8th Annual Feast For the Eyes Juried Exhibition for Emerging

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					 8th Annual Feast For the Eyes Juried Exhibition for Emerging Artists Entry Form
 We welcome the submission of artwork for the 8th Annual Feast for the Eyes Juried Art Exhibition at the Southampton Art Gallery
 & Shop. The exhibition, benefitting the Southampton Arts Society and the Salvation Army food bank, will take place from Friday,
 April 9 – Sunday, May 10, 2010. The opening night Gala and awards ceremony will take place Friday, April 9, 2010 from 7-9 pm.
 Feast for the Eyes links the mental, creative and spiritual benefits of art to yet another aspect of our basic needs: food for the
 hungry in our community. We ask all artists to donate a non-perishable food item to benefit the local food bank with each
 artwork submission brought forth by each artist. Conditions of entry are below.
     •     This juried show is open to all emerging artists 16 years of age or older living full or part-time in Bruce or Grey County.
           This exhibition is not open to artists who were allocated one of the top two awards (1st place, 2nd place Best in Show) at
           the 2009 Feast for the Eyes exhibition; jurors, SAS Board members, Gallery Members or past or present instructors for
           Southampton Arts School. The jury cannot guarantee the acceptance of all artworks due to gallery space limitations.
     •     This show is meant to encourage and highlight artworks of non-professional, emerging artists who have had limited
           Gallery exposure, or limited exposure in a new medium. If the jury has any concerns about the validity of an applicant,
           you will be contacted and your registration fee may be refunded.
     •     All fine art mediums are welcome. Submissions must be “hang ready”, stable and dry. The jury reserves the right to
           refuse all unstable works or works without hanging mechanisms. Please limit the submission of oversized works.
     •     Work must be original and must have been created within the past two years. Work entered into this competition in
           previous years is not acceptable. Work must not be created using copyrighted images from magazines, cards, etc.
     •     Up to three works may be submitted. Each work entered is $10 (including GST), plus a non-perishable food item for the
           local food bank. Entry fees are non-refundable.
     •     All works entered into the competition must be for sale. Each work accepted by the jury will be exhibited throughout the
           show’s duration. The Gallery receives a 35% commission for all works sold.
     •     Each artwork submitted MUST have the provided label firmly affixed to the back of the artwork and the label must
           include the artist’s name, title of the artwork, the medium and the price. Artworks do not need to be signed.
     •     All artwork must be received by Saturday, April 3 at 5 pm. Artwork may be delivered to the Southampton Art Gallery &
           Shop on March 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, April 1, 2, 3 between 10 am and 5 pm.
     •     Artwork not accepted into the show can be picked up at the gala on Friday, April 9 after 8:15 pm, or during normal
           Gallery operating hours beginning April 10, 2010. Accepted artworks can be picked up after the show completion May 9,
           2010 during normal Gallery hours. The Gallery is not responsible for artworks left after June 1, 2010. Unclaimed art
           beyond this deadline may be disposed of or used for charitable purposes.
     •     All artists with successful entries will be CALLED by telephone by the end of the business day on Thursday, April 8, 2010,
           after the jury has chosen their artworks and the set up is underway.
     •     The opening night gala will be held Friday, April 9 from 7-9 pm in the Upper Gallery. All are welcome!

8th Annual Feast for the Eyes Award Denominations and Juror Information
     1.    1st Prize Best in Show – $300 Sponsored by the Southampton Arts Society & The Southampton Art Gallery
     2.    2ndPrize Best in Show – $200 Sponsored by the Shoreline Artists
     3.    3rd Prize Best in Show – $100 Sponsored by Harold Fenlon, McIntee Real Estate
     4.    Printmaking Award - $200 Sponsored by Al Downs. This is awarded for innovative and/or experimental approaches in
           the areas of printmaking (relief prints, monoprints, etc.), fabric arts or collage/mixed media.
     5.    Visionary Award - $200 – Anonymous. Awarded to an original artwork in any medium that best demonstrates a healing
           optimism that conveys beauty, depth and essence. If future oriented the work must be uplifting and beautiful in nature.
     6.    Photography Award $150 – Award donated by Professional Photographers Valerie Cargo, Michael Cannon and George
           Plant. This award is for excellence in photography.
     7.    The Jane Champagne Courage of Your Convictions Award – $100 Sponsored by Sophie & Anne Champagne in memory
           of Jane Champagne. This award is for bold and innovative approaches to art in all mediums.
     8.    Chantry Breezes People’s Choice Award - $75 Sponsored by Chantry Breezes B & B
     9.    Louise Ryan Watercolour Award - $75 Sponsored by the family of Louise Ryan in her memory
     10.   Honourable Mention Award - $100 gift certificate for Wyndham Art Supplies, sponsored by Wyndham Art Supplies
 Jurors: Michelle Le Chien (Assistant Curator, Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound), Julia White (Mixed media artist, Walter’s
 Falls), Steven White (Mixed media artist, Walter’s Falls). Gala food sponsor: Harrigan’s 100 Mile Market/Red & White Store.
 Info: Aly Boltman, Southampton Art Gallery, Gallery Director 519.797.5068
Registration Information (please PRINT CLEARLY and hand this in with your artwork)

Artist Name: ______________________________________ Tel: _________________________________

Cell _____________________Email (required if applicable): ______________________________________

Mailing Address__________________________________________________________________________


The Southampton Art School, Gallery & Shop is a registered charity under the umbrella of the Southampton Arts
Society (charitable registration number 119254894RR0001). All participants have the option of donating the
proceeds from the sale of their work to the Southampton Arts Society, for which a registered charitable tax
receipt will be issue at the end. Would you like to donate the proceeds of your work, or a portion of the proceeds
of your work to the Southampton Art Society? Yes         No     If yes, please state amount, and thank you!

Do you collect GST? Yes           No       If yes, please provide business number: _________________________

Have you participated in Feast for the Eyes before? Yes            No     If yes, how many times? _______

Where did you hear about this juried show? ___________________________________________________

Item #1: Title: __________________________________ ____________________Medium & Price: ________________________

Item #2: Title: __________________________________ ____________________Medium & Price: ________________________

Item #3: Title: __________________________________ ____________________Medium & Price: _________________________

Method of payment: Cash            Visa   MC        Cheque   Debit Amount paid (circle one): $10 $20 $30

            Labels below are for the back of your artwork: complete and affix to the back of the appropriate artwork.

Artist                                     Artist                                 Artist

 Title #1                                  Title #1                               Title #1

Medium                          Price      Medium                       Price     Medium                       Price

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