BiCOM Obtains FDA Approval For Tonometer Diaton, Unique Tonometry by bfk20410


									BiCOM Obtains FDA Approval For Tonometer Diaton, Unique
Tonometry Through Eyelid

BiCOM Inc. reveals an advanced transpalpebral Diaton tonometer. Diaton Tonometry is
a unique approach to measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) THROUGH THE EYELID -
non-contact (no contact with the cornea), no anesthesia or sterilization is required.
BiCOM's pen-like, hand-held, portable device is perfect for measuring eye pressure and
helps ophthalmologists and optometrists in diagnosis and prevention of blindness caused
by glaucoma. This ophthalmic device is irreplaceable for mass glaucoma screenings.

This new transpalpebral methodology has received the Gold Medal at the International
Exhibition of Innovation Research and New Technology - "Brussels Eureca" & the Gold
Medal at the International Exhibition of Research and new Technology in Geneva.
Portability, safety and simplicity make Tonometer Diaton ideal for a wide range of
applications: for mass screening of the population, at the patient's bedside, in geriatrics
homes, in children hospitals, for the military and for home use.

Says Mr. Boris Kun, President of BiCOM Inc: "Diaton tonometer is a revolutionary
device and signifies a new stage in Optometry and Ophthalmology!"

Tonometer Diaton is the perfect solution in the following cases when the use of other
devices is problematic or impossible:

--mass prophylactic screening of patients;
--IOP control during clinical observation of glaucoma patients;
--ortoclinostatical probe, as an additional test to diagnose glaucoma and during select the
adequate hypotensive therapy;
ophthalmotone monitoring (even at night time);
--IOP measuring during contact correction (lenses are not taken out)
--IOP measuring in immobilized patients;
--IOP measuring in children.
--on patients with the following conditions: chronic conjunctivitis, cornea pathology,
including keratitis, keratotone, cornea dimness, after penetrating keratoplastics,
keratoprosthesis, laser refractive correction of the eyesight, high degree of ametropy,
--on patients with medicinal allergies;
--Lasik/ PRK (recent clinical trials have proved that Diaton is the only device that can be
used for IOP measurement right after these surgeries)

Diaton tonometer is a perfect device for mass screenings for glaucoma for any age group.
Undiagnosed and untreated, glaucoma can cause blindness. Glaucoma is the leading
cause of blindness in all age groups - from babies to senior citizens. Everyone needs to
get diagnosed to preserve eyesight.

Besides determining the potential for glaucoma onset, Tonometer Diaton can also be used
for monitoring treatment effectiveness throughout the day. Unlike other tonometers,
Diaton can be used repeatedly during the day with no effect on the eye.

Tonometer Diaton was developed and manufactured by Ryazan State Instrument-Making
Enterprise of the Russian Federation. Diaton is manufactured in compliance with the ISO
9001 and ISO 13488 certificates. Tonometer Diaton also has the CE mark certificate
which ensures conformity with all applicable European directives and requirements.

During the development period, the trials were being carried out under the direction of
the Head of Ophthalmology Department of the Russian State Medical University, a
member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and a Senior member of the
Glaucoma Society of the International Congress of Ophthalmology - professor Arcady. P.

Obtained by BiCOM Inc., U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance now
allows to market and sell Diaton tonometer in the territory of the US.

BiCOM Inc. covers the full scope of customer service, which involves client training,
follow ups, hotline support, sales support, etc. To get more information on the device or
to make a purchase, visit the official website - or call
BiCOM at the toll free number 1-877-diatons (877.342.8667).

About BiCOM Inc.

BiCOM, with its 15 years of tradition and global clientele, has proven to be the enterprise
of the highest level of professionalism, integrity and financial solvency. A unique team of
engineers, medical, legal and business experts makes BiCOM Inc. the right place for
global talent to find support and guidance. BiCOM Inc. sees its mission in bringing to
market innovative products developed and manufactured worldwide.

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