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					                                            YHS Choir Travels                                  Alice in Wonderland Returns
                                            Choir members traveled to                          Alice in Wonderland is retold
                                            Minnesota to perform and then                      with an older Alice and a few
                                            sightsee.                                          other plot twists.
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 VOLUME 89 NUMBER 8                                                                                                                 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31, 2010

   “The Wise Book”
                                           Woksape   YANKTON HIGH SCHOOL, YANKTON, SD 57078
                                                                                                                                                           Home Of The
                                                                                                                                                          Bucks & Gazelles

Yankton High School Says Farewell to Two Veteran Employees
BY EMILY NIEBRUGGE                     like, and then go from there. I am   with which he helped. He was
  Two Yankton High School              sure I will try to spend more time   proud to be a part of them no mat-
teachers who have contributed          playing golf and boating.”           ter the outcome—win or lose.
for many years to success at our          Mr. Bob Winter has been at          What will Mr. Winter do with
school will soon be retiring.          YHS since 1963. That’s 47 years!     his free time? He said, “I don’t
  Mr. Winter and Dr. Mulhair             While here, Mr. Winter has         plan on having free time. I will
have been teaching and coaching        taught Biology and Environ-          still be involved with events when
at Yankton High School for quite       mental Biology. Not only that, but   I am needed. I see retirement as
some time. They will certainly be      Mr. Winter coached football,         doing something else; not “having
missed.                                boys basketball, girls basketball,   free time”. People that know me
  Dr. Tim Mulhair came to YHS          track, and cross country. He fin-    know that I’m a different kind of
in 1983. He has been here for 27       ishes out his career here as the     cat, and I view retirement differ-
years and has seen a lot of activ-     Yankton High School Activities       ent than what other people think.”
ity. Not only has he taught Busi-      director.
ness Education courses along             His career is full of accom-
with computer classes, he also         plishments. Not only has Mr.
started the World of Work Pro-         Winter been a part of 9 state
gram. That in itself is quite an       championships in basketball, he
accomplishment.                        has also been a part of all of the
  Teaching is not all that Dr. Mul-    other state championships won.
hair has contributed to Yankton           Mr. Winter played a part in
High School, though. He has            building the Summit and the
coached girls tennis for 25 years,     track.
boys tennis for 19 years, and was        Aside from sports, some of
the head boys basketball coach         Mr. Winter’s other favorite
for three years.                       memories are the Biology field-
  Dr. Mulhair shared some of his       trips and receiving a grant for
favorite memories from YHS, “Of        oceanography and taking a trip
course moving to a new high            with his classes down to the
school with all of the super facili-   Missouri River.
ties as well as having our girls          Mr. Winter said that he will
tennis teams win two ESD titles        miss all of the events and the
and some fine finishes at the state    staff members with whom he has
tournament are some of my favor-       been able to work for all these      COURTESY PHOTOS
ite memories. I will truly miss my     years! He will also miss the stu-
fellow teachers as well working        dents because it keeps him
with the students. Most of my          “young and hip” when it comes to
closest friends are teachers.”         technology and society. For ex-      Clockwise from top: Mr. Winter coaching;
  As far as what he is going to do     ample, Mr. Winter said, “Texting     Mr. Winter teaching; Mr. Mulhair posing
with his free time, Dr. Mulhair        is out of control these days!”       with the girls tennis team; Mr. Mulhair’s
said, “I’m not really sure. I will        Mr. Winter will miss being a      yearbook photo; Mr. Mulhair teaching; and
have to see what being retired is      part of the hundreds of events       Mr. Winter’s yearbook photo.

Student Council Members Will Sleep Outside to Raise Awareness For Homelessness
BY EMILY NIEBRUGGE                     pledge from a local business or                                               While every Student Council        this project will be every penny or
  On Wednesday, March 31 from          adult. All of the proceeds that                                             member is involved with this         can of food will do great wonders
6:00 PM to 8:00 AM on Thurs-           are collected will be donated to                                            project, the Student Council         for the Homeless Shelter. I hope
day, April 1, the Yankton High         the Homeless Shelter.                                                       Vice-President, Jordan Koch, is      to see you there!”
School Student Council will be           While we are sleeping outside                                             the chairperson for the Box Pro-         This would be a great opportu-
sleeping outside to raise aware-       we hope that community mem-                                                 ject.                                nity for anyone who is seeking to
ness for the Homeless Shelter.         bers will stop by and donate                                                  Koch says, “I came up with         volunteer for community service!
  Not only is the Student Council      non-perishable items.                                                       the idea for this project because      Fantle Memorial Park is located
sleeping outside for the night, but      Some of these items would                                                 I knew that the Homeless Shel-       at 21st Street and Douglas Ave-
they are opening up the offer to       include hamburger helper, ce-                                               ter is in need of some extra help.   nue.
the whole student body.                real, macaroni, granola bars,                                               I wanted to do a new project           Anyone wishing to donate items
  Any student that can come up         pop tarts and soup.                                                         that the Student Council has         may stop by the park while stu-
with $25 can join in on the fun.         The Student Council will also                                             never tried before and that          dents are there, but the YHS stu-
Every student council member           be collecting canned fruit and                                              would involve the student body       dent council will take donations
will be sleeping at Fantle Memo-       vegetables such as peaches, pears,   Thursday, April 1 the Student        and the community. I really hope       prior to the event as well.
rial Park the entire night.            mandarin oranges, pineapple, fruit   Council decided that this day        that the community will become           If you would like to a part of
  We are calling this event the        cocktail, peas, corn, green beans,   would be perfect.                    involved and is willing to help out    this project please contact Mr.
Box Project. Every student has to      and pork and beans.                    Two parents will be present to     and drop off non-perishable            Harens, Jordan Koch, or Emily
come up with a shelter and a $25         Since there is no school on        chaperone at all times.              items. No matter how successful        Niebrugge.
March 31, 2010                                                                    Woksape                                                                                    Page Two

 YHS Choral Groups Travel to Minnesota CELLAR DOOR SELECTS COVER
BY JOE BOUDREAU                                                                                                    BY ERIN BOS
    The Yankton High School                                                                                          Done are the months where
top two choral groups took their                                                                                   members of the Cellar Door sift
second annual trip to Minnesota                                                                                    through submission after sub-
on March 12th.                                                                                                     mission. Now they focus their
   Fifty-six Acappella and Cho-                                                                                    attention on turning the submis-
raleer students were joined by 5                                                                                   sions into the actual magazine.
seniors from both Concert Choir                                                                                      The first step?
and Girls Choir. The trip was                                                                                        Choosing a cover.
organized by the Choir Boosters                                                                                      This year, five covers were
with President Mary Milroy.                                                                                        submitted, but unfortunately
   Students arose bright and                                                                                       only one could become the
early as they left at 5:30 on Fri-                                                                                 cover. Through a little democ-
day morning with a full sched-                                                                                     racy, Cellar Door members
ule of events planned for the                                                                                      decided on their favorites. The
day.                                                                                                               number went from five to four,
                                                                                                                                                          IMAGE BY EMILY GURNEY
   The main purpose of the trip                                                                                    four to three, and finally three
was a clinic with Professor                                                                                        to two. Members had to choose       contains a plethora of poems,
David Mennicke from Concor-                                                                                        from a watercolor by freshman       short stories and artwork, all
dia College in St Paul. Here, the                                                                                  Emily Gurney and a sketch of a      written and created by fellow
students learned new ideas and                                                                                     rose by senior Desiree Bovero.      Yankton High School students.
exercises on the basics of sing-                                                                                   Cellar Door members had to          Cellar Door members encour-
ing.                                                                                                               vote twice, for each member         age up-and-coming authors,
  “It was fun and the professor                                                                                    had their favorite. Finally, with   poets and artists to submit their
was so animated! It made the                                                                                       a lead of two votes, Emily Gur-     work.
                                                                                    COURTESY IMAGE
couple hours go by quickly!”                                                                                       ney's watercolor won.                 Even if students are not the
                                       Seniors Lauren Casey and Jacob Fokken, and Junior Taylor Vavra
said senior Hannah Downing             pose with the whale mascot at the Mall of America. Vavra said,”I              The Cellar Door will be           next Picasso, Shakespeare or
   The two groups each pre-            can’t wait until next year!”                                                available to students toward the    J.K. Rowling, they can still sup-
pared a song to sing for Profes-                                                                                   end of the year at a cost of only   port their classmates by buying
sor Mennicke and he critiqued         went on last year’s trip, said “It     hour into the ride home as stu-       $2.00. Students will be able to     the Cellar Door or even joining
and gave advice that helped           was so much fun! Footloose             dents fell asleep from exhaus-        obtain their own copy by con-       the Cellar Door. New members
with creating a fuller and pleas-     was amazing!! I loved seeing all       tion. They passed the rest of the     tacting a member of the Cellar      are always welcome. After all,
ant sound.                            the costumes and sets during the       bus ride with movies and chat-        Door. This year's Cellar Door       the more the merrier!
  After the clinician, students       tour as well!”                         ting with friends.
traveled back to their hotel            After the show, they were              They arrived home early Sat-
rooms for an hour long break to       allowed free time at the hotel,        urday Night so they still had
change clothes and relax.             but it was lights out by 11 in         time to go out and enjoy the
   They then went to the Chan-        order to be well-rested for the        weekend.
hassen Dinner Theater to see the      following day.                           “I thought the trip was great!
musical “Footloose.” After tak-         After eating the hotel’s com-        We enjoyed working with the
ing a private tour of the theater,    plimentary breakfast, the groups       clinician on our songs and
they ate a full meal and watched      set out for the Mall of America.       ‘Footloose’ was an awesome
the professional production,          They spent four hours shopping         musical to see. I really think the
“Footloose,” which was all in-        and exploring one of biggest           students enjoyed it!” said choir
cluded in the price of the ticket.    malls in the world.                    director Angela Larson.
   Senior Kayla Styles, who             The bus fell silent for the first

Judi’s Dance Studio Set to Hold its Spring Recital at YHS

   This year’s dance recital at
Judi’s Dance Studio is titled
“Dance Fusion.” It will be held at

Yankton High School on May 2,
2010. This year it will be big and
the best ever.
  The dance workshop in
Mitchell, SD this year was Judi                                                                                                                                        Your Prom
O’Connell’s inspiration for this
years title. She has 5 different
classes performing the opening
number which consists of 3 dif-                                                                                                                                              Hours:
ferent dance styles, tap, hip hop,
and ballet.
  Along with the big perform-
                                                                                                                                                                        11 am—6pm
ance there will also be a few           Sylvester has been dancing for      younger students—older students
props. For example, one lyrical      12 years and explains that her         don’t need that anchor because
group is using scarves, a prebal-    tap/jazz class is the best that it’s   they have better positional                                                                12 pm—5 pm
let class is using a maypole, and    ever been. She also has joined a       awareness.”                                                                               Mon. –Tues.:
a jazz class is being inspired by    modern class and says that it’s          Wilcockson says that senior                                                            By Appointment
Las Vegas and are using stairs       interesting but she enjoys doing       Heidi Olson has increased her
with their big number. “Because      it.                                    development of skills, knowledge                                                           605-260-9190
our imaginations are big, we al-        Lisa Wilcockson is also teach-      and application of terms in the
ways have to go simpler; simpler     ing a few classes this year, such      last year.
is sometimes better,” says           as High School ballet, 3 and 4           This year is going to be one of
O’Connell.                           year old ballet, a boys tumbling       the best years. Everyone is ex-                                                           107 W. 4th
  This year many of the classes      class and a few others. With the       cited for the recital especially the                                                       Street, on
are going with a theme such as a     different age groups she knows         parents. They here all about the                                                        the corner of
freshman ballet class, they are      that she cannot use the same           costumes and dances but don’t                                                                4th and
putting character with classical     ideas for high school students         get to see it until May. “This year                                                         Douglas.
ballet. “Our ballet number is        that she can use for 3 and 4 year      will be excellent as always” ex-
awesome!” explains Kayla Syl-        olds. She says, “I tend to use         plains O’Connell, and everyone
vester.                              props to help position the             knows it will.
March 31, 2010                                                                Woksape                                                                                       Page Three

                                         This year, the team to beat in                                              Last year in the shot put competi-
                                      hurdle competition will be                                                   tion, Sioux Falls Washington had a
                                      Brandon Valley.                                                              competitor who threw the shot 6
                                        Hurdlers must work on speed,                                               feet, 9 inches.
                                      agility, approach and form as                                                  This year, the Bucks and Gazelles
                                      well.                                                                        have been training to be the com-
                                        Sprint drills help hurdlers to                                             petitors to beat.
                                      increase their momentum and                                                    Yankton shot putter, Wilson Ti-
                                      bring down their times.                                                      eszen says, “We do some light jog-
                                        Hurdlers must also work on                                                 ging followed by limbering up, then
                                      steady and calculated form for                                               we start to work through our spins.
                                      both their lead legs and their                                               Working through a spin is a pro-
                                      trail legs. These drills help to         Last year, overall, the Ga-         gressing exercise where you work
                                      develop agility and smoothness         zelles placed 1st in ESD and 3rd      on a quarter of a spin, then a half a
BY: NATHAN RAUSCH                                                            at state. The Bucks placed 2nd
AND BROOKE THURY                      to each individual’s perform-                                                spin, and a three-quarters spin up to      Yankton High School pole
                                      ance, and at the same time,            at ESD and 5th at state.              a full spin.”                           vault competitors have been
  The Yankton High School                                                      With a strong set of runner in
Track and Field teams are gear-       keeping down times and pre-                                                    Yankton discus competitor, Terry      working on form and approach
                                      venting injuries.                      place, including seniors Mariah       Huber says that the progressive         drills.
ing up for a great season ahead.
                                        Yankton hurdler, Chloe               Hofer, Megan Hilson, Jayna            exercises are very similar for disc        Yankton pole vaulter, Char-
   The high jumpers have been                                                Specht, Travis Brenner, Mitch
working on approaches for cor-        Cornemann says, “I want to                                                   throwers as well. Huber is aiming       lotte Taggart says, “I want to get
                                      become better as an individual         Yaggie, Jeff Grossenburg, Alex        for “a 110-feet throw” this season.     better at it—and work on getting
rect footing. They have also
                                      and be able to compete in the          Hohenthaner, and Mark Wilcox,           Gazelle throwers, Christine Brod-     (smoothly) over the bar in pole
been practicing form in order to                                             the Bucks and Gazelles look to
adequately arch their backs over      300s at state. My teammate,                                                  ers and Kayla Salonen, are expected     vaulting.”
                                      Angie Dvorak, will probably be         fare well at district and state       to offer excellent performances             Laura Buckman qualified for
the bar. In order to increase their                                          competition again this year.
agility, these athletes often do      competing for a state title in the                                           throughout the season as well as at     state last year in pole vaulting.
                                      100 hurdles.”                            Both distance and sprint run-       the state competition.                  This year, the Yankton Buck
scissor kicks over the bar and
                                                                             ners at Yankton High School                                                   and Gazelle pole vaulters are
land on the mats with their feet.                                            have been doing daily warm-
  Yankton high jumper Kelsey                                                                                                                               both seeking state championship
                                                                             ups, three regular workouts per                                               titles.
Fitzgerald says, “Mary Worth is
                                                                             week, and one pool workout on                                                    The season just got underway
a senior from Sioux Falls Lin-                                               Saturdays.
coln High School who jumped 5                                                                                                                              with the first meet on March
                                                                               Yankton distance runner, Josh                                               24th. The rest of the season lies
feet, 7 inches at state last year—
                                                                             Lundgren, says, “I’m ready for                                                ahead and looks promising for
she’ll be the one to beat. Person-                                           the track season. I like to go fast
ally, I want to get higher than I                                                                                                                          track and field competitors.
                                                                             with my teammates. We are                                                        Tuesday, April 6th is the next
did last year, which was 5 feet,
                                                                             really hoping to win state this                                               home meet.
4 inches.”                                                                   year, and I hope we all do well.”

                                                                               Boy’s Tennis Season
Girl’s Golfers Begin a New Season Slated to Begin April 3rd
 BY ALLISON KATHOL                     Fitzgerald, juniors Taylor Specht
   The Yankton girl’s golf season      and Kaitlyn Erickson, sophomore        BY ALLISON KATHOL
 is underway! With practice start-     Hannah Withrow, and freshmen             The Yankton boy’s tennis
 ing just two weeks ago, the Ga-       Megan Mingo. There leaves one          team start their season on April
 zelles are working hard to prepare    more varsity spot open for an-         3 against Vermillion/ Sioux City
 themselves. Putting in the hall-      other golfer to claim.                 Heelen in Yankton.
 ways has been their main practice       Goals for the season include           The 2010 season will feature
 because of snow and other             competing well at ESD and doing        many returning players. Seniors
 weather delays. Many other teams      their best at the state tournament     Jake Rockne and Cyrus
 throughout South Dakota are ex-       in Spearfish, aiming for a top five    Sorenson have both lettered
 periencing the same problem of        finish.                                since 7th grade. Also returning
 unpredictable weather. This past        Junior Taylor Specht states that     are juniors Jeremy Cap, Derek
 week’s weather, however, has          “as the season is just starting, we    Dvorak and Max Hunhoff and
 allowed the girls to get out onto     are striving to do our very best at    sophomore Michael Wilcox
 the course and practice their full    each meet, making Yankton High           Coach Mulhair states, “(Last
 swing.                                School Proud!” The Gazelles            season) we placed 5th at ESD
   The majority of the varsity team    compete on April 5th at Hillcrest      and 9th at the state tournament
 is returning: senior McKenzie         against the Brandon Valley Lynx.       so we are hoping for another
                                                                              excellent season.”
                                                                                                                                                   Would you
Cheerleaders for the 2010 –2011 Season Are Announced                                                                                              like to work
Varsity Football                      Kara Schanche                        Lindsay Vik                                                              with me?
Allison Kathol                        Katie Callaghan                      Megan Christopher
Amy Johnson                           Whitney Duarte                       Meghan Stefani
Courtney Fender,
Jenna Rembold                         JV Basketball                        Varsity BBB & GBB Alternate                                            Yankton Vet Clinic
Kara Schanche                         Allyssa Schroeder                    Courtney Fender                                                            665-1841
Lauren Valenscin                      Ariana Gallegos
                                      Maggie Spak                          Varsity Wrestling
Varsity FB Alternate                  Michaela Trail                       Allison Kathol
Megan Morris                          Morgan Privett                       Amy Johnson
                                      Regan Specht                         Brooke Thury                                  I’m looking for someone who:
JV Football                           Shelby Hammitt                       Lauren Valenscin                              • Has a genuine love for all animals
Allyssa Schroeder                     Taylor Kathol                        Megan Hiltunen
Kayle Diefenderfer                                                         Morgan Frick                                  • Is caring, dependable, and a hard worker
Michaela Trail                        JV Basketball Alternates                                                           • Can work independently
Taylor Kathol                         Brooke Lange                         JV Wrestling                                  • Has reliable transportation
Thum Choicot                          Gabrielle Swenson                    Cyndal Sathe                                  Is looking for part time year round evening and week-
                                                                           Jessica Popovich                              end hours
Varsity Boy's BB                      Varsity Girl's BB                    Logan Ramey
Angie Dvorak                          Haley Haro                           Maddie Husman
                                                                                                                         Contact Yankton Vet Clinic and become involved.
Emily Healy                           Jill Wollman                         Paige Medeck
Dani Leader                           Kelsey Megard
Page Four                                                                   Woksape                                                                             March 31, 2010

Health Care Bill Earns Plenty of Attention                                                 Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland Offers a
   President Obama’s new health care plan continues to receive plenty of
attention lately. Republicans and Democrats con-                                           New Perspective on an Old Favorite
tinue to butt heads on the issue. A new plan was
finally presented to the public. Not all of us speak                                       BY ROBERT SCHMIDT
                                                                                             Tim Burton is back once again with an
the language of politics though. Here is what                    In Our                    adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in
Obama’s new plan consists of:
                                                                 Opinion                   Wonderland. The film boasts an all-star
                                                                                           cast as well as stunning 3D effects. Bur-
  According to the White House the proposal will                                           ton creates a very visually appealing
make health care more affordable, make health                                              world, Underland, in this adaptation that
insurers more accountable, expand health coverage                                          any audience of any age can appreciate
to all Americans, and make the health system sustainable. It will also stabilize           and enjoy.
family budgets, the Federal budget, and the economy. It makes insurance                       The story takes place some years after
more affordable by providing the largest middle class tax cut for health care in           the original, and features a more grown
history, reducing premium costs for tens of millions of families and small                 up 19-year-old Alice, played by Mia
business owners who are priced out of coverage today. This helps over 31                   Wasikowska. Alice is very stubborn, she
                                                                                           is grieving the death of her late father,
million Americans afford health care who do not get it today – and makes                   and she is on the verge of receiving a
coverage more affordable for many more. It sets up a new competitive health                marriage proposal from a man that she,
insurance market giving tens of millions of Americans the exact same insur-                and probably no other woman, would             was phenomenal and included a very
ance choices that members of Congress will have. It brings greater account-                ever want to marry. While taking a stroll      modern, peculiar dance at the end. He-
ability to health care by laying out commonsense rules of the road to keep                 in the garden she follows the white rabbit     lena Bonham Carter also gave a great
premiums down and prevent insurance industry abuses and denial of care. It                 into the famous rabbit hole and plummets       performance as the Red Queen. She
will end discrimination against Americans with pre-existing conditions. It puts            into the world of Underland. Upon arriv-       really brought all the bad things that are
our budget and economy on a more stable path by reducing the deficit by $100               ing, she quickly learns that she has re-       associated with her character. All in all,
billion over the next ten years – and about $1 trillion over the second decade –           turned to fulfill her destiny by rising up     I thought the visual effects of the movie
                                                                                           on the Frabjous Day to slay the Jabber-        were better than the story itself, and
by cutting government overspending and reining in waste, fraud and abuse.
                                                                                           wocky and restore power to the White           while watching it I felt detached from the
                                                                                           Queen (Anne Hathaway).                         story as if I were stuck in the middle
  The White House Administration also believes that comprehensive health                      The film incorporates Carroll’s Jabber-     somewhere.
reform should reduce long-term growth of health care costs for businesses and              wocky poem and turns it into an epic              All the elements of Burton’s adaptation
government, protect families from bankruptcy or debt because of health care                action fantasy. The film also has out-         make a very visually appealing world
costs, guarantee choice of doctors and health plans, invest in prevention and              standing 3D effects that really bring the      that any audience of any age can enjoy. I
wellness, improve patient safety and quality of care, assure affordable, quality           vibrant world that Burton has created to       would definitely recommend this movie
health coverage for all Americans, maintain coverage when you change or                    life. The fight scenes were especially         to anyone who is looking for a lot of eye
lose your job, and end barriers to coverage for people with pre-existing medi-             stunning to watch. The film keeps all the      candy on the big screen, but if it’s a great
                                                                                           famous original creatures, like Tweedle-       story you’re looking for, maybe try to see
cal conditions.
                                                                                           dee and Tweedledum (Matt Lucas), the           something else. If you want to see it
                                                                                           Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter), and          though, Alice in Wonderland will most
  President Obama is committed to working with Congress to pass compre-                    of course the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp).        likely be in theaters for quite a while.
hensive health reform in his first year in order to control rising health care             Depp’s performance as the Mad Hatter
costs, guarantee choice of doctor, and assure high-quality, affordable health
care for all Americans.

YHS Alumni Series —Where Are They Now?
 The Woksape is following the post graduation paths of former students
 in this spring series entitled “Where Are They Now?”
   Ever wonder what happens after YHS
 seniors throw their caps into the air on
 graduation day?
   Learn about the post graduation paths of
 several former YHS students in the spring
 series “Where Are They Now?”
   This week’s featured Yankton Alum has
 left Yankton, but not the state of South
 Dakota. She traveled north to the shores
 of the Big Sioux River to attend college in
 Sioux Falls.
    Meet Natalie Kathol.                                                                                             Wo k s a p e
 Q: When did you graduate?                                       COURTESY PHOTO             Published by the students of Yankton
 A: Graduated: 2008                                                                         High School, 1801 Summit, Yankton, SD
                                                                                            57078.                                         Sports Staff         Tori Gross
                                                                                                                                                                Nathan Rausch
 Q: Where are you now?                           Natalie Kathol, 2008 YHS graduate          The opinions expressed herein are not                               Brooke Thury
 A: I am attending Augustana College in                                                     necessarily those of the high school fac-                           Allison Kathol
 Sioux Falls, South Dakota.                    Q: What do you specifically miss the most    ulty or the student body but the expressed     Columnist            Emily Niebrugge
                                                                                            opinion of the editorial staff, or writers
                                               about high school?                           herein.                                        Cartoonist           Casey Schramm
 Q: What are you studying in college?          A: I miss doing the fall play, one acts,
 A: I am pursuing a bachelor of science        and musicals. I also miss seeing my          Signed letters to the editor are encouraged
                                                                                            but may be rejected or edited for content,     News Staff           Kelsey Grosshuesch
     degree in nursing.                        friends everyday                             grammar, condensation and/or libel.                                 Michaela Trail
                                                                                                                                                                Erin Bos
 Q: Do you ever wish you could go back to      Q: Do you have any advice for current                                                                            Joe Boudreau
                                                                                            Editor-in-Chief       Emily Niebrugge                               Emily Niebrugge
 high school?                                  YHS students?
 A: Although I miss the good times in          A: Use and appreciate your teachers and
                                                                                            Photo Editor          Emily Niebrugge          Computer Adviser     Dan Mitchell
     high school, I wouldn’t go back. I        resources at Yankton High School. They
     love college and all the new experi-      really prepare you for college and I’m so    Photographer          Emily Niebrugge
     ences!                                    grateful for that!                                                                          Adviser              Teri Mandel
                                                                                            Editorial Staff       Joseph Boudreau
                                                                                                                  Emily Niebrugge