CIVE 3204 Introduction to Structural Design by bfk20410


									                       Carleton University
        Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

       CIVE 3204 Introduction to Structural Design
                  2008 Fall
                                                                        Hours per Week
                                                                        Lecture Lab/P.A.
                                                                          3       3/2

Week      Topic
1-2       Building Systems and Structural Form

             •   Structural form, linear members, planar systems, shell structures,
                 tension structures.
             •   Types of buildings
             •   Structural framing for buildings, industrial buildings, multistorey

3-4       Design Philosophy and Design Process

             •   limit states design
             •   codes and standards
             •   design process
             •   loads, load combinations and load factors

5-6       Dead and Live Loads

             •   use and occupancy
             •   tributary area
             •   live load reduction factor

7-8       Snow, Ice and Rain Loads

             •   basic snow load, accumulation, drift
             •   load distribution and combinations
             •   ponding

9-10      Wind Loads

             •   reference velocity pressure
              •   load distribution and statically equivalent forces

11-12      Earthquake Loads

              •   objectives of earthquake-resistant design
              •   seismic regionalization
              •   evaluation and distribution of lateral seismic forces.

Required Texts

   1. National Building Code of Canada, 2005, National Research Council of Canada,
   2. (Supplement to the National Building Code of Canada, 2005) User's Guide - NBC
      2005 Structural Commentaries (Part 4), National Research Council of Canada,

Reference Texts

   1. Handbook of Steel Construction, 2007. Canadian Institute of Steel Construction,
      9th Edition.
   2. Pillai and Kirk, 1999. Reinforced Concrete Design in Canada, 3rd Edition,
      McGraw Hill.
   3. Kulak and Grondin, 2006. Limit States Design in Structural Steel, CISC.
   4. CSA Standard S16-01. Limit States Design of Steel Structures.
   5. CSA Standard CAN-A23.3-04. Design of Concrete Structures.

Marking Scheme

        Assignments                           25%
        Mid-Term examination, 29 October 2008 25%
        Final Examination                     50%
        Total                                100%


        Professor D.T. Lau, 3436ME

Teaching Assistant
        F. Fazileh
        M. Mahoutian

D.T. Lau, 2 September 2008

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