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									  HotSOS Use Growing Exponentially by
  New York-Based Denihan Hospitality Group
                                 ffinia 50, Affinia Manhattan, and      By receiving seamless and accurate
Owner of Affinia and

   The Benjamin           A      Affinia Dumont hotels, part of
                                 Denihan Hospitality Group
                          (DHG), are spicing up service and giv-
                                                                        guest information that is easily
                                                                        accessed and updated in real-time, we
                                                                        are able to correct issues before they
upscale/luxury brands     ing guests a truely memorable experi-         impact a guest at an accelerating rate.
                          ence due to its expanded use of                 “Up-to-the-minute business intelli-
strives to perfect the    HotSOS (pronounced hot sauce), the            gence enables all departments to
                          state-of-the-art, Internet-based Hotel        work more efficiently,” he said. “We
  guest experience        Service Optimization System from Miami-       depend on HotSOS to better under-
                          based MTech.                                  stand our guests and anticipate or
    with MTech's            “DHG always is looking for new ways to      respond to their requests.”
                          enhance our guest services," said Jeffrey
   Internet-based         Toscano,      Corporate     Director     of   Instant communications
                          Operations for DHG, a New York-based          Here’s how it works: Guest-request
  service-response        hotel ownership and management com-           calls are entered into HotSOS and
                          pany. "HotSOS gives us a clear picture of     then dispatched to the staff member
       system             the top guest issues across all our hotels.   responsible for responding via a
                                                                        wireless device like a pager or cell
                                                                        phone. Then, service orders are
                                                                        automatically updated from the same
                                                                        wireless device. In addition to instant
                                                                        response, HotSOS provides a serv-
                                                                        ice order tracking mechanism, allow-
                                                                        ing for pinpointing recurring service
                                                                           “With HotSOS, we can make certain
                                                                        that our guests’ experiences -- before
                                                                        they arrive, while they are here and
                                                                        even after they leave -- are exception-
                                                                        al,” Toscano said. “The system allows
            THE BENJAMIN,                                               us to look at guest history trends to
            NEW YORK’S ONLY                                             identify past requests and track inci-
            LUXURY                                                      dents to ensure that great stays are
            EXECUTIVE SUITE                                             repeated and those not-so-great
            HOTEL, WILL                                                 never happen again.”
            INSTALL MTECH’S
                                                                          DHG operates two hotel brands,
            HOTSOS BY
                                                                        Affinia Hotels and The Benjamin --
            YEAR END.
                                                                        and each hotel operating under these
                                                                        brands has won a host of prestigious
                                                                        awards for employee service, guest
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   DHG Continued . . .

   relations, management, interior                       if they are to be
   design and more.                                      implemented at a
     There are five upscale Affinia                      DHG hotel.”                                                 HotSOS will help you to know your
   Hotels in prime locations in                            Luis Segredo,                                             guests better, anticipate their needs
   Manhattan and Chicago. The                            President and Co-                                           and give them flawless service, no
   Benjamin, located in mid-town                         Founder of MTech,                                           matter which of your hotels they
   Manhattan, is a 200-room luxury                       said he is thrilled     Luis Segredo                        check into.
   hotel that attracts both business                     that HotSOS was selected by                                 HotSOS offers you . . .
   and leisure travelers. DHG also                       DHG.
                                                                                                                     ? Enterprise-Wide Guest History
   manages several independent                              “DHG hotels are known for their
                                                                                                                     ? Intelligent Guest Arrivals Matching
   hotels in Manhattan and                               top-quality accommodations and
                                                                                                                     ? Powerful, Proactive Response Engine
   Washington, D.C.                                      the highest standards of prompt,
     HotSOS is planned to be                             personal guest services," Segredo                           ? Built-In Brand Standards
   installed at the Afffinia Chicago,                    said. "This partnership between                             ? Fully Internet-Based System
   Affinia Shelburne, Affinia Gardens                    MTech and DHG serves as yet                                 ? Service Delivery and Recovery
   and The Benjamin later this year.                     another case-in-point of what                               ?Automated Quality Inspections
                                                         we've been seeing since we intro-                           ? Property Process Improvement
   Future Integration                                    duced HotSOS two years ago:
   “HotSOS has become the corner-                        Smart hotel companies looking to
   stone on which any future sys-                        offer the very best in guest service
   tems will be considered,” Toscano                     --and thereby boosting guest satis-
   said. “Whether we decide to pur-                      faction and rate of return business
   chase a new PMS or look for new                       -- turn to HotSOS."                                          PMWorks will help hotels standard-
   channel partners for an e-market-                        Toscano agreed: "We're pleased                            ize and automate their preventive
   ing initiative, the solutions must                    to be working with MTech and have                            maintenance program, giving guests
   successfully interface to HotSOS                      developed a great relationship.”                             a better initial experience. Best of all,
                                                                                                                      PMWorks and HotSOS are sold as a
                                                                                                                      subscription service. That means that
                                                                                                                      your hotels are just a flat monthly fee
                                                                                                                      away from better guest knowlege and
                                                                                                                      more outstanding stays!
                                                                                                                     PMWorks offers you . . .
                     WITH MORE THAN                                                                                  ? Improved Asset Life
                     500 SUITES, THE                                                                                 ? Thorough Safety Checks
                     AFFINIA                                                                                         ? Time-saving PM Processes
                     MANHATTAN IS A
                     PROUD HOTSOS                                                                                  For more information on HotSOS or
                     USER. IT’S ALSO
                                                                                                                   other MTech quality management and
                     AFFINIA’S LARGEST
                     HOTEL AND THE
                                                                                                                   workflow automation products including
                     LARGEST ALL-                                                                                  Espresso!, contact Alberto Santana at
                     SUITE HOTEL IN                                                                                (305) 256-0429 or email him at: asan-
                     NEW YORK CITY.                                                                      

                                                              About MTech
                                                                Since 1993, MTech has developed and installed solutions to help hotels work smarter - not harder. The company
                                                                has recently doubled its client base to more than 1,500 hotels with the introduction of HotSOS (pronounced "hot
                                                                sauce") - comprising a suite of Internet-enabled, enterprise-level quality and customer relationship management
                                                                applications available on a subscription basis. The company's Espresso! client-server, site-based quality manage-
ment software suite and PM-Works Internet-based preventive maintenance-centric solution (also integrated as a subset of HotSOS) have been market leaders for more than a
decade. MTech's solutions are uniquely positioned and proven to help hotels improve communications, increase productivity, and maximize guest satisfaction. Unique tele-
phone, email and alphanumeric paging interfaces improve overall workflow and communication between departments and streamline data collection and dispatching processes.
Production, sales, pre-installation, and ongoing world-class service and support are provided from the company's headquarters in Miami. For more information on the company,
please visit

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