Iris Show Entry Card Instructions by htt39969


									                           IRIS SHOW ENTRY CARD
               For All Horticulture, Seedlings, Design, & Educational Entries
      Division...will depend on which category you are entering:
          I. Horticulture (Individual Named Iris),
         II. Youth Horticulture,
         III. Seedlings,
         IV. Design, or
         V. Educational.
                  See (link) Sample Show Schedule for the different divisions.
      Section...will depend on which Division you are entering (Youth write Y– their age):
         In Division I. & II. the horticultural divisions, Sections A-G are the type of single
                  iris stalk you are entering; for example, tall bearded, spuria, historical, etc.
                  Section H. is the English Box and in Section I. are the collections or groups
                  of iris.
         In Division III. the single iris stalks are all seedlings. Youth will mark Y-their age.
         In Division IV. the sections are just 1. Adult & 2. Youth.
      Group...will depend on which Division & Section you are entering.
         In Division I. & II.; Sections A., C., D., F., G., & H. there are no Groups. But in
                  Division I. & II.; Sections B., E., & I.; there are Groups 1.-5. that depend on
                  which type of iris or how many in your group of iris that you enter.
                  See (link) Sample Show Schedule for the different groups.
         In Division IV. Sections 1. & 2. the groups will be the different design themes and
                  there may be up to 8 groups, depending on the show schedule. the same as Group in our shows.
      Variety...this is where you write the name of the iris you are entering, or the number
                  of the seedling, or the names of the iris in your collection, or the Title of
                  your Design, or the title of your Educational Display.
      Exhibitor & Address...this is your name and complete address. It is easy and fast to
                  use the return address labels that everyone sends to you for a donation.
      Award Boxes...ignore these, as they will be used by the judges when scoring your
Note there is a dotted line. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE INFORMATION AT
THE BOTTOM ALSO… put the same information here as in the top of the form. This
part will be folded up after it is checked by the committee that takes the entries, and when
folded it will cover your name and address on the top part of the form. Then when judging
is finished, the bottom portion is torn off and used for calculating the higher awards.

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