CW 2010 - Effects of Abuse and Neglect

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					                                                                                    Level II
CW 2010 - Effects of Abuse and Neglect                                   December 8-10, 2009
PRESENTED BY:                                      TRAINING GROUP:

Sherre Davidson, MS, LPC has more than             Participation is limited to 35 Child Welfare
twenty years of experience as a child              Specialists who have pre-registered on KIDS
development specialist. She is currently a         and completed CORE and Level I classes.
Senior Child Development Specialist at the
Payne County Guidance Center, a District           CANCELLATION:
Supervisor of Child Development Services for
the Oklahoma Department of Health and
                                                   PLEASE DON’T BE A NO-SHOW.
maintains a private practice as a licensed
                                                   If you find you cannot attend after you have
professional counselor. Ms. Davidson has taught
                                                   registered, please have your SUPERVISOR
a course in developmental assessment at
Oklahoma State University and has presented
numerous child development workshops across
the state. She received her master’s degree from   WORKSHOP HOURS:
Oklahoma State University.
                                                   Registration begins at 9:30 a.m.
                                                   Day 1: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
TRAINING SITE:                                     Day 2 & 3: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Noble OKDHS Office 14B                             Participants are reminded that anyone missing
Ground Floor Training Room                         more than 30 minutes of a workshop may not
1600 N. Main                                       receive full credit
Noble, OK 73068
                                                   LODGING ACCOMMODATIONS:

                                                Lodging is available at the Sooner Legends
COURSE DESCRIPTION:                             Inn & Suites, 1200 24th Avenue SW, Norman,
This three day module helps workers identify    OK 73072. Call 405-701-8100 to make your
the effects of abuse and neglect on normal      lodging arrangements. A block of rooms will
development of children from birth through      be reserved for training participants until
adolescence. This workshop stresses the         11/23/2009 and will be direct-billed to CCAN.
importance of proper assessment of current      If you make a reservation after this date has
developmental abilities, developmental delays, expired, you will be expected to pay for your
disabilities and emotional problems in order to room and apply for reimbursement through
plan appropriate services for children. Current OKDHS. When making reservations please
research on the effects of violence and trauma indicate that you are with the OKDHS Effects
on the developing brain are outlined.           of Abuse and Neglect Training.

                                                   ► For individuals traveling in excess of 130
                                                   (map) miles one way, lodging is available
                                                   the night before.
                                                   Visit our website: