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					           Board of Directors

 The Board of Directors of Dayton School            English, Spanish, government and world           Dayton School District No. 2
 District, Dayton, Washington is committed              history as well as several advance
   to seeking an outstanding Principal in           placement classes. Many extra-curricular
            Secondary Education                    activities are available including basketball,
                                                    volleyball, soccer, football, cross country
            Steve Martin - Chair                   baseball, softball, golf, track, drama, Future
          Dave Bailey – Vice-Chair                    Business Leaders of America, Future
          Tamara Fritze - Member                           Farmers of America and more.
        Marchand Hovrud - Member
         Joseph Huether - Member
                                                              Application Process
          Administrative Office
                                                   Information and complete application
Doug Johnson– Superintendent                       materials may be obtained by contacting
Paula Moisio - Business Manager                    Jana Eaton, at the Dayton School District            An Invitation to Apply
Jana Eaton - Administrative Asst/Accounts          509-382-2543.
                                                   A completed application should include
                                                            the following items:
The Dayton School District complies with
federal rules and regulations and does not         1. A letter of application stating interest and
discriminate on the basis of race, color,             qualifications.                                     Position Opening:
national origin, gender, or disability.            2. A completed District application form.
                                                   3. A current resume.

           Dayton High School
                                                   4. Three (3) current letters of reference.            Secondary Principal
The high school building was constructed in                 March 26, 2010 3:00 p.m.
 1923 and extensively renovated in 1985.
     Dayton High School was the first                    Send all application materials to:
 established high school in the Territory of           Jana Eaton, Administrative Assistant
    Washington. Current enrollment is                      Dayton School District No. 2
   approximately 177 students. Student                        609 S Second Street
motivation is a high priority resulting in a low               Dayton, WA 99328
  drop out rate with a high percentage of                         509-382-2543
   students going on to post secondary
                                                                                                      Dayton School District is an equal
  education. Curriculum offerings include                                                                  opportunity employer.
basic math through pre-calculus, sciences,
                                            Responsible for the administration
         Mission Statement                   of the full range of extra-curricular                    Salary
                                            Responsible for the administration
 The mission of the Dayton School                                                    Benefits include health, dental, vision,
                                             of student attendance, conduct and
  District is to provide all students                                                and retirement.
                                             health services
 with the power to achieve personal         Interprets the school's program to
               excellence.                   the community and enlists the           Salary range: Based on Qualifications &
                                             participation of the community in       Experience
                                             school life                             Basic Contract: 210 days per year which
              Job Goal:                                                              Twelve days of annual sick leave with
                                                                                     compensation for illness, injury and
Through leadership, supervisory,            Maintains effective lines of            emergencies. Such unused leave shall
and administrative skills to promote         communication between community         accumulate from year to year.
the total educational development            and school
of each student in the assigned             Promotes and participates in the
school                                       ongoing improvement of the school
                                             community                               Provided with at lease the same fringe
                                            Keeps the superintendent's office       benefits as are provided other
                                             reasonably informed about school        certificated employees of the district
                                             activities and forwards required        Membership dues paid for AWSP and
                                             reports                                 NASSP
 Administer the school and all facets      Actively participates in the district
  of its instructional program                                                       Two days of personal leave per year.
                                             budget building process                 Unused personal leave may accumulate
 Through leadership, supervisory,          Responsible for the administration
  and administrative skills to promote                                               to four days, or a maximum of two days
                                             of the school's budgetary process
  the total educational development                                                  shall be compensated at the substitute
                                            Keeps abreast of and contributes to
  of each student in the assigned                                                    teacher rate per eight hour day at the
                                             trends, developments, and research
  school                                                                             end of each work year.
                                             as they pertain to education and
 Interprets and implements board            school operation
  policies and administrative               Exercises decisive and intelligent      Contract provision: A contract will be
  regulations as they relate to the high     leadership in crisis situations         negotiated with salary and benefits
  school or middle school                   Be an active contributing member of     dependent upon education and
 Supervises the school staff,               the superintendent's advisory           experience commensurate with other
  providing assistance and making            council                                 districts of similar size in Washington.
  necessary observations and                Cooperates with college and
  evaluations of teaching performance        university officials regarding
 Assist in the recruiting, screening,       teaching, training, and preparation                  Qualifications
  training, hiring and assigning of         Performs any other reasonable
  school staff                               assignments as directed by the           A valid teaching and administrative
 Responsible for the administration         superintendent                            credential
  of the school's pupil personnel
 Minimum of a masters degree from
  an accredited institution
 Minimum of five years teaching
  experience at the level assigned
 Minimum of one year administrative
  experience or its equivalent

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