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									Company Overview:               Business Needs:
•  A large Global publishing,   •   Inefficiencies in processes onshore, resulting in poor performance on metrics
   financial, information and   •   High cost of providing service in a non-revenue center
    media services Company      •   Inability to improve process efficiency due to Physical work flow tracking and
                                    reporting system.
                                Business Solution Offered By TCS:
                                •   Offshore processed 100% of the volumes two weeks ahead of schedule, a
Size and Scope of Deal:             reflection of the smooth knowledge transfer;
•    Accounts Receivable /      •   The project became SAS Type 1 compliant within 3 months of BAU and there
     Cash Application Process       were no non-conformances;
•    19 TM, 1 TL & 1 PM         •   The client is billed for 21 FTEs in the first year and in the subsequent 2 years
                                    TCS is expected to reduce billing to 19 FTEs;
                                •   A Web Tool was developed to enable onshore to track the process and view
                                    reports at any point of time.

                                Business Benefits:
Systems Used:                   •   FTE Cost arbitrage of approx. $ 80,000 / month.
•   Oracle and Lawson based     •   Increased first day applications rates by 5 %, thereby reducing follow ups with
    AR System                       customers resulting in operational savings.

                                Key Learning & Findings:
                                •   Implementation of Web based Tool to ensure real time communication with
                                    Onshore team , this leads to faster transaction response times.
Company Overview:               Business Needs:
• Fortune 500 manufacturing     •   Identify a partner who would assist in creating regional shared service centers
  company with Annual               with consolidation in India & other low cost locations;
  Turnover of more than 5       •   Improved productivity & Cost benefits;
  Billion USD.                  •   Leverage IT expertise to improve business processes.

                                Business Solution Offered By TCS:
                                •   Lift & Drop and Phased Out Approach ( 3 Months with 10 FTEs onsite)
                                      – AR, AP & FA transitioned in 8 weeks and stabilized in 4 weeks
Size and Scope of Deal:               – GA transitioned in 13 weeks and stabilized in 8 weeks
• US SSC for F&A                •   Innovative training methods like video recording and learning through WEBEX
                                    resulting in shortening the training phase.
    – Accounts Payable (30)
    – Accounts Receivable (8)   Business Benefits:
    – Fixed Assets (7)          • FTE cost arbitrage of 50%. Monthly savings of $100K approx;
    – General Accounting (15)   • GA transitioned ahead of schedule by 4 weeks;
                                • AR achieved a cash application rate of 95% (SLA 90%) resulting in accurate & timely
                                  updating of debtor balances in books within a period of 2 months of transition;
                                • Associates with Average cumulative exp 5 years deployed to expedite transition of
Systems Used:                     complex and analytical activities.
• PeopleSoft 7.5                Key Learning & Findings:
                                •   Longer transition timelines for Month-end activities.;
                                •   Quantitative Analysis: Comprehensive & detailed analytics executed for RCA &
                                •   Quality aspect in place: Embedded Quality Control in Invoice Processing activity.
Company Overview:        Business Needs:
•  Integration of        •   Consolidation of Accounts Payable activity from Indian and Overseas branches;
                         •   Improve productivity & reduction in headcount;
   services located in
   India & abroad.       •   Fast and Smooth Transition for quick realization of benefits.
                         Business Solution:
                         • Lift & Drop and Phased Out Approach;
                         • Remote Knowledge Transfer;
                         • 30 associates with prior experience in procurement and managing accounts payable
Size and Scope of           hired;
     Deal:               • Customization of system leading to faster centralization and visible savings to the
•    Accounts Payable       bottom line;
     (50)                • Documented and well defined operating procedures with step by step quality targets.
                         Business Benefits:
                         •    Bottom line savings through approx. 20% staff reduction;
                         •    MIS & productivity improvement thru standardisation & SLAs;
                         •    AP closure reduced from 5 days to 3 days after month close;
                         •    Improved cash flow through planned/on time payments;
                         •    Introduced analysis of expenses, PO accruals etc enabling effective control;
Systems Used:            •    Facilitates early audit from single location.
•   Oracle 11i           Key Learning & Findings:
                            Importance of Documentation for knowledge management;
                            Process centric approach against traditional people centric approach;
                            Benefits through effective governance;
                            Emphasis on training to create bench of specialised staff in end to end AP.
Company Overview:             Business Needs:
•  A Fortune 50 diversified   • To build a multi-functional expertise, transactional and operational services center
   manufacturing company        that service business units globally with following objectives:
   , with presence in over         – Low cost-to-serve and support strategic growth
   175 countries, annual           – Hybrid Model to leverage process expertise, capabilities and experience of
   revenues of over $40                both companies
                                   – Leverage high-skilled workforce available in India
                              Business Solution Offered By TCS:
                              • Execute a „Robust and Speedy Transition Methodology‟ across multiple processes
Size and Scope:
                                - workshop (for opportunity identification), onsite due-diligence (for deep-dive of
In BAU                          process), offshore training with client SMEs, phased ramp-up of operations
•    Accounts Receivable           – Developing „Joint Operational Methodologies‟ leveraging expertise,
     (40+ FTEs)                       capabilities and experience of both organizations
•    Data Entry               • Team Mix
In Transition                      – 1 Delivery Manager, 1 Transition Manager & 2-3 Operations Managers with
•    Accounts Payable (40+            a combined average BPO experience of more than 12 years dedicated for
     FTEs)                            this engagement
•    Transactional            Business Benefits:
     Purchasing (20+ FTEs)
                              •    TCS process expertise and execution capabilities resulted in a fast, smooth and
                                   robust set-up, which went to live work in just 3 months of inception.
                              •    High operational performance resulted in faster realization of savings, to the
Systems Used:                      tune of $50,000 per month in the startup, expect to grow to about $100,000 per
•   SAP                            month in the next 6 months.
•   Other in-house systems    Key Learning & Findings:
                              •    Working as “ONE Team” with client resulted in high satisfaction levels due to
                                   deep understanding and quick mitigation of transition and operations challenges
Company Overview:                 Business Needs:
•  A large US Retail              •   Standardize operations across Geographies and Document Processes
   Company                        •   Remove People Dependencies
•  The world's largest home       •   Prevent $0.5m revenue leakage due to excess payment made to vendor every
   improvement retailer with          month
   Annual Turnover of more        Business Solution Offered By TCS:
   than $80 Billion               •   Lift & shift approach to transition.
                                  •   Resources with prior experience in Cash Application process were used and first
                                      day application rates increased to 95% post offshoring
                                  •   Web Portal developed to provide the client with online view of reports
                                  •   Provided online invoice search facility to clients for audit and future reference
                                  •   Allocation and monitoring of work is done through automated workflow tool.
Size and Scope of Deal:               Enabled paperless operation.
•    Differentiating the repair   Business Benefits:
     and damage/abuse
                                  •   BPR drives savings worth 18 million dollars annually
                                       – Identified the top 20 accounts for the companies & resolved In the past 7
•    Authorization of payments
                                           months $3.6m overpayment by adjusting open credit notes to over due
     below approval limit
•    Handling vendor enquiry
                                       – Created visibility on warranty invoices and saved more than $1m in past 7
                                       – Introduced system changes in the billing software leading to reduction in
                                           incorrect billing and resulting in $1mn (Approx) saved every month
                                  Key Learning & Findings:
                                  •    Integration of just fix IT solutions leading to improvements in customer response
                                       and business stream lining

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