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									Volume 13, Issue 1                                      A Publication of River Keepers                                                   Spring 2003

Continuing Riverfront Development Plans                                                                                 Student Science
  The intent of the Fargo
Riverfront Development
                                                        Riverfront Development Master Plan                              Project Reports
Master Plan is to provide a
starting point for redevelop-
                                                                                                                        Water Quality
ment of the riverfront be-                                                                                              Nobody said you have to be an
tween Oak Grove Park and                                                                                                adult to change the way people
Dike East. The plan recog-                                                                                              look at the world. Sara Kinzler is
nizes the riverfront as one                                                                                             trying to do just that. She is an
of the greatest assets within                                                                                           eighth grader at Fargo’s Sullivan
Fargo and Moorhead. It will                                                                                             Middle School. Kinzler has been
help ensure that enhance-                                                                                               working on a science fair project
ment of the riverfront will                                                                                             to see how the communities of
protect the river’s unique                                                                                              Fargo and Moorhead impact the
ecosystem, enhance urban                                                                                                Red River. She concluded that
redevelopment, and contrib-                                                                                             Fargo-Moorhead, like any com-
ute to expanded recreational                                                                                            munity, has negative and positive
opportunities. The plan will                                                                                            influences on the river. Here is
provide a coordinated strat-                                                                                            what Kinzler had to say:
egy for improvements to the
river corridor that will in-                                                                                            “I live really close to the Red River
crease its value to the citi-                                                                                           and my family was in the flood in
zens of the community; en-                                                                                              1997. Because of that, I wanted to
sure that development in                                                                                                learn about the Red River and how
Fargo is complementary to                                                                                               the city effects it. I learned that Fargo
                                                                                                                        does have an influence on the Red
and compatible with devel-
                                                                                                                        River and that we should all try to do
opment in Moorhead; and                                                                                                 our part so the Red River will remain
ensure that the Red River                                                                                               clean. I think we all need to be more
becomes a valued compo-                                                                                                 aware of how many things end up in
nent of the urban landscape.                                                                                            the Red River. Stop pouring things
  River Keepers is helping                                                                                              down the storm drain and be more
advance the development of                                                                                              cautious what we put on our lawns.
the urban riverfront in the                                                                                             The main pollutants come from the
Fargo/Moorhead area by                                                                                                  chemicals we put on our lawns, and
working with both Fargo                                                                                                 other things that flow into the drains.
and Moorhead. Moorhead                                                                                                  The community must take care of the
started work on their river-                                                                                                        Kinzler: Continue on page 4
front with extensive work in the Viking Ship, Riverfront and Memorial Park. The Fargo Riverfront Develop-
ment Master Plan is a framework for future development in the area, that helps identify the need for successful                  IN THIS ISSUE
redevelopment of the riverfront, which is contingent upon access, continuity, and connectivity. Much of the de-          •   Riverfront Development          1
velopment will be pedestrian oriented focusing on easy and safe movement.                                                •   Student Science Project         1
  The riverfront plan includes recently approved Main Avenue Bridge reconstruction, which will begin in June             •   New at River Keepers            2
2003. The project’s proposed conclusion date is November 2004. The bridge will be widened to handle four-
                                                                                                                         •   What Quality Update             2
lane traffic and safer pedestrian crossing. It will also be raised six feet to allow for flood water flow. The bridge
                                                                                                                         •   Director’s Corner: Plans        3
will include significant enhancements, such as access to the river, historical interpretation, lighting, etc.
  Dam reconstruction is another important redevelopment which is taking place. The Midtown Dam was modi-                 •   Sturgeon, The Biggest Fish      3
fied with a 5% rock slope in 1998. This improved dangerous conditions that were present due to the re-                   •   Corridor Creatures: Osprey      3
circulating current at the face of the dam. A similar modification was installed in 2002 at the North Dam. The           •   River’s Flowing North           4
South Dam is scheduled for modification in 2004. Redevelopment projects such as dam reconstruction, river                •   Who are River Keepers           4
over-looks, boat ramps, bike trails, the Red Bear restaurant, and the S.S. Ruby all contribute to the vision of a
redeveloped riverfront which began with planning efforts in 1989.

                                                                                                                                        Non Profit Org.
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                                                                                                                                         Fargo, N.,D.
                                                                                                                                         Permit #1719

Contact River Keepers for more information,
 or call Leave a Legacy at (701) 280-1420.

Mouth of the River                                                           Page 1                                                              Spring 2003
 What’s New at River Keepers                                                                                                        MOUTH OF THE RIVER
 •   Four used 22-foot voyageur canoes were rebuilt with assistance from Ed Janzen, Jay Leitch, Adam Johnson, Rachel Van-                    325 7th St. S.
     Dyke, Mark Nerland, and others. The canoes hold 5-7 adults or 6-8 children. The seats were replaced, and the gunwales              Fargo, ND 58103-1846
     were replaced with custom designed and manufactured plastic. The hulls were sanded, fiberglass was used to fix minor
     damages and paint was applied. The outside was painted green and the inside gray.                                                  Phone: (701) 235-2895
                                                                                                                                        Fax: (701) 235-7394
     Dick Hentges, Ed Janzen, Ron Saeger and an anonymous donor sponsored the purchase of the canoes. Excel Energy pro-        
     vided funding for program assistance. Jim Olson donated a trailer to make hauling one voyageur canoe easier.             
     The voyageur canoes are
     available to rent for group
     outings. Paddles and life                                                                                                             River Keepers is a
     jackets are included. It is                                                                                                        non-profit organization,
     necessary to have an experi-                                                                                                   “promoting a renewed vision for
     enced canoeist to steer.                                                                                                         the Red River of the North.”
 •   Erin Marcus, a Mass Com-
     munications major from
     Minnesota State University                                                                                                          2002-2003
     Moorhead, has written and                                                                                                      BOARD OF DIRECTORS
     designed this newsletter and
     will be producing various
     public relation pieces                                                                                                                Rick St. Germain
     throughout the semester.                                                                                                                 President
 •   Much progress was made at                                                                                                              Arlette Preston
     the Lions Conservancy Park
     this past year. The trail out-                                                                                                         Vice President
     line and the outdoor learning classroom at the Lions Conservancy Park is 90% complete. Volunteers from NDSU Land-
     scape Architecture participated in a bank stabilization project along Rose Creek. An Eagle Scout built and installed a ki-            Allan Ashworth
     osk. Thanks to a grant from the Red River Riparian Project, native grasses and wild flowers were planted. The Lions Con-             Secretary/Treasurer
     servancy Park is intended to demonstrate to the public through plantings, displays, and signage, the natural environment of
     a river system. The park is located at University Drive and 44th Avenue South in Fargo.
                                                                                                                                           Dorothy Agather
 •                                                                             th
     River Keepers was presented the “Outstanding Program Award” at the 20 Annual Red River Basin Land and Water Inter-                      Gene Boyle
     national Summit Conference in Winnipeg for coordinating the Red River Water Festival. The award recognizes an organi-                   Greg Danz
     zation for its development of a program within the basin that furthers the goals of the Red River Basin Commission. This                 Jack Duis
     year over 1300 fourth grade students attended the three-day festival making it the largest youth water festival in North Da-
     kota. River Keepers shared the award with Grand Forks’ (N.D.) Dakota Science Center who also coordinated a successful
                                                                                                                                            Don Kilander
     youth water festival. Red River Water Festival sponsors included North Dakota Project WET, Make A Splash, Environ-                     Tami Norgard
     mental Protection Agency, and Clay County Soil and Water Conservation District.                                                        Cindy Palmer
                                                                                                                                           Richard Pemble
 •   The Fargo-Moorhead Area Foundation awarded River Keepers a grant of $4,600 to buy supplies and equipment for the                      Rocky Swanson
     Cavity Replacement Program (CRP). The CRP now has approximately 500 wood duck nesting boxes mounted in the
     Fargo-Moorhead area. As dead trees along the river are removed, artificial cavities will increase local populations of wood
                                                                                                                                             Keith Tandy
     ducks, one of the few ducks in the world to nest in trees. Annual maintenance of the boxes is coordinated by NDSU’s                    Tom Tolman
     Natural Resource Management Club.
                                                                                                                                        Jim Kapitan (ex-officio)
 •   River Keepers is working with the City of Fargo and other partners to develop a riparian restoration project in south Fargo.      Jennifer Walz (ex-officio)

 Water Quality News: Pet Waste                                                                                                      RIVER KEEPERS STAFF
   Do you have a dog or cat? Are you disposing their waste properly? You may have received dirty looks from a home-                         Bob Backman
 owner when your canine has just done his business on their lawn. Leaving animal waste is doing more than annoying                        Executive Director
 the neighbors; it may actually cause pollution or health problems. Pollutants from improperly disposed pet waste can
 be washed into storm drains by rain or melting snow. Storm drains empty directly into our lakes and rivers without any                    Christine Holland
 treatment.                                                                                                                               Project Coordinator
   Once in the river, pet waste can decrease the quality of water. This is a concern because Fargo-Moorhead gets most of
 its drinking water from the Red River. As pet waste decays it uses up oxygen in water, then releases ammonia. This                       Christina Melaas
 combined with warm temperatures can kill fish. Pet waste also contains nutrients that stimulate the growth of algae and                Administrative Assistant
 weeds. When algae and weeds are present, the water becomes cloudy and green, which makes the water unattractive
 for swimming, boating and fishing. Pet waste may also contain bacteria which can make water unsafe for swimming.                            Erin Marcus
   Here are a few things you can do to prevent pollution:                                                                                   Graphic Intern
      • Flush your pet’s waste down the toilet. The waste from your toilet goes to a septic system or waste water treat-
          ment plant that removes pollutants before the water reaches a lake or stream. To avoid plumbing problems as-
          sociated with cat litter, dump it in a trash bag.                                                                           SUSTAINING SPONSORS
      • Bury pet waste. The hole must be about five inches deep, away from your gardens, and away from any lake,
          stream, ditch or well. Don’t ever add pet waste to your compost pile. The pile doesn’t get hot enough to kill                   Buffalo-Red River
          disease organisms in pet waste. It is actually illegal in Moorhead to put meat, bones, whole eggs, dairy prod-                  Watershed District
          ucts, and human or pet feces in your compost pile.
      • Put pet waste in the trash. Be sure to check with local ordinances in your city, sometimes it is against the law.                Southeast Cass Water
          This is the easiest way to get rid of pet waste.                                                                                 Resource District
      Don’t forget to pick up your pet’s waste, even in your yard. Carry a pooper-scooper when walking your dog to
      help protect our river!

        River Keepers Membership Form                                                   Please check appropriate level: (River Keepers is a 501 (c ) (3)
                       (membership begins January 1st)                                  organization. All monetary contributions are tax-deducible to the
Name ____________________________________                                               extent allowed by the law)
Address __________________________________
City_________________ State_____ Zip________                                           Kayak………..$15                     Contact me about possible donations of
                                                                                       Scull………… $25                     products, equipment and/or services
                                                                                       Canoe………...$50                    which I understand may be tax-deductible
Email_____________________________________                                             Skiff………….$100
Company (if relevant)____________________                                              Steamboat……$500+                  Contact me about volunteer opportunities

                                        Please return this completed form, along with your membership investment to:
                                                River Keepers          325 7th St. S.       Fargo, ND 58103

 Mouth of the River                                                                   Page 2                                                           Spring 2003
Director’s The Biggest Fish in the Midwest
 Corner                           The sturgeon, a once popular and plentiful fish in the waters of Minne-
                                 sota, has become less and less abundant. It is considered one of the oldest
                                 living fish with a lifespan similar to that of a human, sometimes longer.
                                 The sturgeon grows slowly but lives a very long time. The sturgeon has a
  We all make plans. Perhaps
                                 skeleton made of cartilage, a shovel-like snout, long shark-like tail, and
they are as simple as what
                                 bony plates or scales on the body.
we will fix for dinner, or        They are a rare fish, found in limited numbers in the lower Mississippi,
more complex such as prepa-      St. Croix, Minnesota, Red, and Rainy rivers. They can also be found in
rations for a summer vaca-       Lake Superior, Lake-of-the-Woods, and a few lakes in the Boundary Wa-
tion. We know that without       ter Canoe Areas.
those plans things get con-       Most sturgeon reach a weight of 100 pounds, however they can grow up
fusing. You just can’t walk      to 220 pounds and can be 6.5 feet long. The picture shows one sturgeon
into the airport terminal and    found on the Roseau River in 1905 that was 400 pounds and 15 feet long.
make a decision as to where      Fish of this size are extremely rare. Today, because of pollution, over-
you will take the family for a   fishing and habitat alteration, the sturgeon that was one of the most abun-
two-week vacation. There are     dant large fish has now become one of the rarest.
big decisions to be made          Young sturgeons eat small crustaceans such as water fleas and insect
such as the location, but lit-   larvae until they reach about 7 inches in length. At this stage, they begin
tle details need to be worked    to feed on small clams, snails, crayfish, algae and other plants. The stur-
out also, like who is going to   geon has few predators mainly because of its size. Catfish, bottom suck-
take care of the cat.            ers, and sometimes even other sturgeon eat sturgeon eggs. Humans tend
  River Keepers has recently     to be the largest threat to these fish.
been involved in the develop-      The law requires that if a sturgeon is caught on the Red, it must be re-
ment of two sets of plans.       leased. The repopulation of sturgeon in Minnesota and North Dakota wa-
The Minnesota Department of      ters is now possible with stocking efforts currently underway. Return
Natural Resources funded an      caught Sturgeon back to the Red, so that they may live a long healthy
effort for River Keepers to      life, grow to full potential, and repopulate the basin’s waters.
develop a Master Plan for the
recently designated Red
River of the North Canoe and
Boating Route. River Keepers
                                 Red River Corridor Creatures
also worked with the City of
Fargo on the development of      Osprey                                                           can’t take off.
                                                                                                    The birds        second natal coat, as it does in
the Riverfront Development
                                 Pandion haliaetus                                                are territorial,   other birds or prey. Thus, the fe-
Plan for the downtown Fargo
                                 (pan-DIE-on hal-                                                 defending          male remains at the nest to shield
reach of the Red River. In
                                 ih-ay EE-tus)                                                    their nest         them from sun, rain and cold.
both cases, the plans are a
                                                                                                  area from          Predators like great horned owls,
lot more complex than what
                                   Ospreys are                                                    other os-          raccoons, ravens and crows will
may be represented in the                                                                                            eat osprey chicks.
final document. The research     large birds, black-                                              preys. They
                                 brown on top and                                                 select nesting      For the first few weeks, the fe-
that went into the plans may                                                                                         male feeds the chicks semi-
not be obvious but many          white underneath.                                                sites near wa-
                                 Sometimes peo-                                                   ter and build      digested, regurgitated food. Both
hours of effort from many                                                                                            parents feed older chicks small
people were required to put      ple confuse them                                                 atop dead or
                                 with bald eagles.                                                living trees,      bits of fish. Young ospreys fledge
the plans into a final format.                                                                                       when about 8 weeks old, usually
   Some of us, including me,     The osprey’s                                                     or on power
                                 white head has a                                                 poles and          by mid-August. They stay near
get impatient and want to see                                                                                        the nest and their parents until Oc-
results sooner than later but    broad, black                                                     other human
                                 cheek patch and                                                  made struc-        tober when ospreys begin their
without well thought out                                                                                             migration south.
plans the effort is often        its tail is barred                                               tures. The
                                 with brown, whereas a mature               large nest, usually more than three       River Keepers is working with
doomed to failure. One ad-                                                                                           the City of Moorhead and Moor-
vantage of developing me-        eagle’s head and tail are entirely         feet in diameter, is made of big
                                 white. The osprey’s long, narrow           sticks and lined with grasses and        head Public Service on a potential
thodical plans is that we can                                                                                        artificial nesting site for an os-
avoid the mistakes made by       wings are angled back at the wrist         pond weeds. The female lays an
                                 when it flies, and a black patch           average of three brown-speckled          prey. Watch for details!
others in similar endeavors.
To learn from others we have     contrasts with white underwings.           eggs, which she incubates for
conducted site visits and in-      Male and female ospreys are              about 28 days. The male brings
volved a wide range of folks     similar in appearance, although            fish to the female, who leaves the
in the process. Sometimes        females may have a necklace of             nest only occasionally to exercise
plans are developed and then     dark streaking. An osprey’s voice          her wings.
sit on the shelf. I think the    is a series of sharp whistles and            Osprey chicks are especially vul-
process that was used in the     chirps, which become more fren-            nerable to the weather because
development of the plans will    zied if you approach the nest.             their brownish natal down doesn’t
prevent that from happening.       They search for fish while flying        thicken or change into a warmer,
  In the following years as      30-100 feet above the water. If
these plans are implemented,     they spot prey, they hover, then

we will appreciate the well      plummet down, plunging into the
thought out effort and hard      water feet first. Strong, curved
                                 talons and specialized spines on                            ever doubt that a small group
work of all of those who
made plans. We are pleased       the bottoms of their feet help                       of thoughtful, committed citizens can
                                 them hold onto the slippery fish.
that River Keepers was able
                                 If they catch the fish, they quickly
                                                                                      change the world; indeed it’s the only
to play a role in the develop-
ment of these documents.         take off, juggling it in their feet                           thing that ever does.
                                 until its head is facing forward
                                 into the wind. Then they fly to a
                                 perch to eat it. Ospreys can’t                                                       Margaret Mead
                                 swim and have been known to
                                 drown, especially if they get their
                                 talons stuck in too large a fish and

Mouth of the River                                                      Page 3                                                             Spring 2003
                                                                                      the quality of the river water. Data
                                                                                      tests were for pH, transparency,              Why does the Red
                                                                                      conductivity, salinity, dissolved              River flow up?
                                                                                      oxygen, total phosphorus, fecal
                                                                                      coliforms and more.                    A river can flow in a northerly
                                                                                       The water quality monitoring of       direction because water runs
                                                                                      the three sites was made possible      downhill. Although the vast
                                                                                      by an Environmental Protection         percentage of rivers on the planet
                                                                                      Agency grant, FM River. Partners       flow in a southerly direction,
                                                                                      include the Energy and Environ-        some do flow north.
                                                                                      mental Research Center, Prairie
                                                                                      Public Television, Minnesota Pol-      FACT: The source (the
                                                                                      lution Control Agency, North Da-       beginning) of a river is always
                                                                                      kota Department of Health, City        higher than the mouth (the end).
                                                                                      of Fargo, City of Moorhead and         So, if the source is to the south
                                                                                      Moorhead Public Service. It was        of the mouth, the river will then
Kinzler continue
                                          Bunker Field House on March 18. I           funded to communicate the health       flow to the north.
river that runs through Fargo by          won a silver medal to be an alternate       of the Red River to Fargo-
cleaning up branches and garbage.         at the state competition.”                                                         The Red River of the North has
                                                                                      Moorhead citizens.
We can protect the river and keep it                                                   The Red River Water Festival,         an average slope of only one-half
good for our future kids to enjoy by       River Keepers needs more citi-                                                    foot per mile over its 545 mile
                                                                                      Paint the Drain, and water quality
doing water tests and improving the       zens like Kinzler to become inter-                                                 watercourse from Breckenridge,
                                                                                      monitoring are a few ways for
water by watching what we put in it.      ested in protecting the river. We                                                  Minnesota, USA to Lake
                                                                                      citizens to get involved, to learn
I have enjoyed my project and I still     learn about water quality by col-                                                  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
                                                                                      more about water quality, and to
love working on it. If I continue to do   lecting water samples from the
more science projects, I might think                                                  help protect the Red River. Call
                                          river and analyzing them. Volun-                                                   Here are some other rivers in the
about studying the environment in                                                     River Keepers today to see how
                                          teers are always needed for this.                                                  world that flow North:
college. I competed in a school sci-                                                  you can change the way people
                                          Kinzler and her father analyzed
ence fair and advanced with 39 other                                                  look at the river. Like Kinzler,
                                          data from water samples that were                                                  Erne River, Ireland and
kids to a regional competition, which                                                 you could start your own river
                                          taken from the Red River at three                                                  Northern Ireland, 60 miles
was held at NDSU at the Benson                                                        research project.
                                          different locations to learn about                                                 Genesee River, New York,
                                                                                                                             USA, 144 miles

What is River Keepers?                                                                                                       Jordan River, Utah, USA, 45
                                                                                                                             Lena River, Russian Federation,
  River Keepers was formed in             in time the healthy attitude to-            noe races just to name a few.
1990 in an effort to revitalize pub-      wards the river became negative.              The attitude of the people of the    2735 miles
lic use of the Red River of the             Today, River Keepers’ goal is,            Fargo-Moorhead area towards the        Niagara River, Lake Erie to
North. Before World War II, the           “to promote a renewed vision for            Red River has changed considera-       Lake Ontario, 39 miles.
Red River was a meeting ground            the Red River of the North.” This           bly since the creation of River        Nile River, Africa, 4150 miles
and recreational area for the com-        vision began in 1989 when a vol-            Keepers. Little by little, River       Ob River, Russian Federation,
munity. Huge steamboats brought           unteer team from the American               Keepers is seeing evidence that        2289 miles
trade to businesses on the banks          Institute of Architects was asked           their efforts to educate and en-       Oswego River, New York,
of the Red River. Activities in-          to study the river. Their research          courage the use of the river are       USA, 24 miles
cluded sleigh rides and ski jump-         of the Red River revealed that the          paying off. Today, more people         Richelieu River, Quebec,
ing from a 140-foot tower; fish-          river had been “forgotten and un-           are fishing, canoeing, using the       Canada, 208 miles
ing, boating, swimming and div-           derutilized.” River Keepers advo-           trails for biking, in-line skating,    San Pedro River, Mexico (into
ing, and a floating stage for out-        cates their “renewed vision” by             walking, and using riverfront          Arizona), 142 miles
door concerts and plays during the        promoting activities such as fish-          parks for picnics.                     Shenandoah River, Virginia,
summer. After World War II the            ing clinics, pontoon tours, and ca-                                                West Virginia, USA, 55 miles
use of the Red River declined and                                                                                            Yenisey River, Russian
                                                                                                                             Federation, 2548 miles

                                                Events Calendar
                                                                                                                              12th Annual

                                           20-26           Earth Week
Pontoon Boat Tours                         23&24           International Water Conference at                                                Race The
Discover the history, geography and
wildlife of the Red River from the
                                                           Moorhead Area Conference Center
decks of the S.S. Ruby during a 45-        24 5-6:30       River Keepers Annual Meeting at
minute pontoon tour.                                       the Hjemkomst Center
          Departure:                                       “The Riverfront: The Mayors’ Visions”                             Canoe/Kayak Races
                                                                                                                              Saturday, June 7, 2003
 Passengers board the S.S. Ruby under
the First Avenue North bridge adjacent
                                           14              Fishing on the Red at Dike East 6:30-8:00 p.m.                    The race will begin at Lindenwood Park.
       to the Hjemkomst Center,                                                                                               The finish line is at Dike East in Fargo
      202 1st Ave. N., Moorhead.           15              Filmore Conference/Riverfront Development Tour of
                                                           St. Paul, MN                                                              Choose from two races:
       Regular operating hours:                                                                                                10-mile competitive begins at 10 a.m.
        Tuesday 5 p.m.-8 p.m.              16              S.S. Ruby Pontoon Tours open (weather permitting)                      2-mile fun race begins at 1 p.m.
        Friday 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.                             under the 1st Avenue North bridge adjacent to the
  Saturday & Sunday 1 p.m. - 8 p.m.                        Hjemkomst Center.                                                        Fees: $15/solo, $25/team.
                                           JUNE                                                                                   $15 to rent a canoe or kayak,
         Reserve the entire boat
for birthdays, family reunions or com-                                                                                       $15 late fee to register the day of race.
                                           7               Taste of the Valley at the Hjemkomst Center, 10-5 p.m.
         pany outings anytime!
                                                           Fun For All Fishing Clinic at Dike East, 10 a.m.- Noon             To register or for more information:
     Call before tours are filled
                                                           Race the Red at Lindenwood Park, 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.                   E-mail or
       701-793-RUBY (7829)                                 Lil’ Fishermen’s Derby at Dike East, Noon-2 p.m.                            call 701-235-2895.
                                                           Kayak Demos at Dike East, 2-6 p.m.
Schedule subject to change based upon
    weather and river conditions.                                                                                                            An event of
         S.S. Ruby,
    The Gem of the North

Mouth of the River                                                                Page 4                                                                   Spring 2003

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