Project Word Origins Unit by joq12180


									Project: Word Origins Unit

Link to Essential Understandings:
1: There is a great diversity among the 12 tribal Nations of Montana in their languages, cultures, histories, and
governments. Each Nation has a distinct and unique cultural heritage that contributes to modern Montana.
2: There is a great diversity among individual American Indians as identity is developed, defined and redefined by
many entities, organizations and people. There is a continuum of Indian identity ranging from assimilated to
traditional and is unique to each individual. There is no generic American Indian.

Links to Montana Accreditation Standards:

Golden Triangle Communication Arts Curriculum Grades 9-12 Objectives (as
defined by Montana State Standards)

*Comm9-12.01.03, Comm9-12.02.06, Comm9-12.02.10, Comm9-12.03.01,
Comm9-12.03.02, Comm9-12.03.04, Comm9-12.03.05, Comm9-12.06.01,
Comm9-12.06.08, Comm9-12.08.08, Comm9-12.08.11, comm9-12.08.17,

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