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					Door Stewards                                     ECB Methodist Parish Bulletin
A need for 3 replacements has arisen for the      14th December 2008
2009 roster. The role is an important aspect of
our weekly services & if the current numbers
can be maintained, means a rotation only
occurs every 8 weeks. As Convener, Graham
Ford would be delighted to hear from you.
There are six rehearsals to go before the two
performances on Sunday 21 December,
9am at All Hallows, and 11am at Trinity.
Please invite your friends and neighbours to
                                                               Parish Services for
hear Born a King, Born a Saviour at one of                     Remainder of Year
the services. John Orams.
Trinity Jubilee Book                              Date          All Hallows 9.15 Trinity 10.00
The order sheets are in the foyer and please      Dec 14th      John Gousmett        Alf Taylor
ensure your order is recorded as the printing     Advent 3
is to be carried out shortly. The $10 per copy    Dec 21st      Service of           Service of Christmas
will be collected as the books are distributed    Advent 4      Christmas Music      Music led by John
in a couple of week’s time. John Orams – 09                     led by John          Orams & The Trinity
4242 789                                      Orams & The          Singers with Advent
ECB Directory                                                   Trinity Singers      Communion -
The latest edition of our Directory is now                      with Advent          Alf Taylor & John
available at both All Hallows and Trinity. We                   Communion            Gousmett.
express our appreciation and thanks to                           Alf Taylor & John   Note: Morning tea
Hannes Beukes for compiling and printing the                    Gousmett Note:       served from
Directory and donating this to the Parish. If                   Service starts       10.30 am; service
you have any amendments please send them                        9.00 am              starts 11.00 am
to or pass to any of       Dec 24                             Service of Readings,
the Parish Stewards or Alf.                       Christmas                          & Carols
Induction of Principal                            Eve                                Service starts at
The Chairperson of Trinity College Council                                           10.00 pm with pre
invites you to attend the Induction of:                                              service supper
Rev Dr David Bell as PRINCIPAL, TRINITY                                              from 9.30 pm
METHODIST THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE                     Dec 25th      Christmas Day        Christmas Day –
Wednesday 28th January 2009 7.00pm                              Alf Taylor           Elizabeth Hopner
To be held in the Wesley Hall, Trinity College,                 Service starts at    Service starts at
202 St Johns Road, Meadowbank, Auckland                         9:15 am              9:00am
Following the Induction, supper will be served    Dec 28th      Alf Taylor           Alf Taylor
in the Patteson Centre .Please respond to
Marissa Alix by Wednesday 21st January @
09 521 2073 /        All Hallows           218 Beach Rd
                                                  Trinity at Waiake     864 Beach Rd
PARISH CONTACTS:                                  Office (Unattended)   Ph: 478 6806
Presbyter: Rev Alf Taylor               
Ph: 479 9305 Mob: 021 778 002                      Bulletin Notices: (Deadline Wednesday)
                                         or phone
Parish Stewards:
                                                  Susan Kok @ 473 7785 or
Christine Baker        Ph: 473 9905               Paula Turner @ 476 3353
John Gousmett          Ph: 476 6116
Don Wrigglesworth      Ph: 444 2723
Building hire:
All Hallows: Tony Butler Ph: 410 5765
Trinity:     Shirley Scott Ph: 478 7670                         Church flowers today
Scheduled Giving:                                            in memory of Babs Phillips
All Hallows:
Don Wrigglesworth      Ph: 444 2723
Michael Scott          Ph: 478 7670

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                                                 Advent Three
Next week’s ROSTERS @ Trinity:                   In Sri Lanka, today’s focus country for the
Door Stewards:                                   Christian World Service Christmas Appeal,
        Rhyl Beggs & Lesley Fowler               there is little work for the poor, which means
Cleaning:   Heidi Wilson                         many people, especially young women are
Tea: June Baldock; June Wynn & Colleen           obliged to work in factories producing goods
        Macnay                                   for international companies like Nike. Their
                                                 working and living conditions are harsh and
                                                 they earn barely enough to survive. CWS
ECB METHODIST WEBSITE                            partner, The Women’s Centre, was created to
Our website is updated at least weekly, not      help these women and give them a place of
only with information about worship services,    refuge from their hard lives. Please keep hope
but with the names and addresses of all          alive by supporting the 2008 CWS Christmas
leaders, calendars of Parish events (including   Appeal.
dates of school holidays). The Parish Bulletin
is uploaded each Friday so you can see
what's happening even if you can't attend
                                                 Encouragement for the Journey
worship that Sunday. If you wish to have         Greetings Advent Traveller,
some information posted on the website,
please email:                  Travelling towards Christmas will evoke for us different
                                                 memories of Christmas’s past. Some of our memories
                                                 we would rather forget while others we treasure.
Born a King
A Christmas Cantata by John W. Peterson,         The very sound of a particular piece of Christmas
at Manly Methodist Church - 945
                                                 music, or the smell and taste of certain foods and
Whangaparaoa Rd, 2 pm Sunday Dec 14 .            drinks, or perhaps visiting a certain place, suddenly our
The church choir, conducted by Harold            memories are evoked, and like Dr Who we are
Laughton, with well-known soloists (from the     transported to another time and place.
former Savoy Singers) will present the
Christmas story in song. Admission by            Sometimes after a painful experience we often hear
koha/donation for Christian World Service        words like ‘It’s time to move on’, ‘put it behind you’, alas
Christmas appeal. Everyone is welcome to         our human psyche is not made to dismiss experiences
come and enjoy this hour of music/narration,     so flippantly.
followed by afternoon tea.
Bob Overend - 09 424 5711.                       Our memories hold with them a rich reservoir of
                                                 treasures, and part of our commitment to ourselves in
FOOD BANK                                        life is learning to live with our memories in ways that
During the Christmas and Holiday period          don’t cause us further pain and woundedness.
there is always increased demand for food
parcels. Our food items go to the Salvation      During this season when the atmosphere in our society
Army for distribution. Can we make a special     changes to one of festive cheer, I remind you that not
effort prior to Christmas and maybe bring one    everyone is able to live healthily with their memories.
item each week? Any non-perishable goods
are suitable. There will be a decorated box      For the lonely tend to experience greater loneliness, the
available for your contribution. Thank you.      broken have their wounds opened, the weary end up
                                                 more tired and everyone is poorer in more ways than
We are looking at some ideas for services        one.
for next year. If you have any ideas for
                                                 Being in Advent, is a time of waiting, the moment is
different styles of service, or even sermon
                                                 pregnant with possibilities. We are expectant that we
themes you would like to have preached on,
                                                 will catch a glimpse of Christ.
talk to John Gousmett, give him a call on 476
6116 or e mail him on
                                                 I conclude with an invitation to read the LIFEWISE John Gousmett,
                                                 Annual Report for it contains 101 WAYS TO LIVE
Christine Baker, Alf Taylor
                                                 WISELY. When we practice some of these actions we
                                                 will create new memories and stories, and along the
Say it with Church Flowers                       way we may experience the divine presence of love and
A very special THANK YOU to everyone who         peace and who knows we may meet Christ in ordinary
made a floral tribute throughout 2008. Please    people and in surprising places.
feel free to complete the schedule for 2009.
Robyn Bennett                                    Meanwhile Peace                  Alf
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