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									DECEMBER 2008
           Mayor Michael Thomas                                              The official newsletter of
 District 1 Councilwoman Debra Rogers                                         The City of Edgewater
District 2 Councilwoman Gigi Bennington
 District 3 Councilwoman Harriet Rhodes
    District 4 Councilman Ted Cooper

      City Hall
 104 N. Riverside Dr.     Phone: 386-424-2400                                                                  Inside this issue:
Edgewater, FL 32132        Fax: 386-424-2409

                                                                                                               Holiday Safety Tips        2

THE EDGEWATER SHORELINES                                                                                       Casual Gardening Se-
                                                                                                               ries/Florida Wildflowers

                                                                                                               Celebrate New Year’s       2
                                                                                                               Eve Safely con’t
                                                                                                               Attend America’s Boat- 3
Holiday Safety Tips for Trees, Decorations & Gifts                                                             ing Course
                                                                                                               Gifts of Love Makes        3
Real and artificial Christmas           needles are hard to pull
                                                                                                               Christmas Merrier
trees caused 210 fires in the           from branches and
years from 2002-2005 with               when bent between                                                      Utility Bill Payment Op-   3
an average of 24 civilian               your fingers, needles do                                               tions
deaths related to those fires.          not break. The trunk of
Direct property damage in               a fresh tree is sticky with
excess of $13 million dollars           resin,     and       when                                              Artist of the Month/  4
was attributed to fires involv-         bounced on the ground,                                                 Clean Culverts/FFA
ing Christmas trees. Edge-              the tree should not lose                                               Christmas Tree Sale/
water Fire-Rescue offers the            many needles.                                                          Library Board Needs
following holiday safety tips:      •   Heated rooms dry live                                                  Members/Little League
                                                                          Have a Merry (and safe) Christmas!
                                        trees out rapidly so be
Trees                                                                                                          Edgewater Christmas        4
                                        sure to keep the stand
• When purchasing an                    filled with water. Place
    artificial tree, look for the       the tree out of the way              wires, and discard dam-
    label “fire resistant”. Al-         of traffic and do not                aged sets.
    though this label does              block doorways.               •      Unplug all lights and             Special points of inter-
    not mean the tree won’t         •   Indoors or outside, use              decorations when you              est:
    catch fire, it does indi-           only lights that have                go to bed or leave the
    cate the tree will resist                                                house. The lights could           • Unplug all holidays lights
                                        been tested for safety by
    burning and should ex-              a recognized testing                 short out and start a fire.         and decorations when you
    tinguish quickly.                   laboratory. Check each                                                   go to bed or leave the
• When purchasing a live                set of lights, new or old,                                               house.
    tree, check for freshness.          for broken or cracked
    A fresh tree is green,              sockets, frayed or bare                       (Continued on page 2)
                                                                                                               • Don’t drive intoxicated on
                                                                                                                 New Year’s Eve; have a des-
                                                                                                                 ignated driver.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve Safely                                                                                • Learn about Florida wild-
                                                                                                                 flowers on Dec. 16, 10 am,
Americans who drink and             ment, disability and injury       very significant and life alter-           Menard Park, FREE seminar.
drive after holiday parties         caused by impaired drivers.       ing.
and festivities make the pe-        Driving impaired or riding        Edgewater Fire-Rescue offers             • Attend “America’s Boating
riod between Thanksgiving           with someone who is im-           the following tips to ensure a             Course” on Jan. 17 & 24,
and New Year's one of the           paired is simply not worth        safe and fun New Year’s Eve                2009, and get your boating
year's most deadly and dan-         the risk. The consequences        celebration for you, your fam-
gerous seasons due to alco-         are serious and real. Not only    ily and friends:                           license . Call 424-2487 for
hol-related crashes. The            do you risk killing yourself or                                              info.
                                                                      •      Plan ahead and always
tragedies and costs from            someone else, but the
                                                                             designate a sober driver
drinking and driving im-            trauma and financial costs of                                              • Give to Gifts of Love, call
                                                                             before the party or cele-
paired do not just end at the       a crash or an arrest for driv-                                               (386) 423-5257.
potential death, disfigure-         ing while impaired can be                         (Continued on page 2)
DECEMBER 2008                                                                                                                        Page 2

Holiday Safety Tips for Trees, Decorations & Gifts
(Continued from page 1)                              be toxic. Keep away from babies,
Decorations                                          small children and pets.                 •    Smoke alarm – no home should be
• Don’t use tinsel which is easy for                                                               without one.
   children to swallow                          Toys
                                                                                              •    Keyboard wrist
• Never use lighted candles on a tree           • “Think big” when choosing toys for               support – to go
   or near other evergreens.                        small children – avoid small parts             with computer
• In homes with small children, take                that could be a choking hazard.                gifts.
   special care to avoid decorations            • Look for stuffed animals with eyes,         •    Earplugs and
   that are sharp or breakable, keep                noses or other decorations that are            safety glasses –
   trimmings with small removable                   sewn on securely .                             to go with
   parts out of reach of children and           • Most toys have an age recommenda-                power tool gifts.
   avoid trimmings that resemble candy              tion on the label; suggest that gift      •    CPR and first aid
   or food that may tempt a child to eat            givers look for the appropriate age            classes – the gift
   them.                                            level for your child.                          that could give    Santa says, “Follow age
• Wear gloves to avoid eye and skin                                                                the gift of life.
                                                                                                                      recommendations on
   irritation while decorating with spun        Gifts of safety                                                       toys for children.”
   glass “angel hair”. Follow container         • Fire extinguisher – for home, vehicle       Information Prepared by: Lt. Jill Danigel,
   directions carefully avoiding lung                or boat.                                 Fire Marshal
   irritation when decorating with artifi-      • Bike helmet – not just for bikes but
   cial snow sprays.                                 also for skates, skateboards and         Phone: 386-424-2445
• Some plants, such as mistletoe (and                scooters.
   its berries), holly and poinsettia can       • Flashlight – for home or vehicle.

FREE Casual Gardening Series-The City of Edgewater Leisure Services Dept, in cooperation with the University of Florida Exten-
sion Center Master Gardener’s Program, present a monthly series of FREE seminars. Casual Gardening will be held on the third Tues-
day of each month, 10 am, at Menard Park, 413 S. Riverisde Dr., through May. Come out on Tuesday, December 16, 2008, and learn
about Florida Wildflowers. Master Gardeners Mary Silver and Gloria Flauhaut will discuss the benefits and beauty of gardening with
native wildflowers. If weather is inclement, the program will be held in the Community Center, 102 N. Riverside Dr., Edgewater. Pre-
registration is requested. To register, or for additional information, contact Edgewater Leisure Services at (386) 424-2487 or email

Celebrate New Year’s Eve Safely
(Continued from page 1)                              guests leave with a sober driver.
     bration begins.                            •    Do not fire any weapons into the air
•    Don't even think about getting be-              as a form of celebration. This is                      Celebrate safely!
     hind the wheel of your vehicle if you           against the law and extremely dan-
     are impaired.                                   gerous.                                  2.   Cannot contain any explosive com-
•    If you are impaired - call a taxi, get a   •    Firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets,
     sober friend or family member to                roman candles, daygo bombs any           3.   Cannot detonate or explode
     come and get you or just stay where             fireworks containing explosive or
     you are and sleep it off until you are          flammable compounds are specifi-         4.   Must be hand held or ground based
     sober.                                          cally prohibited.
                                                                                              Cannot propel themselves through the
•    Take the keys and never let a friend       Use only fireworks approved by the Flor-      air.
     leave your sight if you think they are     ida Division of State Fire Marshal. Devices
     about to drive while impaired. If you      approved and listed by the State Fire Mar-    Information Prepared by: Lt. Jill Danigel,
     are hosting a New Year's party, re-        shal:                                         Fire Marshal
     mind your guests to plan ahead and
     designate their sober driver, always       1.   Can emit a shower of sparks upon         Phone: 386-424-2445
     offer alcohol-free beverages during             burning
     the event, and make sure all of your
DECEMBER 2008                                                                                                                               Page 3

Resolve to Boat Safely-Attend America’s Boating Course
Offered by US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flo-      Coast Guard Auxiliary members are men         ter.
tilla 48 on two (2) consecutive Saturdays     and women who participate in regular
in Jan, America’s Boating Course pro-         water patrols, perform vessel checks,         Hosted by Edgewater Leisure Services.
vides instruction on safe boating proce-      teach safe boating classes, visit marine
dures and successful completion guaran-       dealers to distribute boating materials,
tees participants their boating license. In   stand communications watches and per-
fact, Florida law requires all operators of   form other duties regarding boating
motorized watercrafts, ages 21 years and      safety.
younger, to complete and pass a safe
boating course.                               On any given weekend, members are on
                                              the water patrolling (the Intracoastal Wa-
This two-day class is being offered on        terway and offshore), helping someone
Jan. 17 and Jan. 24, 2009, 8:30 am-1 pm,      in distress, doing on-site vessel examina-
at the Community Center, 102 N. River-        tions and giving directions or just a sim-
side Dr., Edgewater.                          ple wave and smile.

Parents, bring your young boater and          Pre-registration is required. Please call
participate together! The fee is $35, per     Harry Munns, USCG Aux., at (386) 428-
                                                                                                Lee Brock, Shirley Hagerty, Art Poole and Lasca
person, and includes study and testing        6532, Christi Moeller, Leisure Services,          Ramroth, of US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 48.
material.                                     (386) 424-2485 or email
                                     to regis-

Gifts of Love Makes Christmas Merrier
As a food bank, Gifts of Love helps peo-      of the aid organization said the requests     W. Park Ave., Tues and Thurs, 9:30 am-
ple in need every Tuesday and Thursday,       for assistance this year is close to double   2:30 pm, all year, and donations are tax-
52 weeks a year. Open from 9:30 am –          that of last year.                            deductible.
2:30 pm, and located at 820 W. Park
Ave., the local non-profit specifically       Individuals, churches and civic groups        The New Smyrna Beach Board of Real-
serves individuals and families in the        who want to help have many options.           tors, 725 W. Canal St., New Smyrna
southeast Volusia area that includes          Cash and checks are gladly accepted and       Beach, and their affiliated offices are
Edgewater, New Smyrna Beach and Oak           can be mailed directly to Gifts of Love.      drop-off sites for non-perishable food
Hill.                                         Some contributors are making memorial         items, accepted year-round.
                                              and honorary donations. This is a great
As the Christmas season draws near,           way for people to honor a special occa-       Another option for helping at Christmas
their services include providing presents     sion or the memory of a loved one.            is by “adopting” a family. This means an
for families who need a hand. Applicants                                                    individual or group commits to provide
must meet specific guidelines including       Non-perishable food and monetary dona-        the items requested by a particular family,
residency and income. A representative        tions can be taken to Gifts of Love, 820                                      (Continued on page 4)

Utility Bill Payment Options
The City of Edgewater offers its Citizens     By phone - You can call Utility Billing at
five easy and convenient methods to pay       424-2400, Option 2, to speak with a
their utility bills.                          member of the Finance Department.
                                              There is a $5.00 convenience fee for this
By mail - You can utilize the supplied en-    service.
velope every month to return your pay-
ment.                                         Online - At
In Person - You can come into City Hall
located at 104 N. Riverside Drive to make
your payment in person.                       By Payment Drop Box - It is now located       Utility customers have a new after-hours drop box at city
                                              in the north City Hall parking lot.           hall.
The official newsletter of
The City of Edgewater                                       Reminder to Residents to Clean Culverts-2008 was a very busy hurri-                                     cane season. Tropical Storm Fay showed the need for pro-active maintenance
                                                            of drainage systems. Many residents have a culvert (pipe) under their drive-
                                                            way. This culvert is part of the City’s stormwater system. These culverts can
         DECEMBER ARTIST OF THE MONTH                       get clogged with grass, dirt and silt and may cause flooding by preventing
Painter/Instructor John O’Brien, has been teach-            water flow to nearby drainage ditches. Residents can assist the City, and their
ing watercolor at the Artists’ Workshop since               neighbors, by removing debris from the culverts when weather conditions
1989. His students are given a ‘grounding’ in               are favorable; during dry periods. Routine inspection of the culvert in your
color, composition and old fashioned drawing as             yard, and subsequent removal of debris, may help avert flooding at your
opposed to other “popular teaching methods of               home and in your neighborhood. For additional information on the City’s
throwing paint around and then deciding what it             stormwater system, contact Environmental Services at (386) 424-2476.
is”. O’Brien was an adjunct instructor in design at
DBCC and has demonstrated painting techniques
and judged art shows throughout Central Florida.            FFA Alumni Christmas Tree Sale-NSB High School FFA Alumni will be-
While living in Texas, he worked on the design of           gin their annual Christmas Tree sale on Nov. 28, 2008, at 121 Wallace Road,
the Texas Agriculture Pavilion at the Texas State           New Smyrna Beach. All proceeds benefit students of NSB High School. The
Fair. His acrylic of the Merritt Island National Wild-      sale will continue until all the trees are gone. For additional information, con-
life Refuge was selected for the AARP Foundation            tact Robert Roach at 386-402-1120.
2008 Calendar; one of only 14 pieces chosen from
nearly 1000 entries. O’Brien started teaching a
class in acrylics this year at the Artists’ Workshop in
                                                            Library Board Needs You-The purpose of the Library Board is to review,
New Smyrna Beach. A variety of John O’Brien’s
                                                            discuss and recommend policies and funding, and encourage gifts to the Li-
watercolor and acrylic paintings will be on display
                                                            brary. This Board works actively for improvements to all libraries. If you are
during the month of December in the Art Exhibit
                                                            interested in volunteering, the Board has two (2) openings. Applications can
Room of the Edgewater Historical Museum, 1108
                                                            be obtained from the City’s website (, City Clerk
S. Ridgewood Ave, 8 am-4 pm, Monday-Friday.
                                                            Bonnie Wenzel (386-424-2400 ext. 1101), or at Edgewater City Hall, 104 N.
                                                            Riverside Dr. There are other opportunities to serve the community on a city
                                                            board. Some are the Animal Control board, Citizen Code Enforcement Board,
                                                            Economic Development Board, Planning & Zoning Board and many others.
                                                            For a complete list go to the City’s website or contact the City Clerk.

Southeast Volusia Little League will begin
registration for the spring season in January 2009.
There will be additional information in the January
newsletter and you can also check the little league
website at

                                                                                                  Edgewater’s Annual
Gifts of Love Makes Christmas Merrier                                                             Christmas Parade
(Continued from page 3)                           Ridgewood Ave., seven (7) days a week.          The City of Edgewater Leisure Services
either by directly purchasing those items         If no one is available to accept the items,     Department will host the 18th Annual
or providing gift certificates and allowing       they can be placed in marked barrels out-       Christmas Parade on Saturday, December
the family to buy the items themselves.           side the truck bay.                             13, 2008, beginning at 10 am. The pa-
Contact Gifts of Love for more informa-                                                           rade will begin on Indian River Boulevard
tion on adopting a family.                        If you need additional information about        (SR 442) at Air Park Rd. and travel east to
                                                  donating or receiving assistance, call Gifts    Florida Shores Plaza, where it will dis-
Gifts of Love also accepts new, wrapped           of Love, Tues or Thurs, 9:20 am-2:30 pm,        perse. Residents line the parade route
and unwrapped toy donations during                at (386) 423-5257                               early in eager anticipation of festive floats
their operating hours. They request if the                                                        and the arrival of Santa Claus. Children
toy is wrapped that it be clearly identified                                                      know to bring a sack to collect some of
as a boy or girl gift and also the age ap-        Gifts of Love accepts donations of food to      the hundreds of pounds of candy that
propriateness.                                    distribute to families in need in Southeast     are thrown from parade entries. Leisure
                                                                                                  Services would like to remind parade par-
The Edgewater Fire/Rescue Association is          Volusia County. Donations can be taken          ticipants that all walkers must remain be-
sponsoring a food and toy drive from              to the Gifts of Love Office located at 820      hind the float entries. NO ONE is to walk
Nov. 29 through Dec. 25, in cooperation                                                           on either side of a float. If your business
                                                  W. Park Ave., directly east of the Elks         or organization would like to participate,
with Gifts of Love. Residents may take
non-perishable food items and new, un-            Lodge, 9:30 am-2:30 pm, Tues and Thurs,         contact Leisure Services at (386) 424-
wrapped toys to Fire Station 55, 1605 S.          or call (386) 423-5257.                         2485

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