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									  LPS enterPriSe Content ManageMent

                             Enhance Enterprise-wide Efficiency
                             With Advanced Content Management                    Advanced Workflow

                             Basic document management technology                LPS ecm mimics and automates the
                             has been instrumental in helping financial          human workflow experience, processing loan
                             institutions move closer to a paperless             file documents in an automated fashion.
                             environment. But financial industry professionals   The sophisticated workflow capabilities are
                             need much more than document digitalization.        further enhanced by the application’s ability to
  Help your organization     You need a powerful solution to drive the           seamlessly integrate with other industry-leading
  become more streamlined,   processes associated with those documents –         technology solutions, including loan origination
  productive and effective   a solution that facilitates the seamless flow of    systems and servicing platforms. Servicers can
  with LPS Enterprise        information across the enterprise. Not only         quickly share information between systems
  Content Management.        does LPS Enterprise Content Management              without duplicate data entry or delays.
                             (ECM) deliver state-of-the-art document
                             digitization, it also delivers business process     LPS ecm also simplifies information
                             automation to boost your productivity and           sharing with third-party providers. Your
                             maximize your operational efficiency.               vendor partners can automatically receive
                                                                                 the information they need based on your
                             LPS ecm is a highly-configurable,                   predetermined business rules, helping them
                             enterprise-wide content management solution         to be more responsive to your business
                             that provides advanced, integrated workflow.        requirements. The system allows you to
                             Available via the Web, financial institutions       efficiently track correspondence with your
                             can quickly deploy the application and gain         partners to better manage your interactions.
                             the tremendous benefits available through
                             ecm’s comprehensive capabilities.                   Workflow tracking provides you with an audit
                                                                                 trail of activity to meet regulatory requirements
                             LPS ECM Advanced Features                           and monitor performance. This additional
                                                                                 capability also gives you important insight to
                             Capture – Import information from various           improve your day-to-day decision making and
                             sources into a single, robust application.          identify best practices.

                             Manage – Route, track and control documents
                             to enhance efficiency.

                             Store – House documents online for
                             convenient access by all approved users.

                             Preserve – execute strategic archive and
                             disaster recovery plans.

                             Deliver – Get powerful search and reporting
                             capabilities to access the exact information you
                             need when you need it.
February 2010 • ecm04
Scalable Document Management                         Document Management Services

As your document management needs evolve,            In addition to a sophisticated content
your solution must also evolve. Over time,           management technology solution, you
in-house document management systems can             have access to a wide range of document
become outdated or reach their capacity. That        management services to further fuel efficiency
won’t happen with the Web-based LPS ecm              throughout your organization:
solution. LPS IT professionals keep the system        • Document conversion, Scanning                 LPS’ Enterprise Content
continually updated with the latest advances            and classification                            Management (ECM)
in document management and workflow                   • Physical File Storage
                                                                                                      technology boosts your
capabilities, delivering the features and robust      • Optical character Recognition (OcR)
                                                                                                      productivity and maximizes
scalability you need now and into the future.         • Data extraction
                                                                                                      the efficiency of your
                                                      • Transition Services
                                                                                                      operations by ensuring a
LPS ecm is delivered on a Software-as-a-              • Professional consulting Services
Service (SaaS) basis, so you pay only for the                                                         seamless flow of information
service you use. enjoy low cost of entry, rapid      You need more than document digitalization       across your enterprise.
deployment and easy integration without              to maximize efficiency across your entire
ongoing maintenance fees.                            organization. LPS ecm delivers the
                                                     services and functionality that can help your
Document Management                                  organization become more streamlined,
Systems Supervision                                  productive and effective.

With LPS ecm, you don’t need to worry                For a more in-depth look at our leading-edge
about maintaining your document management           content management solutions, please
system. Since the solution is Web-based,             e-mail mortgage.marketing@lpsvcs.com
LPS manages the application server, system           or call 800.991.1274.
infrastructure and document storage. You have
full access to a proven document management
solution, reducing your IT infrastructure
complexity and cost of operation.

Data Security and Disaster Recovery

Your information is safe with LPS ecm’s
secure file repository. With redundant data                                                           mortgage.marketing@lpsvcs.com
centers, your information is uploaded to one                                                          800.991.1274
server and immediately copied through a                                                               www.LPSVCS.com
dedicated point-to-point connection to a back-
up server. You have a solid disaster recovery plan
in place that fulfills business continuity and
related regulatory compliance requirements.

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