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					                   Professional Fiduciary Association of California
                             15th Annual Educational Conference
                                    Hilton Resort & Spa
                                      San Diego, CA
                                        May 5-7, 2010

Call for Proposals
The Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC) invites you to share your knowledge and experience with
your colleagues and other professionals at our 2010 “Timeless Service. Exceptional Standards” Annual Educational
Conference. We will be accepting proposals that will help us to forward our mission and meet our member
educational and awareness goals.

We welcome your proposal. Please see the back of this letter for subject categories that would be appropriate
for PFAC. Materials and information presented should reflect the ethics and standards of the Professional Fiduciary
Association of California. PFAC does not provide airfare, hotel costs or an honorarium for presenters. Presenters
wishing to attend other aspects of the conference must pay the appropriate registration fee. We do invite presenters to
join us as our guest for the breakfast or lunch closest to their presentation. For more information on PFAC, go to

To submit a presenter proposal, please refer to the guidelines below. Proposals must be submitted to
MeetingWise at the address below by January 15, 2010. Proposals received after this date will be considered on a
space-available basis only. Proposals will be reviewed by the Program Committee and presenters notified of their
acceptance status by January 30, 2010. All selected presenters will be asked to provide written outlines/handouts (10
pages maximum) for their session by April 1, 2010 to be included in the book of handouts at the conference. Each
session will be one hour and fifteen minutes long including Q&A.

Speaker & Proposal Information Forms are included with this letter. Your proposal should include all of the
information requested.

Proposals will be selected by a review committee upon the following criteria:
       1.       Overall quality
       2.       Originality
       3.       CE applicability
       4.       Appropriateness to this program
       5.       The need for a variety of topics

  Send a proposal by January 15, 2010 or call for more information. Electronic proposals preferred. If you don’t have a Word
                              version of this form to type directly into, please contact us for one.

                                         806 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Suite 205
                                             Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
                                          (310) 937-9473/(310) 937-9470 FAX

                     Complete and return attached form if you are interested in making a presentation.
                    We suggest you keep a copy for your records and that you confirm receipt at our end.
                                                 PFAC TOPIC AREAS

PROFESSIONAL FIDUCIARIES BUREAU                                          Probate code and other California legal
REQUIREMENTS                                                              requirements for probate conservatorships of the
Eligible education courses shall include one or more of the              Reading and understanding medical charts
following subject topics:                                                Recognizing and evaluating mental illnesses
                                                                         Regulation of residential care facilities
       Conservatorship
                                                                         Rights of residents and patients in residential,
                                                                          board-and-care, group living and long-term care
       Guardianship                                                      facilities
                                                                         Working with other professionals
       Trust Administration
                                                                  Conservator of the Estate Topic Areas
       Durable Power of Attorney                                     Asset recovery
                                                                      Court accounting
       The California Court System
                                                                      Economics of fiduciary services
                                                                      Elder and dependent adult financial abuse and
       Ethics
                                                                         legal remedies
COURT REQUIREMENTS                                                    Evaluation of investment securities
                                                                      Fiduciary liability
Conservator of the Person Topic Areas                                 Fiduciary office management and technology
    Advance directives and end of life decisions                     Income taxation
    Assessment of living situations                                  Interstate issues in conservatorships of the estate
    Communicating with adults with diminished                        Investment and other advisors for fiduciaries
       capacity                                                       Liability insurance
    Community resources                                              Limited conservatorships of the estate of
    Dementia powers                                                     developmentally disabled adults
    Developmental disabilities                                       Litigation by and against conservators
    Due process in Competency Determinations Act                     Marital and domestic partnership property issues
    Elder and dependent adult abuse or neglect and                      in conservatorships
       legal remedies                                                 Medi-Cal, Supplemental Security Income and
    Evaluation of residential care facilities                           other public benefits
    Family dynamics and conflict resolution                          Medicare and medical insurance
    Home care of adults with diminished capacity                     Personal property asset management
    Interstate issues in the conservatorships of the                 Powers of attorney, abuses and remedies
       person                                                         Probate code and other California legal
    Involuntary mental health evaluation and intensive                  requirements for probate conservatorships of the
       treatment for gravely disabled adults                             estate
    Lanterman-Petris-Short conservatorships                          The Prudent Investors Act and authorized
    Limited conservatorships of the person of                           investments by conservators
       developmentally disabled persons                               Real property asset management
    Mandatory reporting requirements for elder and                   Record keeping
       dependent adult abuse                                          Risk management
    Medical decision making by conservator                           Special needs trusts
    Medications for adults with diminished capacity                  Substituted judgment
    Physical and cognitive functional assessments

 Complete the following information. Primary presenter/contact should complete form and
 list additional presenters on page 4. Please complete ALL fields. Phone and email address
      required. Our communication will be through the primary presenter only. You are
                    responsible for keeping your co-presenters in the loop.

                                   SPEAKER INFORMATION

City:                                                       State:                                      Zip:
Phone:                    ________          Fax:            _________         E-mail:
Note: The following information is required in order for PFAC to apply for to offer continuing education credit.

             College/University                            Major                        Degree           Year Degree Granted

Experience: (Start with most recent experience)
          Agency                                Position                       Clinical Area               To        From
                                                                                                         Mo/Yr       Mo/Yr

Teaching/Presenting Experience:
      Title of Course                        Description                         Location                      Month/Year

Briefly describe your professional experience or areas of expertise, which contribute to your particular involvement in this
continuing education activity.

List of names, addresses and phone numbers/email addresses of three people who have witnessed your presentation skills if you
have not spoken at a PFAC conference. One reference person should be a PFAC member if possible.

Please include a maximum 50 word biographical sketch in paragraph form (no resumes or CV’s please). If your session is chosen,
this information will be included in the program.

 I will be inviting the following presenters/panelists and have attached a maximum 50 word biographical sketch in
paragraph form for each.
             Full Name                            Position/Title                               Affiliation

                                               PROPOSAL INFORMATION
What category does your proposal fall into? Please select a track title.

       Ethics                                                                Business/Fiduciary Operations
       Person                                                                Other: _________________________
       Trust/Estate
Proposed topic title: _______________________________________________________________________________
What level of expertise will the presentation target (check all that applies)?
       Beginner           Intermediate              Advanced                   All Levels
What audio-visual equipment would be required/requested: ___________________________________________________
Provide a 25 to 40-word description of the session for the promotional brochure.





Please list the top three learning objectives you have for this session.

1. ________________________________________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________________________________________

 Submit proposal by January 15, 2010 or call for more information: MeetingWise/PFAC, 806 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Suite 205,
                 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, (310) 937-9473/(310) 937-9470 FAX,


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