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									     WHO                              WHAT                      HIGH DEFINITION CAMERA OPTIONS ON SITE
                                                                •   HD Ikegami Studio HDK79E
• TV Networks                     • TV Shows and Films          •   HD Sony F35 Cameras
• Ad Agencies                     • Infomercials and Docu-      •   HD P2 Systems
• Producers of TV Commercials       mercials                    •   Red One Camera System
• Film Directors                  • Corporate Videos and
• Public Relations and Investor     Events                      EQUIPMENT LIST /STUDIO TOUR
 Relations Firms                  • Red carpet events           • Four Sound Stages (A, B, C and Studio 8000)
• Entertainment Companies         • DVDs and Documentaries      • Lighting grid
• Meeting and Event Planners      • Internet Streaming Videos   • Central Machine Room with Shading/QC Room
• Fortune 500 Companies           • Documentaries               • VO Booths
• Record Labels                   • Pilots and Trailers         • Green screen cyclorama
                                  • Satellite Media Tours       • HD broadcast switcher – Sony MVS8000
                                  • Music Videos                • Fiber-optic connectivity from stages to CMR
                                  • Pilots                      • Miranda Kaleidoscope monitor wall
                                                                  Control rooms for multi-camera & Live to Tape recording
                                                                  Post-production suites wired directly to studios for real time          MARK7 STUDIOS
                                                                  editing                                                                   HIGH DEFINITION BROADCAST
                                                                • 126 tons of silent HVAC
                                                                • Digital (non-linear) editing suites                                          PRODUCTION CENTER
                                                                • Audio suites
                                                                • 3 ETC Sensor dimmer racks w/ 144 20 amp circuits
                                                                  & 24 50 amp circuits in Stage A; 79 20
                                                                  amp circuits & 9 50 Amp circuits in Stage B                                        201.537.9700
                                                                • 6 lighting stations
                                                                • ETC lighting board                                                                888.MARK7-08
                                                                • Final output to most HD formats including 1080i,                   
                                                                  720p, & 24p, plus live web streaming
                                                                • Live satellite and fiber optic broadcasting
                                                                • Additional capabilities include several stage sets, virtual sets           24 Meadowlands Parkway
                                                                   from Mark7 Studios’ next generation, live multi-casts and                    Secaucus, NJ 07094
LOCATION                                                           motion capture production.
Located just off Rt 3 and the NJ Turnpike. The Garden           • Scissor lifts in StageA and StageB
State Pkwy, Rt 17, 46, 1 & 9 and arteries to I-80, I-95 and     • 45 foot boom lift
I-280 are easily accessible. The building is within
minutes of Manhattan and Newark International                   AMENITIES
                                                                • Breakfast and Complementary lunch buffets
Airport. Teterbolo Airort is within 4 miles of the building.
                                                                • Wardrobe and Changing rooms
                                                                • Over 15,000 sft of Production offices with High speed
DRIVING DIRECTIONS                                                 internet access, Conference rooms
                                                                • Set construction and & Storage facility
From Manhattan: Lincoln Tunnel, Route 3 West, exit at
                                                                • Dressing rooms with make-up bays
Meadowlands Pkwy, left at end of ramp, studio on left           • Scenic shop w/ multiple fly-walls, flats & scenic props
before the light.                                               • Free Wi-Fi service
From New Jersey: Route 3 East, exit right at Meadow-            • Green rooms & Holding areas
lands Pkwy, right turn bottom of ramp, studio is on right       • Luxury private suites with showers                                 Increasing YOUR revenues and business expansion
side.                                                           • Industrial Kitchen
                                                                                                                                     through HDTV Broadcast, Live Webcast
                                                                • Party Hall with View and bar
PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION                                           • Parking for over 100 vehicles and trucking                         Entertainment Center and advanced HD Video
From Port Authority: Bus 190 or 129 to Crowne Plaza             • Roof-top shooting space with view to Manhattan                     Online Distribution platform, Mark7 Studios
stop. Walk to studios.                                          • Vocal Booths and Warm-up rooms                                     complex is your strategic production and
From Penn Station: Secaucus Junction (First train stop)         • 24 Hours CCTV and Security                                         entertainment Destination.
shuttle or taxi-ride to studios.                                • Load-in bay with street level access
                                                                                                                                     • RENTALS • CO-PRODUCTIONS • PARTNERSHIPS • DISTRIBUTION
                                                                • Vending machines
                                                                  Loading Dock
WHY MARK7 STUDIOS?                                                  Studio A                                  Studio C
FULL SERVICE PRODUCTION FACILITIES                                  (level 1)                                 (level 2)
The Newly Upgraded Mark7 Studios Production Center:                 • 42 x 46
Built by the engineers who designed the studios for NBC’s           • Drivein Access                           25 x 27
“Tonight Show” and the Lucas Film facilities, Mark7 is one          • 144 20amp dimmers
of the advanced vertically integrated, High Definition ven-         • 24 50amp dimmers
                                                                                                                Green Screen
                                                                    • ETC Sensor Racks
ues on the East Coast, with live transmission capabilities.
                                                                    • 17’ 2 to Grid

EASILY ACCESSIBLE                                                   • 3 Curtain Tracks
                                                                    • 30’ Ceiling
The Closest Studio to Manhattan: Three miles from the               • RTS Intercom                     • News/Webcast Studio
Lincoln Tunnel, also accessible via the Holland Tunnel and                                                                                 Control Room
                                                                    • 2 Lighting Stations              • Green Screen Wall
the George Washington Bridge, our location is less than               w/ DMX & ETC Net
fifteen minutes from mid-town Manhattan.                              Lighting Control
Studio is near hotels, restaurants, transportation, skilled
labor, major equipment houses & catering, within
proximity to Giants Stadium, Newark Airport, Teterboro
airport, Northern New Jersey & Meadowlands Xanadu,                                               • 79 20amp dimmers
Mark7 Studios is a practical alternative to Manhattan that                                       • 9 50 amp dimmers
also serves as an extension to the epicenters of NYC Media          Studio B                    • Chroma Key Green Screen                                          Stu
                                                                                                                                                                    Studio A
                                                                                                 • ETC Sensor Rack
businesses.                                                         (level 1)
                                                                                                 • 17’ 2 to Grid
                                                                       26 x 35                   • 3 Curtain Tracks
Major TV networks– including CNBC and Univision TV/                                              • 30’ Ceiling
Channel 41, have operated here 24/7 for over twenty years                                        • RTS Intercom
for live television broadcasting, producing multiple shows       Cyclorama                       • 1 Lighting Station w/ DMX
at a time. The facility is perfect for multi-camera prodution,                                     & ETC Net Lighting Control
news & sports casts, commercials, motion picture & single
camera productions, PR and corporate video.
                                                                                                                                Studio B
With 20% NJ tax credits both above and below the line,
coupled with our attractive discounted rates.                                    Studio 8000
                                                                                 (level 3)
You can rent our HD studios facilities.
                                                                                 • 80 x 100
CO-PRODUCTIONS                                                                   • 14 feet to grid
You can co-produce with us in TV shows, Film Productions                         • 70 20amp circuits
and Events.
DISTRIBUTION AND PARTNERSHIPS                                                                                  Moveable Stage

You can partner with us in new HDTV channels develop-
ment, programming, productions and broadcast. We have
satellite uplink and downlink, domestic and international
satellite TV content distribution systems and real-time HD
Video Online distribution systems.                                                                                                                           dio
                                                                                                                                                            udi 000
                                                                                                                                                          Studio 8000
                                                                                                                                                          Studio 8000

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