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					qiWorkbench – an extensible open-source platform for seismic interpretation

                     Gil Hansen*, Gilbert.Hansen@bhpbilliton.com
                   Mike Glinsky, Michael.E.Glinsky@bhpBillition,.com

                         BHP Billiton Petroleum (Americas) Inc.


BHP Billiton Petroleum is developing an extensible open-source geoscience workbench in
Java called the qiWorkbench. The architecture supports multiple virtual desktops. Each
desktop can have multiple interacting applications active at once where an application may
be a 2D seismic viewer, a 3D seismic viewer, a Well Log viewer, client-side or server-side
IO and job services, an XML editor, core plugins and commercial plugins. The software is
freely available at qiworkbench.org.

The workbench comes with 4 core plugins: Amplitude Extraction, Wavelet Derivation,
Delivery Lite and Spectral Decomposition. The workbench can be extended by 3rd party
plugins. Such plugins can interact via commands with other active applications and build
upon core IO and job services. The command set may be extended to accommodate new
forms of interaction.

Seismic data and horizon data from multiple vendors is handled by defining a common
seismic format (CSF) that components operate on. Transformation services are provided
to convert vendor specific data formats to/from CSF. For example, the core Spectral
Decomposition plugin operates transparently on Landmark SeisWorks data. The
workbench can be extended to handle other vendor data formats by implementing
additional transformation services as plugins.