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									            SGF/QUISEE Symposium
                           27 November 2007
           Renaissance Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

A sustainable EU
fruit juice industry –
Consumer satisfaction and
fair competition

                  SGF International e.V.
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Consumers recognise fruit juices as a significant part of a
healthy diet. They can enjoy fruit juices without guilt since
fruit juices are natural, nutritious, authentic and safe prod-
ucts. Correct labelling and sustainability of production are
important requirements today. All these consumer expecta-
tions are optimally fulfilled by fruit juices. Therefore fruit juice
has the right to a further great future as a beverage of pref-

The fruit juice industry and the control schemes founded by
the industry, are working very hard to maintain this justified
positive image. In order to support the 12 new EU countries
on their way into the EU single market with all its regulations
and standards for fruit juices. SGF International e.V. set up
6 years ago a project “Quality Initiative South and East Eu-
rope” (QUISEE).

Today we would like to present the impressive results of this
work in a Symposium in order to mark the end of this project.
The lessons to be learned from this QUISEE project will be
shared as well as our ideas about how the progress can be
maintained and further developed.

Overall we conclude that the project can be seen as a suc-
cessful model for an industry initiative to guarantee consum-
er satisfaction and fair competition in developing markets .

We think the challenges faced and the results achieved will
find your interest.

Therefore, we cordially invite you to participate in our QUISEE
Symposium and look forward to seeing you in Brussels.

Dr. Karl Neuhäuser                   Richard Hartinger jun.
Eckes-Granini Group GmbH             WeserGold
President SGF International e. V.    Getränkeindustrie “riha” GmbH
                                     Chairman QUISEE AB

13:30   Welcome and introduction
        Dr Karl Neuhäuser
        President SGF
        Peter E. Eckes
        President EQCS
        Andrew Biles
        President AIJN

14:00   Why the EU packers of consumer products needed the SGF/QUISEE project?
        Richard Hartinger Sr.

14:20   Why the suppliers of raw materials needed the SGF/QUISEE project?
        Dr. Joachim Tretzel
        Döhler Group

14:50   Objectives, results and achievements of the SGF/QUISEE project 2001 - 2007
        Martin Greeve
        Project Manager SGF/QUISEE

15:20   Per capita consumption of fruit juices and nectars in the EU in the years
        2001 - 2007 and an analyse of the development
        Robert Kay-Shuttleworth

15:40   Coffee and Juice break

16:10   EU requirements for fruit juices and nectars. The role of the Commission
        and industry self regulation
        Denis de Froidmont
        DG Agri

16:30   Implementing EU legislation in respect to adulteration, unfair
        competition and misleading consumers in Spain
        - A national administration point of view
        Mrs Almudena Rodriguez
        Spanish Ministry of Agricultural, Fisheries and Food

16:50   Ensuring compliance to the Fruit Juice Directive 2001/112
        - A national Food Inspection point of view
        Martin Kubik
        CR Food Inspection

17:10   Adjustment to common market requirements in respect to fair
        competition and consumer information in Poland
        - An industry point of view.
        Prof Witold Plocharski
        Vice President DSK, Poland

17:30   Consumer satisfaction and fair competition - are they linked?
        Peter Hale
        Vice President SGF International e. V.

17:50   Summary and Outlook
        - What lessons can be learned?
        Dr Karl Neuhäuser
        President SGF International e. V.

18:00   Conclusions and closure
                     Our sincere thanks go to the sponsors of the
                                 SGF/QUISEE Project

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