Appreciative Inquiry of the EMERGE Community by ojd96442


									                                            Summary of Appreciative Inquiry activities
                                     undertaken for the evaluation of the EMERGE community

DISCOVERY PHASE: Appreciating the best of what it is

Date            Activity / data collection                  Outputs                             Recommendations

21-22 Feb       Project Team meeting                        [1] Activity with responses (ppt)   The EMERGE community should be: effective,
2007            Introducing the project team to AI:         and flipchart                       enjoyable and self sustaining.
                briefing, practising interviews, deciding   Suggested positive topic choice:    This research approach can & should support
                on positive topic choice.                       “What processes support the    multiple differing viewpoints
                   Discovery: describe to each other a         emergence of technology         Dissemination is key – starting with the sharing of
                    time when you were the member of a          supported communities?”         stories of successful communities.
                    community when you felt really                                              Dissemination should use the technologies e.g.
                    energized, creative and innovative                                          audio/video
                  Dream: what do you want the emerge
                   community to be?
                This activity repeated with Steering
27 Feb 07       JISC E-learning and pedagogy group.         [2] Synthesis of feedback from      Think and plan what to offer members
                Appreciative questioning: What can we       experts group, highlighting         ‘communities don’t just happen – organise’ and
                learn from the JISC E-learning and          importance of:                      the need for ‘structure, coordination, focus and
                Pedagogy Experts group, and other            Membership                        planning’
                communities you’ve discussed, to help
                make the EMERGE community a                  Drivers/incentives                Provide purposeful, relevant activities with plenty
                success?                                     Activities                        of opportunities for interaction and discussion in
                                                                                                small groups.
                                                             Atmosphere
25/6 April      London Event                                [3] Synthesis of interviews from    Create some stories to share by conducting and
2007            Investigating the processes that support    community members in London,        writing up/recording some interviews with active
                the development of our community            highlighting importance of:         community members
                presentation                                 Shared experiences, interests     Generate practical suggestions for how we might
                                                              or goals                          take into account the outputs so far through the

Emerge AI Summary of activities as of January 2009                                                                                     1
                In groups, practising the AI interview      Openness                       community development platform, tasks, face to
                technique. Notes for facilitators.                                          face and online events.
                                                            Personal development
                Tell me about a time when you were the
                                                            Links outside the community
                member of a community when you felt
                really energized, effective and proud.      Getting the work done
                What did you most value about this
                community?                                 Audio quality on video box was
                What helped make the community a           not sufficient to use these.
                Video box – tell us something you like
                about communities.
April 2007      Feedback sheets from London event          [4] Summary notes                Poster session that aims at showing people’s
                                                                                            interests and background.
                                                                                            Provide opportunity for other members to host
                                                                                            Specific tasks needed to bootstrap communities
                                                                                            The Emerge site needs some interface/HCI input,
                                                                                            especially regarding navigation.
30 May          Update for project team                    [5] Update for project team      Raise the profile of AI in EMERGE – link from
2007                                                                                        front page please.
                                                                                            AI activity within the online event.
                                                                                            Make community activities visible: embed project
                                                                                            team member in each community & feedback.
                                                                                            Get community members involved in AI process:
                                                                                            do their own interviews?
                                                                                            Get community members involved in community
                                                                                            development: what roles could they take on?
5-7 June        Online activity days: discussion forum     [6] Summary notes from June      Requests were made for:
2007            An asynchronous discussion forum,          online event                      asynchronous discussion forums
                sharing the synthesis of interviews from                                     complete list of the people involved in it

Emerge AI Summary of activities as of January 2009                                                                                2
                London and asking:                                                                    Future skype meetings
                How we can use what we've found out                                                   Accessible list of all activities
                about successful communities we've been                                               ‘Communities’ link on homepage should lead
                involved with, to help develop the Emerge                                              to list of current communities, how to join,
                community?                                                                             how to set one up etc
                                                                                                      Start using really easy tools, which everyone
                                                                                                       is, to a certain extent, familiar with
                                                                                                      We need to nurture conversation not just
                Update for community: how have we             [7] GR AI recommendations paper
                used their feedback so far?                   – decided not to release this to

DREAM PHASE: Envisioning what could be

Date            Activity / data collection                    Outputs                              Recommendations

July 2007       Activity 8
                The next stage of the AI process should       [8] Three stories created and
                be generating and collating ‘a rich           posted on the AI section of
                description of the organisation’s positive    Moodle.
                core’. We aim to achieve this through         Rhona generated 2 of these
                wide sharing of stories of best practices     through scheduled phone calls.
                and exemplary actions. This also              The other arose from the ‘digging
                responds to the feedback that ‘it’s all       for gold’ request prior to the Oct
                going on somewhere else – I’m not part of     07 event.

9/10 July       Manchester event                              [9] Selection of best postcards      Hopes for the future:
2007            Round table slot for those to do Activity 8   uploaded to our Flickr collection.
                                                                                                   The ‘space to share’ includes a multitude of
                face to face if they prefer.                  [10] Summary of delegate             potential functions. Some participants wanted the
                Send us a postcard activity                   feedback: The Manchester event       space to disseminate information, others as a

Emerge AI Summary of activities as of January 2009                                                                                       3
                Event feedback form:                      was rated positively by delegates      ‘repository for the exchange of ideas’, others to
                                                          and was used to: network,              finding potential research partners, others to
                    What has been the high point of the  develop ideas, build teams for         feedback on experiences.
                     event for you?                       projects and clarify the user driven
                                                                                                 The second theme is about Emerge existing as a
                    What are your hopes for the Emerge   approach. The event has
                                                                                                 series of smaller communities where the users
                     community? What would you most like prompted community members to           have a higher profile and the community
                     the community to do, be like or look make contact with others, join in
                                                                                                 architects fade into the background. This vision
                     like in the future?                  and undertake their own
                                                                                                 has ‘stronger self organisation around projects
                                                          community activities.
                                                                                                 and groups’.
July 2007       Activity 9 – send us a postcard              [11] Should be posted into the
                This task designed to:                       Emerge photopool. None
                 Make visible the best bits of being a      received.
                   member of the Emerge community.
                 Use Flickr to share your visual
                   representations of Emerge.
                 Help us to agree on what is helping to
                   make Emerge be effective, enjoyable
                   and self-sustaining – so that we can
                   do more of it.
5 Sept          ALT-C                                        [12] Abstract and presentation      There is considerable interest in Emerge and the
2007                                                         available from the ALT-C website.   AI approach to its evaluation.
                                                             Sharing with other researchers
                                                             and practitioners what we’ve been
                                                             doing so far and getting their
9 Oct 2007      The future of Emerge event, facilitated      [13] A summary report of the day    Each of the groups within the Emerge community
                by Glynis Cousins.                           was prepared including: what’s      to produce a case study how they interpreted
                Aims:                                        worked? What are the grey           user involvement and engagement in order to
                                                             zones? How do these experiences     make visible the community’s shared repertoire.
                    To explore designs for communities      help us understand Emerge as a      (based on response to Activity 8, they might need
                     and networked learning, not just with   community? Moving forward and       help with this).
                     reference to Emerge, but more           visions of Emerge.
                     broadly in learning technologies                                            The data collected here, and, like previous AI
                     underpinned by Web 2.0                  Visions of the future of Emerge     activities needs to feed directly into the project
                     technologies.                           were shared with the community      team’s decision making.

Emerge AI Summary of activities as of January 2009                                                                                      4
                    To bring together members of            at the Jan 2008 event in York.
                     Emerge who are interested in
                     discovering what makes for a
                     successful support community and
                     prepare them to use some of the
                     techniques of appreciate inquiry in
                     contributing to this collaborative
                    To build together our vision of how
                     Emerge should continue in the future.

DESIGN PHASE: Co-constructing what should be
Date            Activity / data collection                   Outputs                             Recommendations

December        Interviews with seven representatives        [14] Report ‘Experiencing Emerge:   Develop clear, consistent and documented
2007 -          from four teams.                             stories from community members’     guidelines concerning the nature and purpose of
March                                                        discussing community                membership.
2008                                                         membership and ethos, impact on     Investigate some means of sustaining or re-
                                                             personal development, and           engaging the membership of those not motivated
                                                             Emerge events and online            by funding needs but who have expertise that
                                                             systems.                            could be of continued value to the community.
                                                                                                 Encourage members to acknowledge their
                                                                                                 personal development spin-offs and provide
                                                                                                 mechanisms to communicate these to other and
                                                                                                 newer members as encouragement.
                                                                                                 + detailed recommendations about activities and
                                                                                                 online systems.
24-25 Jan       Programme launch, York                       [15] Rhona’s introduction           Recommended actions generated in the
2008            Introduction to our AI evaluation approach   summarised what we’ve found out     workshops:
                and what we’ve done so far for the newly     so far about what Emerge            - observe the discourse and processes, be
                funded projects. (ppt)                       members value about being in           open to these and proceed from there
                Patsy also ran two sessions at the             Openness of clusters within      - do this online as well and get up to speed on

Emerge AI Summary of activities as of January 2009                                                                                   5
                January event in York, feeding back on            elgg, seeing what other clusters       the Emerge elgg, moodle and wiki spaces
                the interviews. Her slides are here.              are forming                        -   ask that existing members as well as new
                Activity was:                                    Seeing the big picture, it all         members be reminded of what Emerge is all
                       What is the unique/particular             happening out in the open              about
                        strength that you bring to the            (online)
                                                                                                     -   meta-conversations required to guide
                        Emerge community?                        Speed dating
                                                                                                         members through the processes
                                                                 Emerge blog as knowledge
                       What next step can you take to            capital                            -   ask existing members to share how they
                        positively contribute that strength                                              manage membership of the community in
                                                                 Validated the informal/social
                        to building the Emerge                                                           addition to their busy-ness
                                                                  value of networked learning
                                                                                                     -   insiders to stand back and look at Emerge
                                                                                                         community anew as if on the outside
                                                                                                     -   how to establish and manage the relationship
                                                                                                         between multiple communities that members
                                                                                                         belong to
                                                                                                     -   look from the outside at the synergies
                                                                                                         developing from this community
January         The feedback sheets from the York event       [16] Summary of responses on           Find ways to become more inclusive in terms of
2008            included a number of appreciative             feedback sheets. In brief:             usability to help those who are busy yet need to
                questions:                                    1. Emerge awareness;                   negotiate through the mass of information.
                1. What were the high points for you?             networking - a great learning
                2. What do you intend to do next?
                                                              2. Seek ways to deepen the links
                3. Wish list for Emerge?
                                                                  with related projects
                                                              3. To develop into a real
                                                                  community of practice and to
                                                                  act as a link to communities
                                                                  within in and outside it
23-25 April     Digital identity online event                 [17] Summary of event feedback         Takes time for new members to understand the
2008                                                          - a sense of growing familiarity       community and its identity
                Brief introduction to AI explaining our       with how Emerge works and the          Members continue to ask for more opportunities
                inquiry led approach and seeking              vocab it uses.                         to connect/talk with others
                member’s involvement.                         - events are a reminder to             More active engagement in discussions
                Design of event feedback mechanisms.          reconnect with the community           And more presentations from actual projects
                Online survey (7 responses)                                                          i.e. more community generated activity.

Emerge AI Summary of activities as of January 2009                                                                                         6
                And follow up phone calls (3 short
                - why did you choose the sessions you
                - what did you gain from them?
                - what would you like more/different of

DESTINY PHASE: Sustaining what will be

Date            Activity / data collection                   Outputs                               Recommendations
23-27 June      Exploring User 2.0: the shape of future      [18] Patsy presented preliminary      Suggestions for ways of helping members who
2008            users online event                           findings from two of the projects     are feeling overwhelmed:
                                                             who contributed to the second         - get them coming in more often
                Workshop: how to expand and diversify        round of interviews (ppt)             - emerge email
                the ways of sharing ongoing repertoires of                                         - tagging
                success to help and strengthen and                                                 - fortnightly summary emails
                sustain the community.                                                             - an archivist
September       Second round interviews, 8 interviewees      [19] Telling tales from Emerge
2008                                                         report

Nov 2008        Online event                                 Summary [20]
                - feedback
Dec 2008        Third round interviews                       Report [21]

January         Checking back final report with              Summary of completed templates        Emerge needs to provide some support for those
2009            community members at U&I event               [22]                                  who want to continue the community
                - templates                                  Additions to spark sheets [23]
                - spark sheets                               Text wall comments [24]
Jan –           Synthesis and report writing                 1500 words for the publication [25]   Final report
                                                                                                   Guidelines for community building

Emerge AI Summary of activities as of January 2009                                                                                     7
2009                                                 Experiences of doing AI report
                                                     Academic conference paper

Emerge AI Summary of activities as of January 2009                                    8

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