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									                        West Virginia Department of Revenue

                      Fiscal Notes
                     An Update for Our Citizens

Volume II, Issue 3     A Message from Governor Joe Manchin III
    Fall 2009        As we approach the holiday season, I
                     believe West Virginians have much to
                     be thankful for this year.

                     Our state has been weathering the
                     economic storm while continuing to
                     offer our great citizens opportunties
                     to improve their lives and the lives of

                     The 2009 Energy Star Sales Tax
                     Holiday is estimated to save taxpayers
                     $3.9 million during the three- month
                     program. These savings occur
                     immediately at the checkout and over      These opportunities to improve life here
Inside this Issue:                                             in West Virginia would not be possible
                     the course of a lifetime as Energy Star
                     qualified products help decrease the      without you, the taxpayer, supporting
                     costs of running a household.             local businesses each and every day.
   Energy Star
Sales Tax holiday    Through the revenue generated             I thank you for all you have done for
    continues        by the West Virginia Lottery, many        your state, your neighbors, and your
                     different aspects of our state, including communities this year and every year.
  Give and Win       education, and senior citizen programs,
    with the         are improved. This year the Lottery                               Sincerely,
     Lottery         seeks to help families in need through
                     their Give & Win program.                         Governor Joe Manchin III
 Trade Show a
                                     West Virginia’s holiday expanded in 2009
                      West Virginia’s second ENERGY            personal property for use in a trade or
                      STAR® Sales Tax Holiday began            business is not subject to this Sales
                      September 1, 2009 and runs through       Tax Holiday.
                      November 30, 2009.
                                                               “Last year, West Virginians had seven
                      During this year’s three-month long      days to take advantage of the holiday
                      holiday, West Virginians will not have   and improve the energy efficiency of
                      to pay sales and use tax on certain      their homes at a lower out-of-pocket
                      ENERGY STAR® qualified products          cost,” Manchin said.
                      valued at $5,000 or less. Tangible                           (continued on page 2)
                                                        The typical U.S. household spends $2,200 a year
                                                        on energy bills. With ENERGY STAR® qualified
                                                        products, consumers can save more than 30 percent,
                                                        or more than $700 per year, with similar savings
                                                        of greenhouse gas emissions, without sacrificing
                                                        features, style or comfort.

                                                        What Products Qualify for the
Energy STAR            (continued from Page 1)                   Holiday?
“For 2009, the holiday is increased to three months.
The per purchase price limit was $2,500 in 2008.        Purchases qualify for the Sales and Use Tax
For 2009, it is increased to $5,000. West Virginia      Holiday if the purchase is for a product that:
citizens will have a greater opportunity to benefit           • Has earned the ENERGY STAR® label.
from taking part in the holiday, ” Manchin said.              • Costs $5,000 or less.
                                                              • Is for noncommercial home or personal
Governor Manchin introduced the holiday                         use.
legislation in 2008 and the West Virginia Legislature
supported the idea by funding consumer initiatives
like this. Attorney General Darrell McGraw’s Office
successfully litigated against two credit card
companies on behalf of West Virginia consumers.
The results will fund future consumer initiatives.

ENERGY STAR® helps consumers make energy-
efficient choices. The ENERGY STAR® label is
now on over 60 product categories including major
appliances, office equipment, lighting, and home
electronics. EPA has also extended the label to
cover new homes and commercial and industrial

All West Virginia retailers of ENERGY STAR®
qualified products will participate in the sales tax
holiday. West Virginia retailers who sell ENERGY
STAR® qualified products have been asked to
display a sign in the store’s windows, on the door,
or in the aisles, noting their participation in the
                                                               ENERGY STAR® qualified products are
September 1 through November 30, 2009 Sales
                                                               designated by the EPA and identified by
Tax Holiday.
                                                               the label above.
Learn more about the holiday and the qualified
products at:

Page 2                                Fiscal Notes
     Give & Win with the West Virginia Lottery
West Virginia Lottery and its retailers are asking the
public to share with those less fortunate on November         Donate a non-perishable food item
18 during a one-day charitable holiday food drive.            on November 18, 2009 and receive
The promotion is scheduled to coincide with
Thanksgiving when food banks are in greatest need.
                                                                    one free promotional
                                                                        lottery ticket.
Participating retailers will be listed in Sunday
newspapers statewide on November 8th and 15th.

Customers who give a non-perishable item at
participating West Virginia Lottery Retail Locations will
win one free promotional lottery ticket while quantities

All donations will benefit the participating retailer’s
charity of choice. Each participating retail location will
be given a designated number of instant promotional
tickets to give food donors. After the retailer dispenses
its alloted tickets, neither the Lottery nor the retail
location is required to provide additional promotional
tickets for donations.

The West Virginia Lottery’s Give & Win Database will
be updated daily, so the public can learn of any new
retailers coming on board. To access the Give & Win
list of participants, simply log on to the Lottery’s web
site at and click on the Give & Win
                                     Lottery Sales at the
                              2009 West Virginia State Fair Break
                                    Previous Year’s Record
                                         Lottery sales at the West Virginia State Fair broke last year’s record
                                         by 10 percent, according to Lottery Director John Musgrave. He said
                                         instant ticket sales were nearly 7 percent higher than last year.

                                         Musgrave said overall sales for the nine-day event totaled $251,221.
                                         Of that, $240,150 represented sales of instant game tickets, placing the
                                         State Fair in the number one slot among retailers statewide selling the
                                         instant scratch games in August. More than a quarter million dollars in
                                         prizes have been claimed.

                                         Lottery rules state that winners have 180 days from a drawing or the
                                         declared end of an instant game in which to claim prizes.

                           Volume II, Issue 3                      Fiscal Notes                            Page 3
         West Virginia Department
               of Revenue                         WVABCA’s19th Annual
     State Capitol                                Trade Show a Success
     Building 1, Room W-300                       Trade Show Revenues Increase Year After Year
     1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
     Charleston, West Virginia 25305              On September 22, 2009 the West Virginia Alcohol
                                                  Beverage Control Administration hosted their 19th
     Phone: 304-558-0211                          Annual Trade Show in conjunction with the West
     Fax: 304-558-2324                            Virginia Retailers Association in the capitol city of

             Keep up with all                     The Trade Show is the perfect opportunity for retailers
          Department of Revenue                   to connect with industry representatives who are
            Agencies on line at                   showcasing new products that will be available to
                       purchase as inventory in their retail liquor stores.
                                                  The Trade Show provides retailers with a special
                                                  once a year discount on select products. While the
    Department of Revenue Agencies:               retail stores are taking advantage of these special
                                                  offers they also have the opportunity to view, select
    •	 Alcohol Beverage Control                   and order “value added packs”, or VAP’s ,for the
       Administration                             upcoming holiday season. West Virginia consumers
                                                  will recognize these VAP’s as spirits packaged with
    •	 State Athletic Commission                  novelty items such as flasks, shakers, coffee mugs,
                                                  shot glasses, etc.
    •	 Division of Banking
                                                  Trade Show revenues have been climbing steadily
                                                  since 2004. In 2008, the total cases purchased were
    •	 State	Budget	Office
                                                  45,845 which accounted for $5.8 million in gross
                                                  purchases. Once discounts of $361,079 were applied,
    •	 Offices	of	the	Insurance	                  the net purchases were $5.5 million. The increase
       Commissioner                               in purchases continued this year with 49,164 cases
                                                  purchased totaling $6.8 million in gross purchases.
    •	 Lottery Commission                         After discounts of $424,592 were applied, the total
                                                  net purchases were $ 6.4 million. The total net
    •	 Municipal Bond Commission                  purchases include VAP’s however, these products are
                                                  not discounted. For 2008, the total VAP’s were 9,930
    •	 Office	of	Tax	Appeals                      cases which totaled $1.17 million and for this year the
                                                  total VAP’s purchased were 8,708 cases totaling
                                                  $1.09 million.
    •	 Racing Commission
                                                  The total cases purchased for Fiscal Year 2009 were
    •	 State	Tax	Department                       641,969 totaling $80.8 million. The Trade Show allows
                                                  retail owners to become more educated about the
                                                  products and brands available to meet their consumer
                                                  demands. This provides additional opportunities for
                                                  profits by the retailers and more revenue for the state.

                                                  The WVACBA believes that their focus on improved
                                                  inventory control measures, on-line ordering, revised
                                                  delivery route system and a new website have
                                                  resulted in over $15.5 million transferred to the general
                                                  revenue fund in Fiscal Year 2009.
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