TV684E ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA

1.  How did Anthony surprise Pompey?
    a. By coming to Rome       b. By hiding in a closet         c. By wearing a mask

2.  Who did Anthony agree to marry?
    a. Pompey           b. Cleopatra             c. Octavia

3.  What happened to Mark Anthony’s first wife?
    a. she died        b. she was institutionalized             c. she ran away with another man

4.  What did Cleopatra try to do to the messenger?
    a. poison him         b. kill him           c. make him laugh

5.  How many ships does Cleopatra have?
    a. 6        b. 60         c. 160

6.  Mark Anthony was once a General where?
    a. Italy           b. Greece           c. Rome

7.  What happens to Mark Anthony?
    a. He stabs himself       b. he jumps from a building               c. He leaves the country

8.  What does Cleopatra allow the snakes to do to her?
    a. crawl on her legs        b. sleep with her               c. bite her

9.  Mark Anthony orders his ships to do what?
    a. Follow Cleopatra’s ships         b. Fire at each other           c. Sail to another sea

10. Cleopatra could rule as Queen of Egypt if she did what?
    a. Sold her ships            b. Killed Mark Anthony                 c. Ate snakes

11. Mark Anthony thinks that Cleopatra has done what?
    a. ran away         b. disguised herself          c. killed herself

                                                                                                   Answer Key
                                                                                                 1. a    2. c
                                                                                                 3. a    4. b
                                                                                                 5. b    6. c
                                                                                                 7. a    8. c
                                    English Division                                             9. a    10. b
                                     800-583-6454                                                11. c
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                                                                                             THEN DUPLICATE

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