eP-driven SME as Community eP Change Agent by emz20494


									   Pushing the
ePortfolio envelope
…an immersive viewpoint from a
   little fish in a big ocean.

        CAPLA Banff 2008
•   Context and Assumptions
•   Vision
•   Current Progress
•   Future Development
        “Pushing the Envelope”
       …underlying assumptions
• ePortfolio: worldview vs. specific system
• Incremental, project-driven approach
    Pilots, proofs of concept, project enhancements
    Pragmatic scoping , recursive phasing
     • fix clients’ current problems, leverage related projects
     • respond to lessons learned, other initiatives,
       environmental changes
• Room for small players with big ideas
Background: Learning Agents Inc.
Vision-driven SME: “smart media for faster learning”
Multimedia learning products & services
Career development, pre-employment,
workplace learning & professional development
Storytelling: building & presenting
contextualized insight
Primordial Digital Soup
      The Growing “Skills Shortage Industry”
 Competency Based Learning, RPL, ePortfolios
   Awareness of storytelling as a learning tool
             Accessible Multimedia Hardware
                      Web 2.0 , “Internet TV”
  Interviewing as a Developmental
• Practitioner Interviews
    Best practices, lessons learned, future directions,
    organizational memory, succession planning
    Raw material & supporting examples for learning
    programs including simulations and serious games
• Learner Interviews
    Skills demonstration: elevator pitch, job interview
    Reflective learning and performance improvement
    Raw material for crafted digital stories
Users as Producers
 ePortfolios and Digital Citizenship
• ePortfolio and Digital Identity 2008, Maastricht
• Other markers
    ZoomInfo, Job Machine, Cdn election, mbepsig
• Managing your digital identity
    digital natives swimming in Internet “water”
    dangers of unreflective immersion: “digital dirt”;
    privacy, spam and victimization
    awareness, “online grooming”, deliberate
          Hypotheses (or WAGs)
• Emerging niche: capturing & packaging digital
  stories, skills demonstrations and artefacts for
  career/professional/life development
    Testimonials, practitioner insights, learner
    reflections, anecdotes, speeches & presentations
    Evidence, needs research, learning resources
• Manitoba is a good place to start
    “Canada’s social science lab”
    MPLAN and PLA awareness
       VISION: a Smart Media Centre
             “learning agents eStudios”
                                          Community Telecentre

                            Collaborative Workshop Environment

                                                Podcast Studios

                               Production & Facilitation Support

                                               Mobile Capability

… ePortfolio creation/enhancement platform
Physical Plant
     Current and Recent Projects
• School to Work ePortfolio
    Red River College - Computer Applications for
    Business (Showcase Page)
• Organizational ePortfolio
    MPLAN   (Current, Preview)

• Elements of ePortfolio
    Career Destination: MANITOBA - Jukebox (PREVIEW)
    Webinars (ALT)
    Career Trek Phase II – Multimedia (IN PROGRESS)
        Developing or Future
    “ePortfolio-friendly” Projects
• ePortfolios
    Pre-employment or employee development
     • Newcomers, adolescent mothers, parents, mature
    Digital citizenship and media literacy
• E-learning, Simulations and Serious Games
    Practitioner interviews as needs research and
    supplementary info
• Family/Community History
    Digital storytelling, artefact digitization
Learning Agents eStudios
  Winnipeg, Manitoba
Email: don@learningagents.ca
    Phone: 204-219-5933
Web: http://learningagents.ca

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