Alpha Box Project Guidelines

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					                            Alpha Box Project Guidelines
The culminating activity and assessment for your individual survival novel is to create an alpha
project that represents the survival novel you read at home.

Please follow these guidelines and check the rubric to make sure you have all of the necessary
Find a word or phrase from the book or create a required content response based on the book
for each and every letter of the alphabet (one of XYZ).

   1. Explain why that word or phrase is important in understanding your book using 2-3
       sentences for each and every letter of the alphabet (one of XYZ).
   2. Follow the checklist guide to make sure that you also represent all of the required
       content areas (you can find these requirements on the checklist sheet. i.e. noun, verb,
       characterization, etc.) while choosing words or phrases for each and every letter of the
       alphabet (one for XYZ).
   3. All required content areas (found on the checklist) must be completed and the
       remaining four letters can be your choice.
   4. You may choose any word or phrase for any content area for the remaining letters but
       you must identify what content you chose.
   5. The letters must be in alphabetical order.
   6. The letter and its corresponding word(s) must be at the top of the page or section that it
       is at, making it a heading.
   7. Identify the word(s) that are associated with the letter by making them bold, italicized,
       underlined, or highlighted. These words must stick out in some way so that they are
   8. Include at least 13 graphics to represent the words or phrases. These graphics can be
       clip art, images, pictures, or illustrations. (note: clip art meets expectations, but is NOT
       above and beyond)
   9. The format of this project is completely up to you. You may follow any of the examples
       displayed in class but we encourage you to be creative and come up with your own way
       to display this information. The more creative, the better the creativity grade.
   10. In addition to turning in your project, you must complete the checklist guide and turn it
       in along with your project. Please make sure that you have filled this out completely so
       that you receive as many points as possible.
   11. This project must be typed.