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					                             Montgomery County Department of Recreation

                  2009 Summer Camp General Information
                            4010 Randolph Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20902. 240-777-6870
Dear Parents:
We are looking forward to having your child at camp this summer. Our goal is for everyone to have a
great time! To give your child the best possible summer experience, we have included important
information for you to review together.

Getting Ready for Camp
The first day of each session is an exciting time for everyone. Help your child have the best possible
experience by doing the following:
    Read the Camper Code of Conduct with your child, and sign the Health Form as verification.
    Review with your child the name of the camp they are attending.
    Label all belongings with your child’s name.
    Pack a non-perishable lunch with a drink. No refrigeration is available.
    Dress your child in active-wear clothing and athletic shoes. For your child’s safety, sandals are
       not allowed. A camp shirt will be given during the session; your child should wear it on swim days
       and field trips for easy identification.
    The camp may go swimming the first day. Check the enclosed schedule for specific information.
       Send your child with a towel, swimsuit and sunscreen. Counselors are not permitted to apply
       sunscreen on campers. Note: Little People Centers do not swim.
    Have your child leave all money, toys or other items of value at home as the Recreation
       Department cannot safeguard personal belongings and will not be responsible for losses.

At Camp
    Camp Newsletters will be given out on the first day of each session. They will include an outline
     of the activities, as well as important information on what to expect and/or bring.
    Campers are assigned to a Camp Counselor on the first day of camp. Each day your child should
     immediately look for and report to this Camp Counselor.
    We have fun even when it rains! Dress your child appropriately as camp activities are not always
     limited to indoors on rain days. However, camps with outdoor sites may be bused to a designated
     “rain site” which is generally a local school or recreation center.

Camper Accountability
For your child’s safety, we ask that you send written notification to the Camp Director of any change in
your child’s planned attendance. You may not remove your child from camp, extended camp or the bus, or
change his/her schedule without first notifying the Camp Director and your family.

ADA Accommodations:
Montgomery County Government is committed to complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act
(ADA). If you need auxiliary aids or services in order to participate (such as ASL or cued speech
interpreter, or large print), please call a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist to discuss your needs (240-

SE HABLA ESPANOL: Esta informacion es muy importante. Si usted desea una copia de esta carta en
espanol, por favor llama al 240-777-6839 o por Internet:
Important Medical Information and Mainstream Opportunities
    For your child’s safety, the camp must have a Health & Information Form on the first day
     of camp. (Please make enough copies so your child brings a form for each camp they attend
     throughout the summer. Please note this includes extended camps). Note: You must record the
     date your child received a tetanus immunization.
    If your child requires medication at camp, please call the office to receive the Prescription
     Authorization Form (240-777-6870) or go online at
     A physician’s authorization is required.
          NEW THIS SUMMER: The prescription form must be sent to the Recreation Department
             (Attn: Camps, 4010 Randolph Rd, Silver Spring MD 20902) for review at least 3 weeks (15
             business days) before your child’s scheduled camp session.
    The Recreation Department provides mainstream companions for campers with disabilities as
     requested. Please call a Mainstream Facilitator at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the session
     if you are interested in this service (240-777-4925).

Late Pick-Up Policy
       Please be prompt when you pick up your child from camp or extended camp. If you are late, a
       fee of $10 for each 15 minutes (or portion of 15 minutes) per child will be assessed
       regardless of the reason for being late. Payment will be due at the time of pick-up (check or
       cash). Note: Camps do not open until 9:00 am. If your child needs supervision before that time,
       you must register for transportation and/or Extended Camp.

Withdrawal from Camp
       Before you withdraw from camp, check the instructions on p.40 of the Summer Camps & Programs
       brochure or online at:

Bus Information
    Only campers who have registered for bus transportation may use the service. Call 240-777-
     6870 to register for transportation.
    Drop off Time: Campers who are not registered for Extended Camp must arrive at the Bus Hub
      prior to the bus departure time. For bus times, please check online after June 1st at
    You are expected to remain with your child until boarding time and to meet the bus in the
     afternoon. A late fee will be charged if you are not present when the bus arrives (see above).
    You must notify the Camp Director in writing if your child’s transportation plans change.
Extended Camp Information
    Hours of operation: 7:00 to 9:00 am and 3:30 to 6:00 pm
    Children registered for AM Extended Camp and AM busses must arrive between 7:00 and 8:15
     am. In the afternoon, you must pick up your child no later than 6:00 pm. See Late Pick-Up Policy
    Repeated lateness will result in your child’s removal from the Extended Camp program.
  Eastern Extended Camps               Up County Extended Camps               Western Extended Camps
Bauer Drive Community Center          Germantown Community Center            Cold Spring Elementary School
14625 Bauer Dr, Rockville             18905 Kingsview Rd, Germantown         9201 Falls Chapel Way, Potomac
Praisner Community Center             Rocky Hill Middle School               Dufief Elementary School
14906 Old Columbia Pk, Burtonsville   22401 Brick Haven Way, Clarksburg      15001 Dufief Dr, Gaithersburg
Longwood Comm. Center                 Shady Grove Middle School              Pyle Middle School
19300 Georgia Ave, Brookeville        8100 Midcounty Highway, Gaithersburg   6311 Wilson Ln, Bethesda
Wheaton Community Center                                                     Potomac Community Center
11711 Georgia Ave, Wheaton                                                   11315 Falls Rd, Potomac

**** Got forms for camp? Feel free to download the forms: