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									Stefan Grandinetti
Neue Kantstr.4                                                    Fon:      +49(0)30 – 321 73 11
14057 Berlin                                                      Mobile: +49(0)179 – 1177447
GERMANY                                                           e-mail:

Curriculum vitae                                                           Cinematographer

Birth:             6th of February 1965 in Rheinbach, (West–Germany)
Nationality:       Italian
Marital status:    Married, one child
Languages:         German, English, (Italian), (French), (Spanish)

1971 – 1981       Primaryschool and Gymnasium in Rheinbach
1981 – 1986       Education and jobs in hotel industry in Cologne and Munich (bar, kitchen,
1987 – 1988       „Fachabitur Wirtschaft“ (school-leaving examination qualifying for university)
1988 – 1992       Employments in hotel-industry in junior management level
                  (in Munich, Berlin, New York)

1992 – 1993       Guest-student for photography, "Fachhochschule Aachen", Germany
 since 1993       apprentice-ships in camera-rental (Mausolf Berlin) and printing-laboratory
                  (Geyer Berlin);
                  various jobs in film- and tv-industry as 2nd camera asst., electritian, production-asst.,

since 1996        student in cinematography class in filmschool HFF„Konrad Wolf“, Potsdam-
since 1998        various jobs as still-photographer, focus–puller, operator and

       2000       Hollyday of studies, jobs as camera-asst. such as:
                  „Duell-Enemy at the Gates“, D.: J.J.Annaud, DoP: Robert Fraisse
                  „Equilibrium“, D.: K. Wimmer, DoP: Dion Beebe
                  „Resident Evil“, (2001) D.: Paul Anderson,
                  "Martin Luther", (2002) D.: Eric Till, DoP: Robert Fraisse
                  (and others)
Filmography:                 Stefan Grandinetti – Cinematographer

    „Rain is Falling“
    feature film, shooting on location in Marocco
    Idealfilm, D.: H.Ernst,
    35mm, colour, 10min. [in preparation]

    „Oumou Sy“ (partly)
    documentary, Portrait of the leading fashion-designer of black-africa,
    shooting on location in Rome
    D.: S. Chales de Beaulieu,
    Digi-Beta, colour, 60min., arte [in production]

    „Das Leben geht weiter“ ("Life goes on")
    Docu-Fiction, backgrounds of the last propaganda-film of the '3rd Reich' in 1945 , D.:
    Marc Cairns (London)
    StarCrest Media GmbH / HFF-Potsdam, for HR and arte, 2002,
    Mini-35-Digital, colour, 87 min.
    ("Golden Hugo"-Award, Chicago Int. Dokfilm festival/TV, 2003)

    "IFA 2001"
    Imagefilm for Berlin fair GmbH, HD-CAM-25p

    „Kalt Heut´Nacht“ ("Cold Tonight")
    feature film, D.: Aviva Barkhourdarian
    ORB/MDR/ARTE/HFF-Potsdam, 2001, DVCAM, colour, 30 min.

    „Die Möwe“ ("The Seagull")
    feature film, D.: Marc Schiffer
    HFF-Munich/HFF-Potsdam, 2000,
    Super-16, colour, 20 min. [in production]

    feature film, D.: Jegor Abrossimow
    HFF Potsdam-Babelsberg, 2000, 35mm, colour, 6 min.

    „Strohhalm“ ("Straw")
    documentation, A group of social-workers against the sexual abuse of children
    D.: Marina Caba Rall
    HFF Potsdam-Babelsberg/Strohhalm e.V., 2000,
    DVC-Pro, color, 30 min.

    „Ostwärts“ ("Eastward")
    documentary, 10 years after the reunification in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,
    D.: Susan Gluth
    HFF München, 2000, Digi-Beta, 75 min., (broadcasted in ORB,SFB1,NDR,HR)

    „Liebst Du Mich?“ ("Do You Love Me?")
    feature film, D.: Holger Ernst
    HFF Potsdam-Babelsberg/ Not Rated, 2001, S-16, colour, 20 min.

    Filmography: Stefan Grandinetti – Cinematographer

    Commercial-spot, Image–Trailer for fair-presentation
    Not Rated, 1999, DVD, colour & b+w 3,5min.

    „Jedertag“ ("Everyday")
    feature film, D: Bianca Bodau
    HFF Potsdam-Babelsberg, 1999, 16mm, colour, 15 min.,
    2nd prize at Torino and Siena 2001, (broadcasted in 3SAT, ZDF)

    „Menúa und das Meer“ ("Menúa and the Sea")
    documentary, D.: Marina Caba Rall
    Location : Andalusia, Berlin
    ORB / HFF, 1999, Beta SP, 30min.

    feature film, D.: David Herrmann
    ORB / HFF / H.Eisler Musicschool, 1998, Beta SP, 6min.

    „Atem“ ("Breath")
    feature film (experimental), an adaption by Mauricio Kagel
    D.: Sven Düfer
    TheViKo / HFF, 1998, 35mm, b&w, 22 min.

    feature film, (director and cinematographer)
    HFF, 1998, 35mm, colour, 5min.

    „Brautkleid bleibt Brautkleid...“ ("The Bride")
    feature film, Regie: Martin Gypkens
    HFF, 1998, 16mm colour, 5min.

    „A Vanishing Day - Venice“ (partly)
    documentary in Venice, one of three episodes, D.: Marco Casiglieri
    HFF, 1998, 16mm, colour, 60 min.

    „Wo ist Eddi?“ ("Where is Eddi?")
    documentary, Portrait of a Comicartist,
    HFF, 1997, 16mm, colour, 15 min.

    „Jägers Revier“ ("Hunter's District")
    documentary of the waiter-brigade
    in Bellevue-Castle, home of Bundespräsident Roman Herzog,
    1996, Beta SP, colour, 15 min, (also directed and montage)

                                                                  Berlin, March 2003


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