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									                             PROGRAMME IN DISASTER MANAGEMENT                           CURRICULUM

                             The Centre for Public Administration and                   The Programme consists of the following eight (8)

  Centre for Public          Management       in   partnership with Disaster
                             Management Solutions (DMS) offers a Programme

                                                                                        MODULE ONE: INTRODUCTION                   DISASTER
 Administration and          in Disaster Management which consists of 8
                             modules. The content of the Programme is based             MANAGEMENT. DPDM01K

Management (CePAM)           on the National Disaster Management Framework
                             and Disaster Management Act as well as                         Overview of Disaster Management
                                                                                            Disasters & Development
                             international good practice.                                   Disaster Preparedness
       in association with                                                                  History, Policy & Legislation
                                            COURSE OBJECTIVES
                                                                                        MODULE TWO: INSTITUTIONAL CAPACITY
                             The principal aim of this course is to train individuals   DPDM02L
                             in public and private institutions in various issues
                             relating to Disaster Management. Special emphasis
                                                                                            Policy, Direction, Planning and Funding
                             is placed on the specific disaster profile of each             Disaster Management Responsibilities
                             region/province and issues relating to vulnerability           Joint Consultation and Cooperation
                             and risk assessment, prevention, mitigation,                   Disaster Management Centre
                             preparedness, rehabilitation and reconstruction and            Communication and Information Management
                             relevant legislation.
       Programme in                                                                     MODULE THREE: RISK ASSESSMENT AND
  Disaster Management                       WHO SHOULD ENROL?                           MONITORING. DPDM03M

            2009             The different certificates are tailor-made for people
                             working in the field of disaster, risk and emergency
                                                                                            Risk Assessment
                                                                                            Risk Profile
Qualification code: 72532    management in either the Public (all spheres of
                             government) or Private Sector such as:
                                                                                            Risk Monitoring
                                                                                            Dissemination of Information
                                                                                            Quality Control
                             •   Disaster and risk managers
                             •   Development officials
                             •   Departmental line-functions                            MODULE FOUR: RISK REDUCTION PLANNING AND
                             •   Paramedics                                             IMPLEMENTATION. DPDM04N
                             •   107 Centre personnel
                             •   Fire Department personnel                                  Planning
                                                                                            Defining and prioritising projects
                             •   Police officers
                                                                                            Scoping and development of risk reduction plans,
                             •   Health officials                                           Projects and Programmes
                             •   Traffic and municipal security personnel                   Integration into IDP's
                             •   Town Planners                                              Implementing Projects
                             •   NGO’s
                             •   CBO’s                                                  MODULE FIVE: OPERATIONAL RESPONSE AND
                             •   Private security and rescue companies                  RECOVERY. DPDM05P
                             •   Councillors
                                                                                            Preparedness and Early Warning System
                             For those planning a career in risk and disaster               Disaster Assessment, Declaration Process    and
                             management, there is no better starting point than             Mobilisations
                             the Programme in Disaster Management at UNISA's                Disaster Response
                                                                                            Disaster Recovery
                             Centre for Public Administration and Management.               Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
MODULE SIX: EDUCATION, TRAINING AND                                         EVALUATION                            •   Cancellation fee will amount to R1000.00 per
AWARENESS. DPDM06Q                                                                                                    module
                                                         •    Two (2) compulsory assignments for each             •   For student registrations outside RSA:
     Disaster Awareness                                       module must be submitted and count 10% of                    In Africa, an additional fee of R330.00 per
     Non accredited Training and Education Programmes         the final mark                                               module will be payable
     Accredited Education and Training Programmes                                                                          International students, an additional fee of
     Media Relationship Management                       •    One compulsory portfolio of evidence for each                R660.00 per module, will be payable
     Establishing Mechanisms for Research, Information        module to be submitted for assessment               •   Certificates will only be issued upon full
     Provision and an Advisory Service                        purposes which counts 90% of the final mark             settlement of outstanding accounts

MODULE SEVEN: MONITORING EVALUATION AND                      STRUCTURE     AND   TRAINING APPROACH                BANK PARTICULARS (Please note that you need your
IMPROVEMENT. DPDM07R                                                                                              student number BEFORE you can deposit/transfer any
                                                         There are no examinations for this course. Students
     Performance Audits, Self-Assessments and Peer       need to submit two (2) compulsory assignments per        Bank                    :    ABSA
     Reviews                                             module. A pass mark of 50% is required for each          Account name            :    Unisa
     Monitoring of Incidents and Significant Events      module. Students also need to submit a compulsory        Account No.             :    4048746711
     Exercises and Drills                                portfolio of evidence per module for which a pass        Branch code             :    630345
     Annual Reporting and Report Writing                                                                          Account type            :    Cheque
                                                         mark of 50% is required before a competency
     Maintenance and Improvement                                                                                  Deposit Ref             : student number 3830X74764
                                                         certificate can be awarded.
MODULE EIGHT: MANAGEMENT.                                                                                         Example:
                                                         Every available instruction method is employed to
DPDM08S                                                  present learners with a value adding training         0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0           3 8 3 0 x 7 4 7 6 4
     Programme and Project Management
     Financial Management
                                                             An adult learning environment                        Fax a copy of the deposit slip to:
                                                             Contact sessions
            ENROLMENT INFORMATION                            Practice and skills orientation                      Suzan Mothibi +27 11 471 3568
                                                             Sound academic grounding
•   Please submit your registration form, a copy of          Acknowledgement of existing competencies
    your ID and a copy of your Senior Certificate, N4        Innovative presentation techniques
                                                                                                                  CONTACT INFORMATION:
    or equivalent qualification in order to obtain a         Ongoing evaluation and time-constrained
    student number                                           evaluation                                           Contact any of the following persons for
                                                             Assignments and portfolio of evidence                more information:
•   First registration period: 26 June to 17 July 2009       Self study
•   Second registration period: December 2009 to
    January 2010
                                                                                                                 • Ms Suzan Mothibi, Tel. (011) 471-3236
                                                         • Please note that you need your student number
               DURATION OF COURSE                          BEFORE you can deposit/transfer any fees.
                                                         • Each Module cost R1 750.00 which amounts to           • Ms Emelda Pimentel, Tel.(011) 471-3538
The duration of the programme is 12 months open             R7000.00 for 4 modules.                                    pimentee@unisa.ac.za
distance learning.                                       • A minimum of R1000.00 per module is required
                                                           upon registration (R4000.00 for 4 modules)             WEBSITE
                                                         • The balance of R750.00 per module (R3000.00)
                                                            must be settled before the end of the semester.       http://www.unisa.ac.za/cepam
                                                         • Total fees for the 8 modules amounts to
The pass rate is 50% for each of the modules.              R14,000.00
                                                         • Payment modes are cash deposits at ABSA
                                                           bank and/or Internet transfers

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