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									                         FALL 2007 NEWSLETTER

                  FROM THE OFFICE of the PRINCIPAL
                         Mr. Chuck Jenkins
Our semester newsletter has been sent home today as part of your child’s report card mail out.
We hope it is useful and entertaining for you as your family supports your child’s education here
at Archbishop Oscar Romero High School. Electronic copies of this newsletter can be found on
our website along with weekly updates of activities here at
the school.

Our September enrollment increased to 510 students from our June projection of 485 which was
pleasant news for all of us. This year our grade sizes are 150 grade ten’s, 180 grade eleven’s, and
180 grade twelve’s.

Our return to school was a successful and smooth one with a well attended welcome back dance
and a successful intramural ping pong and chess activity in our CORE area each day. Our
volleyball, golf and cross country teams have had some great games and tournaments that have
added excitement to this time of year.

Currently our school offers two academic streams for students to choose from. Those being the
10-1, 20-1, 30-1 and 10-2, 20-2, 30-2 levels. This year our teaching staff is exploring the addition
of Advanced Placement English and Math classes for the 2008-2009 year. More information on
this implementation will be forthcoming over the year.

I am quickly coming to learn about our excellent school reputation and have found that our new
grade ten students are “loving” their new high school environment. Truly, our high school is a
fabulous facility with a dynamic staff that promotes Catholic education each and every day.

As always, the teachers and administration staff are here to help in as many ways possible in the
education of your child. Please call or e-mail our teachers, grade coordinators or myself if we can
be of service.


Mr. Chuck Jenkins
        PARENT-TEACHER                                 IPP Workshop for Parents
                                                   Edmonton Catholic Schools is offering a
                                                   session for parents of student with special
Parent-Teacher Interviews will take place          education needs on the topic of Individual
on:                                                Program Plans (IPPs). Individual program
       Thursday, November 15, 2007                 planning (IPP) is the process by which
          4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.                    families, teachers, and other school staff
          6:00 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.                    work as a team to support students with
                                                   identified and coded special education
The teaching staff will be available during        needs. As a parent, you are an important
these times to discuss progress. Please call       member of your child’s learning team. You
the school at 428-2705 starting on Monday,         are your child’s first teacher and have
November 12 after 9:00 a.m. to set up a 10         witnessed him or her in a variety of social
minute conference with your child’s subject        and learning situations beyond the school
teacher.                                           setting. As a result, you can often share
                                                   unique insights and perspectives about your
Parents, please be aware that between report       child’s strengths and needs which provide an
cards you may obtain a progress report for         invaluable basis for the IPP process and
your son/daughter by contacting the                school programming.
teacher. All teachers are using Integrade
Pro for gathering student assessment.              This session will address some of the current
                                                   topics and issues related to IPPs from a
                                                   parent’s perspective, describe the
                                                   components of our district’s IPP, and allow
         PROTOCOL FOR                              an opportunity for general questions.
                                                   Date:            Monday, Nov. 12, 2007
Edmonton Catholic Schools recognizes the           Time:            6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
freedom of all members of the school               Location:        St. Peter Teacher Resource
community (students, staff, parents and                             Centre, 7330-113 St.
neighbours) to voice their concerns in an          (entrance through parking lot on northwest side)
appropriate manner to the appropriate
school personnel. The principle of “first          Presenters:
contact” needs to be followed. This means
that the person(s) who have the concern,              Pat Bounds and Cory Donald, Special
have the responsibility to begin addressing            Needs Programming Consultants,
the concern directly with those persons                Learning Support Services, Edmonton
with whom they have the concern before                 Catholic Schools
taking their concern elsewhere.                       Parent members of the Edmonton
                                                       Catholic Schools Inclusion Parent
If resolution is not found, please then                Interest Group.
involve the school administration – 428-
2705 and School Operations Services (SOS)          For more information or to register:
as needed. SOS can be reached at 441-6090.         Contact Linda Carter at 989-3012.

All parties will deal with concerns in a
manner that is consistent with the teachings
of the Catholic Church.

       NOVEMBER-MARCH                                      ROMERO WEBSITE
                                                   The school website is a wealth of
NOVEMBER                                           information for students and parents. The
2   - Jostens Retake Day                           main page is updated regularly to reflect
4   - Dress Rehearsal for Drama 10/20/20           current events in the Romero school
5-6 - Drama Production                             community. Parents will find links to Parent
7   - 1st term report card mailed home             Connect, teacher emails, Edmonton Catholic
9   - Remembrance Day Commemoration                School District, Alberta Learning, Metro
15  - Parent/Teacher Interviews
                                                   Athletic, and other important sites from the
      4:00-5:00 pm and 6:00-8:45 pm
28  - School Council Mtg. 7:00 pm                  Parent links from the main page. Students
    - Dress Rehearsal for Fine Arts Night          will find important links to subject specific
29  - Fine Arts Night                              study resources and general references from
30  - Dress Rehearsal for Drama Production         the student links page (user name fun1:
                                                   password stuff2). Student Services has
DECEMBER                                           extensive links/information about
1-2   - Dress Rehearsal for Drama Production       scholarships, careers, and post secondary
3     - Social Justice Project begins              from their page. Grade 12 students and their
      - Advent Celebration begins
                                                   parents will want to check out the grad page
6-8 - Drama Production
13-15 - Drama Production                           for updates as grad approaches. Prospective
21    - Christmas Celebration                      students will enjoy the school profile,
24-6 - Christmas Holidays                          registration booklet, and promotional
                                                   videos. Bookmark
JANUARY                                   and
7   - Classes Resume                               check back often.
15  - English 30-1/30-2 Diploma Part A
16  - Social St. 30/33 Diploma Part A
17  - Last day of classes for semester one
18  - Biology 30 Diploma                                 2007 AWARDS NIGHT
21  - Math 30 Pure & Applied Diploma
22  - Chemistry 30 Diploma                         On October 10th,
23  - Physics 30 Diploma                           Archbishop Romero
    - School Council Mtg. 7:00 m                   celebrated its 3rd
24  - Science 30 Diploma                           Annual Awards Night
25  - English 30-1/30-2 Diploma Part B             Ceremony with an
28  - Social St. 30/33 Diploma Part B
30  - Semester turnaround day – no classes
                                                   impressive cast of
31  - Semester two begins – Day 1                  students from all
    - Final report card mailed home                grades. Hosted by
                                                   Mr. Bob Gagnon and two student emcees –
FEBRUARY                                           Jake Sawalha and Saniya Sami – the evening
5     - District Faith Development Day – no        was a great success in its’ recognition of our
        classes                                    fine students. One hundred and sixty two
6     - Ash Wednesday Service                      students were recognized with awards.
      - Lenten Social Justice Project begins
18    - Family Day Holiday – no classes
22-23 - Junior High Basketball Tournament              ROMERO FOSTER CHILD
27    - School Council Mtg. 7:00 p.m.
28-29 - Teachers’ Convention                       We will be hosting a Bake Sale to raise
                                                   money to support our Foster Child –
4     - Open House at 7:00 pm
                                                   Surinivas, in India. This will take place
14    - PI Day (Math Dept.)                        mid-November – watch and listen for time
20    - Holy Thursday Celebration                  and date. This event will require bakers,
21    - Good Friday – Way of the Cross             sellers, advertising genius, etc. Please see
          no classes                               Mrs. McGee if you are interested in helping.
23    - Easter Sunday
24    - Easter Monday – no classes
28    - Archbishop Oscar Romero Day
31 -6 - Spring Break

           FINE ARTS FEST                             SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL

The Archbishop Oscar Romero Fine Arts                 The School Advisory general meeting was
Fest will be held on Thursday, November 29,           held Wednesday, September 26th. The
2007 at 7:00 p.m. in the school core. The             members of our School Advisory Council
event will feature performances including             consist of the following parents:
the school choir, band, visual and dramatic
arts as well as individual and small group            Executive:
student talent. Baked goods will be available
for purchase from Culinary Arts students.             Chairperson:         Jake Sawalha
Admission will be $2.00 per person at the
door.                                                 Vice Chairperson:    Kelly Dussault

   THEATRE APPRECIATION                               Treasurer:           Barb Dussault

                                                      Secretary:           Jane Sadler
There are 19 students, 2 parents and 2
teachers participating in Theatre                     Directors at Large:
Appreciation. We will be seeing 6 shows at            Naznin Virani, Lori Robertson, Janice Barth,
the Citadel and have the opportunity to meet          Val Fazio and Aldo Fazio.
with the directors, actors and designers of
the shows. The Citadel has an incredible
line up of shows including “Disney Beauty
and the Beast”, “Macbeth”, “Half Life”, and
“Fire”. We have already seen “Noises Off”               RELIGIOUS CELEBRATIONS
and it was well received by all. We will be
seeing the world premier “Vimy” on Oct.               The following dates have been set aside for
31st. This production is set in a hospital            Religious Celebrations:
following the famous battle fought at Vimy
Ridge and deals with the human aspects of             Remembrance Day:           November 9
war. It is a very powerful character piece            Christmas Liturgy:         December 21
which I believe the Theatre Appreciation              Ash Wednesday:             February 6
groups will enjoy.                                    Good Friday:               March 21
                                                      Grad Liturgy:              June 17
With an incredible cast, students have been
working diligently on learning lines, singing         The school year is off to a good start at
passionately and dancing “like the stars”             Archbishop Romero High School, where the
since the 2nd week of September. The cast             students are already doing their part to help
and crew have been very committed as they             out in the community. Thanks to the
work hard throughout the week and even                students and staff of Romero High School,
harder at the weekend rehearsals. I would             thousands of the city’s less fortunate had a
like to thank the cast, crew, parents and staff       Thanksgiving to remember.
for their support throughout the rehearsal
process and I would extend an invitation to           Inspired by the spirit of giving, students
see Archbishop Romero’s production of                 have undertaken a fundraiser to help bring
“Little Shop of Horrors” running on                   food to the city’s less fortunate. The
December 6, 7, 8, and 13, 14, and 15. Tickets         fundraiser known as the Wall of Hunger
are available at the door. For more                   consists of 3380 boxes of Macaroni &
information please call Mrs. Shinkaruk-               Cheese. Mr. Brian Ferguson added, “I guess
Hobbs at the school.                                  ultimately we were looking for a
                                                      Thanksgiving project. Many schools have
                                                      Thanksgiving celebrations, which are great
                                                      but we also wanted to give on
                                                      Thanksgiving.” The food drive helps raise

awareness of poverty and also gives average           our Catholic schools, and establish close
students the opportunity to do their part in          working relationships between home parish
aiding the less fortunate. These boxes will be        and school. I thank all parents for nurturing
donated to the Edmonton Food Bank as well             the Catholic faith in your homes as it is
as the Marian Center.                                 crucial in forming a strong base for your
                                                      child’s spiritual development.
A team known as the F.R.O.G. social justice
group initiated the Wall of Hunger and it is          Our new Board of Trustees has been
to be the first of many fundraisers taking            working closely together for several weeks.
place this year. F.R.O.G., which stands for           Congratulations to Debbie Engel,
Fully Rely On God, stems from the school              Jim Urlacher, Becky Kallal, Cindy Olsen,
and its namesake Archbishop Oscar                     Rudy Arcilla, Marilyn Bergstra and
Romero. It is a social justice based team of          Kara Pelech for accepting the challenging
students started by teachers, Mr. Brian               task of leading Edmonton Catholic Schools
Ferguson and Mrs. Shana Fairbank. From a              for the next three years.
school of 500, the F.R.O.G. team proudly
sits at 37 students, eager to do their part in        On November 11th, Remembrance Day,
the community. Mr. Brian Ferguson stated              please take the time to honor the 1,500,000
“We have a pretty good balance between                men and women who have served in combat
grade 10, 11 and 12, which is really helping to       and peacekeeping roles as well as the more
initiate enthusiasm. We are blessed in this           than 100,000 who have died. They gave of
school.”                                              themselves so we can continue to enjoy our
                                                      rights and freedoms in years to come.
The fundraisers past success has promoted
its continuation this year. Last                      God saved us and called us with a holy
Thanksgiving, the students at Romero                  calling, not according to our works but
collected several thousand boxes of Mac &             according to his own purpose and grace.
Cheese, and they have built on the previous           Hold to the standard of sound teaching that
years’ accomplishment. “Many people think             you have heard from me, in the faith and
kids are selfish but they’re not.” stated Mr.         love that are in Christ Jesus. Guard the
Ferguson. I think kids are incredibly                 good treasure entrusted to you, with the
generous. Somehow this concept of global              help of the Holy Spirit living in us.
village we don’t really understand yet. We                                      2 Timothy 1:9; 13-14
need to know that we’re all connected.” The           Sincerely,
Wall of Hunger fundraiser is an opportunity
for the students of Archbishop Romero to
learn just that: the concept of Global
Village, connecting to the plight of others,          Joan Carr
and doing their part to help alleviate it.            Superintendent

       SUPERINTENDENT’S                                       MESSAGE FROM
           MESSAGE                                              ARCHBISHOP
        NOVEMBER 2007                                        RICHARD W. SMITH
Dear Parents/Guardians:                               Parents, Guardians,
                                                      and others involved
On Sunday, November 4th, families                     in Catholic
throughout Edmonton will celebrate                    education,
Catholic Education Sunday. This is an
opportunity for all of us - parents, students         In giving thanks for
and staff to reflect on the wonderful right of        our Catholic
Catholic education and how instrumental               schools, it is
our schools, parishes and homes are in our            difficult to overestimate the importance of
faith formation. Our faith is strengthened
when we participate in sacraments, support

Catholic education. Our Lord Jesus Christ              so that our young people can fly high,
proclaims "I am the light of the world.                soaring with the eagles, in their ability to
Whoever follows me will not walk in                    know and love God, to embrace Christian
darkness, but will have the light of life"             values and truth, to chose right over wrong,
(John 8:12). Following Jesus and seeking to            to develop a sense of justice and social
ensure that "the light of life" shines in our          responsibility, and to pursue a loving
children and youth is at the very heart of             fellowship with others.
Catholic education. Edmonton's Catholic
schools are striving to allow Christ's Gospel          In a province blessed by the “Alberta
to permeate and transform every area of                Advantage” which fully supports Catholic
education offered so that children may                 education, let us do our part in promoting
receive not simply a quality education but             Catholic schools so that children may fly
primarily the "light of life". Our schools are a       high, reaching new heights in their
rich source of aid for parents who are                 understanding of the world, of life, and of
seeking to fulfill their responsibility of being       humankind, illumined by faith and by the
the primary educators of their children.               love of God.
Parents and guardians, you deserve deep
gratitude for your many prayers and efforts            Parents and guardians, thank you for
in bringing Christ's light to the young which          choosing Catholic schools. We know there’s
God has entrusted to your care! My prayer              a lot competition to choose from. We are
for you as we conclude this school year is             confident that your children will thank you
that your personal witness of discovering,             for your choice. I certainly do.
living, and modeling Christ's teachings will
bear good fruit and that the light of Christ           Bishop David Motiuk
will flourish in our Catholic schools.                 Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton

Most Reverend Richard W. Smith
Archbishop of Edmonton                                      FINANCIAL SERVICES -
     BISHOP DAVID MOTIUK                               There are still some students who have
                                                       outstanding fees from registration in
Parents and guardians, have you flown                  August. Also, some students are involved in
lately? If so, you know that flying and                team sports which require payment of team
Catholic education have a lot in common.               fees. Parents, please ask your child if they
                                                       have outstanding fees and please send in
If you pay attention to the important safety           payments promptly. If you or your child is
instructions at the beginning of your flight,          not sure, please call Mrs. MacPhee in the
the flight attendant will most likely thank            Bookstore (428-2705) and she will inform
you for choosing their airline, recognizing            you of your child’s financial status.
that there is a lot of competition out there
and you could have flown with another
                                                                    BUS PASSES
The same can be said of schools – there’s a
lot to choose from depending on the school’s           The cost of the ETS Restricted
location and its emphasis on academics,                Pass and the Yellow Bus Pass is
vocations, sports, the arts, etc.                      $31.00. Passes are sold the last
                                                       two school days of the month
Yet, not all schools are alike. Catholic               and until the 16th of the new
schools are different. Catholic schools offer          month. Students are required to present
more than an education. They offer a way of            their ID cards to purchase bus passes. Post-
life.                                                  dated cheques for the balance of
                                                       school year passes would be
Catholic education forms the whole person –            appreciated, particularly for the
physical, intellectual, spiritual and moral –          Yellow Bus students

The following radio stations will carry              at Grant MacEwan and Concordia at future
announcements with respect to                        dates.
transportation cancellations due to
inclement weather conditions.                        Representatives from the University of
                                                     Alberta, Saint Joseph’s College, Grant
CHED/CHQT/CISN/JOE FM/ CFRN 1260                     MacEwan, N.A.I.T., and Concordia have
THE BEAR/CFMG/ CFCW / CBC / CHFA                     come to the school to make presentations
CJCA/SHINE FM/MIX 96 / K-ROCK/CKER                   on their diploma and degree programs.

Every effort will be made to have messages           In past years, Student Services has done
broadcast commencing no later than                   considerable career counseling for students
6:30 a.m.                                            wanting to attend post secondary
                                                     institutions in this province, throughout
OFF-CAMPUS COORDINATOR                               Canada and the United States. As well, it
                                                     has also addressed the needs of students
                                                     interested in the RAP program and the
High School credits can be obtained for
                                                     Apprenticeship trades. We continue to
employment in the community.
                                                     do this.
In the work experience program up to 30
                                                     The Canadian military has come to the
credits may be completed as follows:
                                                     school as part of their recruitment
   Work Experience 15: 3 to 10 credits
   Work Experience 25: 3 to 10 credits              Student Services has visited all grade 12
   Work Experience 35: 3 to 10 credits              classes to explain the Alberta Education
                                                     diploma requirements in regard to courses
In the Rap (Registered Apprenticeship                and credits. We still have some students
Program) up to 40 credits may be obtained            who have not filled out the forms, so this
while working in one of Alberta’s certified          process is ongoing.
                                                     Students have made appointments with the
For further information please see the Off-          counselors to explore their specific issues
Campus Coordinator.                                  and particular alternatives for post
                                                     secondary choices.
                                                     Student Services has met with
Student Services:                                    representatives with the University of
                                                     Alberta and Grant MacEwan College to see
Mrs. Val Richardson                                  whether it is possible to hold early
Mr. Brian Ferguson                                   registration at Archbishop Oscar Romero
                                                     High School. Should grade 12 students
We began the year, as we usually do, with            achieve the required grades for their
course changes and parallel                          corresponding programs, and should they
conversions (converting transcripts of               have the registration fees, these institutions
students from other countries to our Alberta         are prepared to register these students “on
system).                                             the spot.” This is still under discussion.

High school completion is one goal that              Because Student Services has made the
we, as well as the Edmonton Catholic School          grade 12 students aware of what they need to
District, hold as a priority. In order to move       do in order to graduate at the beginning of
toward this goal, Student Services has:              the school year, students should be clear on
                                                     what they need to do in order to graduate.
Attended counselor updates at the                    As the spring approaches, Student Services
University of Alberta and N.A.I.T. A                 meets with each grade 12 student who is in
counselor will attend the counselor updates          danger of not getting his/her diploma. At
                                                     this point, we establish a time-line whereby
                                                     students can improve on the courses that

they are taking, and we provide modules for           testing with the student and the
those students who may be in need of                  psychologist.
Often parents will call to ask if we offer
tutoring. Each subject area offers extra help
                                                      Year ending June 2007 Yearbooks are now
at noon for our students. Beyond this, we
                                                      available for pickup in the Bookstore. If
generally recommend A and D Tutoring. -
                                                      your child ordered one, please ensure that
(444-9349). Many students and parents are
                                                      they have picked their’s up.
satisfied with this. As well, on occasion, post
secondary students, who need to do
                                                      The 2007 – 2008 Yearbook is off to a great
volunteer hours, will offer their time to tutor
                                                      start. Make sure you have pre-ordered your
high school students. In this case, we match
                                                      official Archbishop Romero Yearbook.
our students who have requested tutoring
with those post secondary students.

Scholarships                                             STUDENT COUNCIL NEWS

Student Services runs scholarship                     Members of Student Council:
workshops at different times of the school
year. We had our first scholarship workshop           Co-Presidents:           Shannon Robertson
on Oct. 22.                                                                    Justin Gabinet

In tandem with scholarships, a member of              Events Coordinator:      Saniya Sami
Student Services sits on the Awards                   Social Justice
Committee and ensures that the Rutherford                   Coordinator:       Mathew Guterson
Scholarships arrive on time for the Awards            Sport Rep (Female):      Andrea Martinello
evening. In addition, this person acts as a           Sport Rep (Male):        Jeff Sawalha
liaison between the school and Good                   Communication Rep:       Stefan Strangman
Shepherd Parish for the Catholic Women’s                                       Brittany Vaughn
League and the Knights of Columbus

IPP’s (Individualized Personal Plans)                   DISCOVER TRAVEL GROUP
Student Services has met with 27 candidates
to interview and to screen students for IPP’s.
                                                      As you may know, the Romero “Discover
We will implement IPP’s for the first
                                                      Canada” travel group had a fantastic time in
reporting period for those students coded as
                                                      Quebec City, Montreal, and Ottawa over the
mild/moderate learning disability. We have
                                                      Easter Period this past spring, 2007. Our
participated in organizing a workshop for
                                                      students were great, as were the parents who
the teachers so that they are aware of this
                                                      supported the trip! We learned a lot about
                                                      our Country, our cultural diversity, and each
Personal Counseling
                                                      For the upcoming school year, we want to
Many students make their own
                                                                  explore the Arts in the “Big
appointments to meet with the counselors
on personal issues. Counselors liaison with                       Apple” and so the Archbishop
other agencies in the Edmonton area                               Oscar Romero “Discover Travel
                                                                  Group” is planning a trip to New
according to the personal needs of the
student.                                                          York for Spring Break,
                                                                  2008. (March 31-April 4) We
                                                      invite your son/daughter to join us in the
As well, counselors field phone calls from
parents, as well as meeting with parents and          planning for this event! We are now
students. When necessary, if testing is               accepting registrations in order to solidify
                                                      the best rates/departure times for air travel,
required, Student Services co-ordinates the
                                                      and hotel accommodations with our travel

company, EF Educational Tours. We plan                       JR HIGH VOLLEYBALL
on taking thirty (30) students, and to
date we have twenty (20) students
with their deposits paid, and EF
application forms submitted.                         The 3rd annual Romero TNT Invitational
                                                     Volleyball tournament was held October 19
Please review the itinerary for the New York         and 20th. Girls and Boys teams from
trip which is called “Broadway and the Arts          Edmonton Catholic Junior High schools
Metro”. We will be staying the entire time in        from all parts of the city competed in the
Manhattan, and have the advantage of an EF           tournament. Below are the results of the
tour guide who will be with us “24-7”. We            competition:
will have hotel security nightly, which for us
teacher-supervisors, is certainly a bonus!           Boys
New York has so much to see and do. Two
Broadway productions are included in the             First:      H.E. Beriault
program fee, as are all transportations costs,       Second:     AJM
hotel accommodations, all breakfasts and             Third:      St. Catherine
suppers, as well as admittance fees for The          Fourth:     St. Nicholas
Metropolitan Art Gallery, and all other EF           Fifth:      St. Thomas More
sponsored activities.
The program fee includes all of the items
listed in the gold top right hand section of         First:      AJM
the itinerary sheet. The cost is broken down         Second:     Sir John Thompson
as follows:                                          Third:      H.E. Beriault
Program Fee                                          Fourth:     LSL
$1,795.00 (guaranteed price for 2008)                Fifth:      St. Nicholas
-departure fee $160.00                               Sixth:      St. Thomas More
  + Weekend fee $40.00                 200.00
                                                     Throughout the competition, coaches
-*life time membership fee                           selected players as nominees for the all-star
99.00                                                team. Each player received a special “All-
(*payable only once…students who have                Star” t-shirt from TNT Embroidery.
traveled with EF before do not pay again)
                Total        $2,094.00               All Star Girls:

                                                     Taylor Farmer – St. Nicholas
To guarantee your son/daughter’s “spot” on           Meaghan MacKenzie – LSL
this trip, we need the following:                    Kelsey Baker – H.E. Beriault
                                                     Tiffany Cimalay – Sir John Thompson
 a deposit cheque of $99.00 payable to
                                                     Danielle Brodeur – AJM
     EF Educational Tours
 the EF Application form filled out and             All Star Boys
     signed by parent/guardian
 the Edmonton Catholic School Field                 Preston Anderson – St. Nicholas
     Trip Consent Form signed by you the             Rahim Rahimi – St. Catherine
     parent/guardian                                 Mark Abbot – AJM
 NEXT MEETING: Feb 25 7:00 pm                       Daniel Chrobak – H.E. Beriault
     Room 100
 Newcomers welcome until December 19,               The tournament MVPs received a sport bag,
     2007!                                           beach volleyball, water bottle, and MVP t-
                                                     shirt courtesy of Sportfactor and TNT
Sincerely,                                           Embroidery.

Jan Farthing, Travel Advisor                         Girls MVP – Lizzie Stewart
                                                     Boys MVP – Ted Kostelnik

     ROMERO CHEER TEAM                                JR. WOMENS’ VOLLEYBALL
The tryouts for the Romero Cheer team have
started. We have had a number of practices           Team Members:
already and look forward to competitions.
                                                     Kendra Charrois        Nicole Lypian
              CLUB YETI                              Karli Germann          Rebecca Mullin
                                                     Berkley Lam            Stephanie Sing
Club Yeti is our Ski/Boarding club. Our first        Pam Llamas             Rebecca Ulch
trip is planned for December 8 to Marmot
Basin (Jasper).                                      Coach:             Mrs. Rosalyn Lange

Club Yeti wear is coming …. Listen to
announcements for t-shirt details.                    SR. WOMENS’ VOLLEYBALL
Teacher Advisor: Mrs. Rose Marie McGee
                                                     Team Members:
           CROSS COUNTRY
                                                     Kim Fisher           Maria Martorana
Team members:                                        Holli Grabher        Sarah O’Callaghan
                                                     Samantha Houle       Ashley Randall
Cullen Hitchcock    Robin St. Martin                 Jessica Ireland      Robyn Villett
Stefan Strangman    Spencer Strangman                Melanie Luchkow      Catherine Yakimovich
Jake Strus
                                                     Coaches:     Mrs. Rose Marie McGee
Coaches:            Mr. Brian Ferguson                            Mrs. Anna Gomez
                    Mr. Brian Fowler

                                                                 SR. MENS’
             SWIM TEAM
                                                              VOLLEYBALL TEAM
Team Members:
                                                     Team Members:
Vicky Dam           Shair Qureshi
Joshua Dimm         Rebecca Rivet                    Mervyn Acordon       Jeff Lapes
Victoria Hedden     Clarisse Sellyeh                 Adam Berg            Jack McKenna
Samantha Houle      Taylor Slade                     Cristen Berkley      Freddy Reyes
Conrad Kopf         Bailey Stevens                   Brad Charrois        Graham Smith
Andrea Martinello   Michael Vaasjo                   Chad Goodman         Matthew Tymchuk
Daniel Palys                                         Kais Hanna           Mike Vaasjo

Coaches:            Mrs. Shana Fairbank              Coach:       Mr. Daniel Desmarais
                    Mr. Bob Gagnon

              GOLF TEAM

Team Members:

Brad Charrois         Samantha Houle
Candace Dechant       Jeff Lapes                                “Home of the Ravens”
Josh Dimm             Jack McKenna

Coach:       Ms Jane Lagacé

                                           GRAD 2008

Grad Council Representatives:

Erin Alfonso                                             Maria Martorana
Alex Blair                                               Natasha Myles
Chantal Bouchard                                         Rebecca Rivet
Ashley Bowler                                            Shannon Robertson
Stephanie Braid                                          Lauren Rudat
Chelsey Clarke                                           Saniya Sami
Justin Gabinet                                           Lindsay Wilderman
Victoria Hedden

                                         Graduation Venues 2008

Grad Liturgy/Farewell           Tuesday, June 17th

The Grad Liturgy/Farewell and Grad Rehearsal are the morning of Tuesday, June 17 in the school gym.
All students must attend in order to participate in the commencements. All parents are invited and
encouraged to attend the Grad Liturgy.

Graduation Commencements             Friday, June 27th

The Grad Commencements will be the morning of Friday, June 27th at the auditorium of
West Edmonton Christian Assembly located at 6315-199 St.

Graduation Banquet                Friday, June 27th
The Grad Banquet and Dance will be on the evening of Friday, June 27th at the Westin
Hotel located at 10135-100 Street.
Things to know:
       All school fees must be paid in order to purchase banquet tickets
       Students should read the grad bulletin board and the school website for important information. If
        grade twelve students have ideas and/or suggestions, they should talk to a council representative or
        put their ideas in the suggestion box in the office.
       Grad photos are November 27-29. Students must make an appointment at the bookstore. At
        $24.00 sitting fee is required the day of the appointment.

       Grad Rings will be available to order November 27-29.

Process used to determine who will participate in commencements:

       For first term, final class marks and class marks that include diploma exam results will be used to
        determine a student’s qualifications to participate in commencements.
       For second term, most recent class marks ONLY will be used to determine a student’s
        qualifications to participate in commencements.
       Students must show that they have the potential to graduate.
            o    If a student has failed a required course, he/she will not be allowed to participate in the
                 commencement ceremony.
            o    If a student has ONE mark between 40%- 50% in any required course and he/she meets
                 all of the other diploma requirements, he/she will be considered to have the potential to
            o    If a student has TWO or more marks between 40%-50% in any required course and
                 he/she meets all of the other diploma requirements, he/she will NOT be considered to
                 have the potential to graduate.
            o    If a student has any mark below 40% in any required course and he/she meets all of the
                 other diploma requirements, he/she will NOT be considered to have the potential to

BETWEEN 40-50% IN ANY ONE REQUIRED                        BETWEEN 40-50% IN ANY TWO REQUIRED
COURSE                                                    COURSES
       Student can still participate in                        Student can NOT participate in
        commencement ceremonies                                  commencement ceremonies

       Student can NOT participate in
        commencement ceremonies

                  Two grad lists will be posted

         Grade List #1                               Grad List #2
          NOT FINAL                                    FINAL

 The first grad list will serve as a          The second grad list will be the
 warning to those students who              FINAL list. Unfortunately, many
 are not on the list. It will allow            things need to be ordered in
them time to see if they can meet             advance and deadlines must be
the requirements before the next                 met, so even if a student
list goes up. List 1 will be posted           eventually does meet all of the
 after the first report card of the            requirements before grad, if
     second semester near the                     he/she has not met the
           end of April.                     requirements by the deadline of
                                             the second grad list, he/she will
                                              not be allowed to participate in
                                                Romero’s commencements
                                             ceremonies. The second list will
                                                    be posted near the
                                                  middle to end of May.

             You are the difference – Let us hear your voice!
Dear Parents,

A committee comprised of parents, staff from Edmonton Catholic Schools’ Department of
Learning Support Services (LSS), and the Alberta Association for Community Living (AACL)
wishes to inform you of a wonderful initiative within the Edmonton Catholic School District. An
Inclusion Parent Interest Group has been established and we would like to gather input and
feedback from a broader range of interested families.

Our goal is to support and improve education for students with special education needs in regular
classroom settings in their communities. To achieve this goal, we seek your participation in
providing input and feedback on our yearly objectives as well as your experiences within the
school system. This would involve receiving regular updates from the committee requesting a
short response from parents and/or interested parties. We are proud to report examples of
successes of our committee, to date, including:
          a Parent Section of the Learning Support Services Lending Library
          a jointly sponsored inclusion seminar for Teachers, Special Needs Teacher
              Assistants, Learning Team Coordinators and Administrators, and
          an upcoming Individualized Program Plan (IPP) seminar for parents (Nov. 12)

If you are interested in being on our electronic mail distribution list to receive updates on the
activities of the group and to provide your feedback, please contact our AACL representative
Sandy Thurston at or by phone at 451-3055, extension 242.

We look forward to your participation in helping to make our schools an even better place of
quality Catholic education for all students.


The Inclusion Parent Interest Group
Monica Sawchyn (Parent)                             Dick Sobsey (Parent)
Mariette Stad (Parent)                               Catherine Vu (Parent)

Pat Bounds             (LSS, Special Needs Programming Consultant)
Cory Donald            (LSS, Special Needs Programming Consultant)
Michelle Shuman      (LSS, Early Learning Pre-School Programs Consultant)
Emilie DeCorby (LSS, District Principal, International Education/ESL
                     /Special Education)

Sandy Thurston (Alberta Association for Community Living)

Archbishop Oscar Romero High School
         17760 – 69 Avenue
    Edmonton, Alberta T5T6X3
     Telephone: (780) 428-2705
        Fax: (780) 489.2873


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