DIAL Virtual School - Board Update by fuf15836


									DIAL Virtual School – Board Update
February 5, 2008

Informational Items

1. Spring Semester 2008 Registration
      a. Total – 354 enrollments (fall = 325)
      b. Online classes – 12 (133 enrollments)
      c. DDN classes – 13 (221 enrollments)
      d. 1st Time districts
               i. Britton-Hecla
              ii. Elkton
             iii. Mobridge
             iv. Waubay

2. Professional Development
      a. Lee Friesen, online Ag Business teacher – participating in the Online
         Teaching Facilitation Course through Wisconsin ESchools, Jan. 28 – Mar. 6
      b. Cindy Gerlach and Darcy Deinert (curriculum developers for DIAL online
         Health Ed class) completed a workshop on SD Health Education Standards
         and Assessment Training in Pierre this week.

3. SD Virtual High School
     a. Worked with SD Department of Education on website changes and updates in
     b. DOE will be adding partial FTE this summer to assume administrative duties
         related to SDVHS (eliminating TIE role)
     c. SD Virtual High School will get name change to SD Virtual School, requires
         legislative action.
     d. DOE provided graphic (see above) for use by approved SD Virtual HS
     e. Registration for 2008-09 classes open on March 1 – all done through SDVHS
         website www.sdvhs.k12.sd.us

4. Worked with Kate Kramer on NSF Grant
     a. Grant focus is teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
     b. Proposal to develop innovative digital content to be used in online classes
        and career education website.

Action Items
Approve following contracts
Lee Friesen         $250/student up to $2,250        Ag Business class
Ellen Hohbach       $250/student up to $2,250        Hospitality & Tourism Mgt class
Cindee Evenson      $1,000                           Ind. Study General Math Course
                                                     Development (2nd semester)

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