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 Almacenes Exito Increases Inventory Turnover by 10%, Reduces Overstocks by
   60% and Decreases Out-of-stocks by 12% with JDA Software’s E3 Solutions

JDA Software’s Allocation and Replenishment Solutions by E3 Enable Leading South American
 Retailer to Boost Supply Chain Visibility, Minimize Lost Sales and Increase Customer Service

Scottsdale, Ariz. – December 10, 2007 – JDA® Software Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: JDAS) today
announced that Almacenes Exito, a leading $3.5 billion* retailer in South America, has realized substantial
inventory optimization improvements with the support of JDA Software’s E3 Allocation and Replenishment
solutions. Almacenes Exito manages a successful online business and more than 255 grocery and
hypermarket stores in 45 cities throughout Colombia. The retailer leveraged JDA’s Advanced Warehouse
Replenishment by E3® and Advanced Store Replenishment by E3® solutions at 114 stores to increase
inventory turnover by 10 percent and reduce overstocks by 60 percent in 2006, as well as reduce out-of-
stocks by 12 percent the previous year.
        “We immediately starting seeing results from the software implementation, thanks to the on-time and
on-budget installation of Advanced Warehouse Replenishment and Advanced Store Replenishment,” said
Almacenes Exito Chief Information Officer José Londoño. “One of the most important changes was the
centralization of replenishment. This provided us with better and quicker decision-making abilities, and was a
major improvement over our previous purchasing process in which buying decisions were influenced by
suppliers on a store-by-store basis.”
        Londoño added, “JDA’s replenishment solutions have allowed our company to free up important
resources that were previously devoted to inventory management. Moreover, the new system has increased
customer satisfaction by reducing out-of-stocks, avoiding lost sales and customers due to breaks in the supply
chain. We have been able to maintain our position as a leading retailer in South America with the support of
JDA Software.”
        Inventory levels at all of Almacenes Exito’s stores were positively impacted by the centralized
replenishment system, resulting in improved data and the fulfillment of logistics agreements with the
company’s suppliers. Additionally, the retailer’s use of the JDA E3 replenishment solutions has provided
benefits such as boosted productivity levels, enhanced supply chain visibility, reduced days of inventory,
increased customers service levels, minimized lost sales, as well as improved supplier relationships.
        “JDA Software’s E3 Allocation and Replenishment solutions enable companies such as Almacenes
Exito with heightened visibility into the supply chain and the ability to make more precise inventory
investment decisions,” said Wayne Usie, JDA senior vice president, retail. “In addition to providing a fast

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Almacenes Exito Increases Inventory Turnover by 10%, Reduces Overstocks by 60% and Decreases Out-of-stocks
by 12% with JDA Software’s E3 Solutions

return on investment, the solutions within JDA’s Allocation and Replenishment suite offer long-established
reliability, operational flexibility, accurate forecasting and exacting execution. We look forward to continuing
to help Almacenes Exito and other companies gain maximum value from their JDA Software investment to
enable one synchronized view of demand.”

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*Expected net revenue for December 2007. Based on an exchange rate of 2,000 pesos per U.S. dollar.

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