International Baccalaureate Programme Dublin Jerome High School by xzz19988


									                                International Baccalaureate Programme
                                      Dublin Jerome High School
IB Curriculum Hexagon
                                                                              Language A1
IB Diploma students take one course
from each of the six subject groups,
and complete the components in the
center of the hexagon. Students can take
IB certificate courses without completing           Second                                                     Individuals
the Diploma Programme.                              Language                                                   and Societies
                                                                           Theory of Knowledge

IB Diploma students take a minimum of                                      Extended Essay
3 HL courses, but not more than 4.                                         Creativity, Action and
HL = Higher Level Course
SL = Standard Level Course                        Experimental                                                 Mathematics
Please see the frequently asked questions
pages for more information on higher and
standard level courses.                                                     The Arts and

     Group 1: Language A1                       Group 2: Second Language                            Group 3: Individuals and

       •   English HL                              •    Spanish B (SL)                                •   *History of the
                                                   •    French B (SL)                                     Americas (HL)
                                                   •    Spanish Ab Initio                             •   ** Psychology (SL)
                                                   - No prior experience in
                                                   Spanish for Ab Initio

     Group 4: Experimental                        Group 5: Mathematics                               Group 6: The Arts and
           Sciences                                                                                      ***Electives

       •   Biology (HL)                            •    Math HL                                       •   Visual Arts A (SL
       •   Chemistry (SL)                          •    Math SL                                           and HL)
                                                   •    Math Studies (SL)                             •   Visual Arts B (SL
                                                                                                          and HL
                                                                                                      •   Music (SL an HL)

    * = The course meets the senior government requirement                  **=The course is one-year in length
    *** = An elective is a second course taken in one of the subject groups


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