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									                      2009-10 Funded School District
                         Tobacco Grant Projects

The Tobacco Prevention and Intervention Teacher Training Project Request for Proposal for
2009-10 was issued in late spring. The purpose of the grant is to provide teacher training,
research, and evaluation focused on tobacco prevention/intervention. Eligible public school
districts, educational consortia, and lab schools were invited to apply for the year-long grant
worth up to $65,000.00 per award. Districts and educational consortia in recent years have
been given the opportunity to apply for up to two years of additional funding through a
non-competitive awards process in order to enhance their current projects. This year’s
second year awardee applied for up to $30,000 and third year awardees applied for up to

Below is a brief synopsis of what each awarded district is providing during the school year in
order to meet their training needs along with impacting students in schools and classrooms.
For additional information on each listed project, contact the Office of Healthy Schools at
cshp@fldoe.org or the identified district contacts listed below.

                     Year I Awardee: Competitive Grant
In an effort to reduce tobacco use among middle school students, the School District of
Escambia County will train 456 teachers at 11 middle schools in the Minnesota Smoking
Prevention Program (MSPP) and Discovery Health Connection (DHC) web-based online
educational resources. Three phases of training will take place with the first phase to focus
on train the trainer model in the MSPP and DHC. Two teachers from each middle school will
be targeted to receive this training. The second phase will involve training all other teachers
at the schools to use the MSPP and DHC resources. The third and final phase of training will
provide training to newly hired teachers in both the MSPP and DHC online resources. As a
result of teacher training provided by this grant, approximately 2,700 students will be
impacted by this project. Trainings to include: tobacco prevention education, training
student peer leaders, accessing online resources, demonstrating use of the Next Generation
Sunshine State Standards correlated to the curricula, and classroom application.

Contact: Nancy L. Holweger, nholweger@escambia.k12.fl.us
                Year II Awardee: Non-Competitive Grants
Bay District Schools will continue their tobacco prevention and intervention efforts of
promoting healthy tobacco-free lifestyles by providing quality teacher training on LifeSkills
Training (LST) to 44 upper elementary and 4 middle school teachers. The district
collaborative cadre of 15 upper elementary, and 15 middle/high school lead teachers in the
area of tobacco prevention will have the opportunity to update their trainings with age-
appropriate tobacco prevention materials for use with their students. Efforts will also be
focused on maintaining local cadre representatives at participating schools. The impact of
the tobacco prevention cadre in one year is anticipated to reach approximately 1,000
elementary as well as 3,000 middle and high school students. Trainings to include: tobacco
use prevention education, demonstration of the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards
benchmarks for Health Education, local tobacco prevention issues, youth advocacy, current
tobacco advertising, health literacy together with responsible behavior, and classroom

Contact: Joan O. Harris, harrijo@bay.k12.fl.us

               Year III Awardees: Non-Competitive Grants
Palm Beach
The Continuation Project in Palm Beach County will train 50 Kindergarten through fifth
grade elementary teachers and Guidance Counselors, 30 secondary teachers and SWAT
(Students Working Against Tobacco) Club sponsors, and SADD (Students Against Destructive
Decisions) advisors in tobacco prevention education. Two previously offered 30 point on-
line tobacco prevention courses will be updated and offered again this school year for
grades Kindergarten-fifth and sixth – twelfth. Teachers who participate will receive 30 in-
service points after training and implementation with Channing Bete tobacco prevention
education student materials. Furthermore, a new on-line course for elementary school
teachers will be created on tobacco and other drug use prevention. These teachers will
receive 60 in-service points after completing this training course and implementing the Too
Good for Drugs curriculum in their classrooms. An additional training in the form of a
Vodcast (video podcast) will be developed and offered this year to include training on the
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) for health education and current best
practices related to tobacco prevention. All training during the project is expected to reach
about 5,000 students. Trainings to include: tobacco prevention education, on-line videos,
quizzes, discussion boards, pre/post-surveys, review of NGSSS, current best practices, social
norming, and classroom application.

Contact: Kim Williams, williamsk@palmbeach.k12.fl.us
Year three of this grant opportunity will extend program training and resources to 50 fourth
grade teachers through implementation of the Eglin Long-Horn of Nightshade County
tobacco prevention education materials into their classrooms. Science lessons that include
hands on activities will be developed to correlate with the Eglin Long-Horn of Nightshade
County materials. In addition, booster trainings will be provided for 30 sixth grade science
teachers in the anti-smoking curriculum resource Science, Tobacco & You. Next Generation
Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) for health education and science will be imbedded in the
training modules and covered during the trainings. Teacher trainings are expected to
impact at least 6,500 students. Trainings to include: tobacco prevention education,
decision–making, goal-setting, use of tobacco products on the systems of the body,
classroom activities, NGSSS, and utilization of technology.

Contact: Laura Hill, lhill@pasco.k12.fl.us

St. Johns
The Tobacco Prevention and Intervention Teacher Training Continuation Project – Year III,
will allow St. Johns County to continue to provide schools with resources to integrate
tobacco prevention education through science. Approximately 14 sixth-grade science
teachers at six middle schools will be trained to use a health/science lab to integrate
tobacco prevention through experiments and interactive district developed lessons. A
specific section of the training will be dedicated to the Next Generation Sunshine State
Standards (NGSSS) for health education and the importance of meeting these standards
associated with their project. Additionally, 25 teachers at two elementary schools will
receive a booster training to ensure continued integration of tobacco prevention education
in the lab for students in grades three-five. As a result of these trainings, about 1,581
students will be impacted by the project. Trainings to include: tobacco prevention
education, district developed lessons integrated through science, use of the health/science
lab, and the NGSSS.

Contact: Leslie Shugart, shugarl@stjohns.k12.fl.us

                         Contact: Office of Healthy Schools
                          325 West Gaines Street, Suite 444
                               Tallahassee, FL 32399

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