problem, please let us know. It will not elimi-
nate you from our staff. We want and need you. But if you can help us in this area, we’d be most
                                              THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    To help you, we’ve created a simple process, much like collecting pledges for a walk-a-thon, to
help you raise the tuition. It’s called the WTTI Staff-A-Thon. Call us if you’d like to receive this material
to assist your efforts. As an idea, tell your friends and family about your volunteer service and ask them
to contribute toward your tuition. All it will take is donations of $15 from 10 people. Thank you!

                              Expectations of staff:
    Because of the importance of role modeling when working with teens, WTTI would like all of its
staff members to have attitudes and lifestyles consistent with the positive, health-conscious orientation
of WTTI. In accordance with this, a no-smoking or drinking policy will be maintained at all WTTI pro-
grams. If you need assistance to quit smoking or chewing nicotine, please call the WTTI office (973-
682-8733) for information on smoking cessation programs or go on-line to This is
a great website to aide people who are quitting smoking. Furthermore, staff should not be in personal
need of rehabilitation for the use or abuse of alcohol or other drugs. If recovering, you must have had
at least one year of continuous sobriety. Occasionally, exceptions are made. If you have any concerns,
speak with The Willow Tree Center’s Executive Director, Sue Nobleman: 973-682-8733.

                                          How to apply
      1. Please fill out the enclosed Application, Health History & Code of Ethics.
      2. Provide us with a recent photograph. Because there will be approximately 50 staff, we will
         be creating photo boards to help students and staff to match names with faces.
      3. Send your completed Application, Photograph & Tuition (if you can), to be received no
         later than October 1st to: The Willow Tree, 415 Speedwell Ave., Morris Plains, NJ,

                  Early applications are GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thank you!

       Thank you for your service to WTTI. We deeply appreciate you volunteering your time to serve as a
WTTI Staff member. You're a very important person to the Willow Tree Center and to the youngsters of New Jersey.
        Please call if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to receiving your application.

                                      Your partner in helping children,

                                    Susan A. Nobleman, MA, LCADC, CPS
                                              Executive Director

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