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Why should I choose VET


									Is VET the right option for you?                     What is VET?                                           How can you study VET?

 Answer these simple questions to find out.          VET stands for vocational education and training.       You can study VET as part of an Authority subject
                                                     VET courses are developed by industry.                  or an Authority-registered subject or simply as a
 When do you enjoy learning?
                                                                                                             course on its own.
                                                     Participating in a VET course allows you to gain the
 a  When I am reading and writing about things.
                                                     knowledge and skills necessary to meet industry         Some schools provide students with the
 b  When I am reading, writing and doing            standards.                                              opportunity to enrol in VET courses by attending a
     practical (hands on) tasks.                                                                             TAFE institute or other training organisation. The
                                                     Most VET courses offered by schools are at levels 1
                                                                                                             range of VET qualifications offered is huge but you
 Where would you prefer to learn?                    or 11 – the qualifications you need if you are just
                                                                                                             may have to pay for some courses.
                                                     entering the workforce.
 a  In a classroom at school.
                                                                                                             The School-based Apprenticeship and Traineeship
                                                     There are many VET courses in different industry
 b  In the classroom and in the workplace.                                                                  (SAT) program allows you to gain a VET
                                                     areas – such as building and construction,
                                                                                                             qualification and do paid work in a traineeship or
 What qualifications or awards do you want           hospitality, automotive, tourism, business and lots
                                                                                                             apprenticeship area while you are still at school
 when you finish Year 12?                            more.
                                                                                                             studying for your Senior Certificate.
 a  I want a Senior Certificate and maybe a         VET courses are recognised Australia-wide.
                                                                                                             The type of VET you study will depend on what
     Tertiary Entrance Statement.                                                                            your school offers, so talk to your guidance officer
 b  I want a Senior Certificate, maybe a Tertiary                                                           about the range of VET qualifications available to
     Entrance Statement and industry-recognised                                                              you.
     certificates that are accepted all over
 If you answered ‘b’ to one or more of these
 questions, then VET could be for you.

                                                                                    … it’s
                                                                                  possible for
                                                                              students to gain                                               … students
                                                                           VET qualifications in                                          can gain a VET
                       … studying VET in                                                                                              qualification in
                     school can lead to                                                                                            furnishing?
                 many different
VET pathways                                             The benefits of studying VET

 Having VET qualifications can lead to many different
                                                           VET can help you move from school to work.
 careers and jobs.                                          It can help you get a job while still at
                                                              school or after you leave school.
 For example, you can do a Certificate 1 in
                                                            Most VET courses are very hands-on. If

 Hospitality at school, then go onto TAFE to do a
                                                              you are the sort of person who learns by

 hospitality administration course, before starting
 work in a large international hotel. Later, you could        doing, you will probably enjoy this type of
 do some part-time business studies at TAFE or                course.
 university.                                                VET encourages learning in the workplace
 A school-based traineeship or apprenticeship in the
                                                              – for example, through work experience.
                                                              In this way you can get a good
                                                                                                                I choose
 automotive industry can lead you straight into a job
 in the industry. You may later decide to do a degree         understanding of what a job is like before
 course in engineering at a university.                       you start working.

What is the link between VET and
tertiary entrance?
 Will I still be able to get an OP if I do VET?
 Yes, it is possible to study VET and also be eligible
 for an OP – for example:
    You could choose to study a VET Authority                                … you can gain
     subject as one or more of the subjects you
                                                                            a VET qualification
     have to study to be OP eligible. There are
     currently four Authority subjects that have                         in engineering?
     some VET components in them.

 If I am not OP eligible, can I still apply for
 tertiary study?
 Yes, your achievements in VET, including a
 completed SAT, may contribute to a selection rank
 used by some universities and TAFEs.

 Whom should I talk to about VET and
 tertiary entrance?
 Your guidance officer is the best person to talk to
 about the part VET can play in tertiary entrance.                                Vocational Education
                                                                                 and Training in Schools
                                                                               Senior Phase of Learning Team
                                                                                                                       Queensland: The Smart State
                                                                                   Education Queensland

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