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Scandinavian Racing Bureau AB CV Björn Zachrisson General career


									                                                                       Printing	and	Publishing	Services	for	
                                             Thoroughbred	Racing	and	Breeding	in	Sweden	and	Scandinavia

Scandinavian Racing Bureau AB
	      	        	   Box	14	
                        	       	        	         	   •	   CV	
	                   182	05	Djursholm
	        	      	       	       	        	         	        Björn	Zachrisson
	               	 08-753	14	57
                      	      	           	         	        Born	June	17,	1935
	               	 08-753	46	86
                      	      	           	         	        Printer,	4th	generation.
                	 70	75	98	-	9	          	         	        Updated	2007-02-15
Bankgiro	           286	-	0468
Bank	               Nordbanken
F-skattesedel	      556	108-2180
Director	           Björn	Zachrisson
Administration	     Gunilla	Zachrisson

General	career
	      Swedish	baccalaureat	(studentexamen	Djursholms	Samskola	1955).
	      Officer	in	the	Swedish	Army	(cavalry/infantry)	reserve,	1955-1957.
	      DGI	degree	(Diploma,	The	Graphic	Institute,	Stockholm)	1957-1959.
	      Amateur	rider,	Swedish	Champion	Amateur	(flat)	1959	and	1962,	(NH)	1962.
	      Jockey	Club	of	Sweden	Travel	Scholarship,	1959,	sejour	in	the	USA	(Chicago)	1960-61,	
	      	 working	for	a	publishing	house	in	Chicago	and	studying	Thoroughbred	Racing	in	the	USA.
	      Production	manager	Sveriges	Radios	Förlag,	also	Röster	i	Radio/TV,	1963-1966.
	      Racing	secretary	Täby	Galopp,	late	60’s.
	      Assistant	General	Secretary	Galoppförbundet	1973-76.
	      Marketing	director	ATG	(V65	and	Thoroughbred	Racing)	1977-81.

Publishing,	publications	and	media	activities
	      TV	commentator	of	Thoroughbred	Racing	total	period	1962-2005	(free	lance),	all	Swedish	
          channels	through	the	years.
	      Launched	“pirate”	Race	Card	GALOPPÖREN	for	Täby	Galopp	in	1962,	first	with	past	per-
          formances	(formrader)	along	US	lines	(Daily	Racing	Form)	in	Sweden.	This	publication	soon	
          became	“legitimate”	and	became	accepted	as	official	race	card	for	Täby	Galopp.
	      Freelance	racing	writer	(Thoroughbred)	for	Svenska	Dagbladet,	major	conservative	daily	in	
          Sweden,	for	a	few	years	in	the	late	60,s	and	early	70’s.
	      Thoroughbred	racing	editor	in	magazine	RIDSPORT,	major	equestrian	publication	(tabloid,	
          35.000	copies,	bi-monthly)	in	Sweden	1972-1999.
	      Launched	(together	with	a	few	others,	mainly	Ulf	Donar	and	Staffan	Linse)	FORMTRAVAREN	
          med	GALOPPEXTRA	(tabloid,	bi-weekly)	to	cover	horse-racing	in	Sweden,	mainly	Trotting,	
          and	containg	elaborate	past	performance	lines,	in	1966.	The	venture	lasted	1,5	years,	but	
          would	probably	have	enjoyed	much	greater	success	if	it	had	coincided	with	the	creation	of	
          the	AB	Trav	och	Galopp	in	1973-74.
	      Technical	editor	Täby	Galopp	Race	Card	1962-66,	1973-
	      Technical	editor	Jägersro	Galopp	Race	Card	1973-1986
	   Editor	and	owner	of	JOCKEY,	private	Thoroughbred	Magazine,	1967-1970.
	   Editor	TRAV	OCH	GALOPP	I	SVERIGE	(Rabén	&	Sjögren),	1970	(book)
	   Editor	jubilee	and	anniversary	books	and	pamphlets	for	Amatuer	Riders	Club	(ARK),	1964	
       and	1994.
	   Editor	100	YEARS	OF	RACERIDING	at	Strömsholm,	1988	(book).

Innovations	and	initiator	activities
	   Starting	stalls	1962	(Täby	Galopp	was	first	in	Europe).
	   American-influenced	past	performance	lines	directly	in	race	card.
	   Winner’s	circle	in	front	of	the	stands	(1964).
	   Paddock	(walking	ring)	in	front	of	stands	instead	of	behind	(1970’s)
	   Caliente	protective	helmet	for	race	riders	(1962).
	   Swedish	Grand	National	(1971)	with	specially	donated	challenge	trophy	given	by	Mrs	Mirabel	
       Topham	herself,	owner	of	Grand	National	and	Aintree	Race	Course,	at	Strömsholm.
	   Suggestion	to	organize	”Round	Table”	conferences	based	on	the	US	scheme	at	the	National	
       Museum	of	Racing	(Jockey,	1971).	First	conference,	organized	by	SGC	(Gunnar	Atterholm,	
       master	of	activities	and	programme)	was	held	in	Stockholm	(Hotel	Anglais)	in	1980.
	   Changing	the	voting	procedure	for	Horse	of	the	Year	in	Trotting	to	include	voting	through	
       ATG:s	”Gratisprogrammet”,	resulting	in	40.000	plus	votes	after	1979	season	(Horse	of	the	
       Year	Pershing).
	   Writing	petition	letter	-	”Kungabrevet”	(for	the	Täby	Galopp	Trainers’	Association)	to	H	M	
       Majesty	the	King	of	Sweden	(Department	of	Agriculture)	to	ask	for	a	Royal	Charter	investiga-
       tion	into	survival	conditions	for	Thoroughbred	Racing	in	Sweden,	which	resulted	in	a	govern-
       mental	investigation	leading	to	the	creation	of	the	AB	Trav	och	Galopp	in	1972-73	(1970).
	   Breeders’	Trophy	scheme	in	Swedish	Thoroughbred	racing,	1984.
	   Swedish	programme	(subsequently	called	”Svenskprogrammet”)	for	supporting	and	encou-
       raging	Swedish	Thoroughbred	Breeders	(Svenskprogrammet),	1991,	based	on	the	already	
       excisting	incentive	programmes	launched	in	France	and	in	the	USA	(especially	in	the	State	of	
       New	York	as	New	York	State	Thoroughbred	Breeding	Program).
	   Common	Racing	Performances	Data	Base	for	Sweden,	Norway	and	Denmark,	proposition	
       made	in	letter	to	the	Scandinavian	Jockey	Clubs	and	ATG	Computer	Services	in	Noevember,	
       2004,	to	basically	use	the	Swedish	computer	central	base	”Sportsystemet”	for	all	racing	input	
       in	Scandinavia	including	transforming	the	Norwegian	and	Danish	race	courses	to	function	as	
       their	respective	counterparts	in	Sweden.	No	official	reply	received	as	per	February,	2007.
	   International	jockey	tournaments	and	co-ordinating	International	Star	Jockeys	visits	from	
       1979-2003,	and	also	co-ordinator	of	many	other	visits	by	international	star	jockeys,	e	g	Lester	
       Piggott,	Bill	Shoemaker,	Gregg	McCarron,	Darrel	McHargue,	Julie	Krone,	Cash	Asmussen,	
	   	 Laffit	Pincay	jr,	Kent	Desormeaux,	etc.
	   Note:	Many	of	the	above	projects	were	of	course	realized	with	major	input	of	others,	e	g:	
	   	 Erik	Söderberg,	Gunnar	Atterholm,	Claes	Björling,	Bo	Gillborg,	Christer	Schildt,	Tommy	Mår-
       tenson,	Bernt	Tollebäck,	Åge	Paus,	Alf	Landvik,	Nils	Ståhle,	Kjell	Sjöberg,	just	to	name	a	few.
Associations,	organizations	and	clubs
	       President	Amateur	Riders	Club	(ARK)	1980-1988.
	       Vice	President	FEGENTRI	(Federation	International	des	Gentlemen	Riders),	1984-1994.
	       Vice	president	EFTBA	(European	Federation	of	Thoroughbred	Breeders’	Associations)	1992-
           1994,	Honorary	Vice-President	upon	retirement.
	       Board	of	directors,	The	Jockey	Club	of	Sweden,	1989-1992.
	       Board	of	directors	and	vice	president,	SFAF	(Swedish	Thoroughbred	Breeders’	Association),	

Present	memberships
	       JK,	The	Jockey	Club	of	Sweden	(since	1963),	ARK,	The	Amateur	Riders	Club	of	Sweden	(since	
           1952),	SGTä,	The	Stockholms	Galoppsällskap	(owners	of	Täby	Galopp),	SHK,	Swedish	Turf	
           Journalists,	FEGENTRI,	Honorary	vice-president.

	       Gyllene	Mössan	(Award	of	Merit)	for	services	rendered	beyond	call	of	duty,	1989,	
	       	 by	Amatörryttarklubben.
	       Jockeyklubbens	förtjänstmärke	(Award	of	Merit),	1997,	by	Jockeyklubben.

Present	situation
	       SRB	AB	-	Scandinavian	Racing	Bureau	AB	in	Sweden,	owned	by	Gunilla	and	Björn	Zachrisson	
           and	run	from	their	small	office	in	the	basement	of	their	home	in	Djursholm,	outside	Stock-
           holm,	Sweden.
	       The	SRB	has	been	serving	the	Thoroughbred	
           Racing	industry	-	more	or	less	continually	
           since	the	early	60’s	-	in	Sweden,	Denmark	
           and	Norway	-	mainly	through	the	techni-
           cal	editing	-	both	for	printed	publications	
           as	well	as	from	2007	-	on	the	”net”	of	
           RACING	BULLETINS	(officiella	galopp-
           kalendrar)	for	Denmark,	Norway	and	
           Sweden	inthe	joint	publication	Skandina-
           visk	Galopp,	incl	SWEDISH	YEARBOOK,	
           RULES	BOOKS,	etc,	and	SWEDISH	STUD	
           BOOK	and	supplements,	TÄBY	GALOPP	
           RACE	CARD,	and	many	other	supplements	
           and	statistics	books,	sales	catalogues,	etc.
    BZ on the Turf - nowadays	.	.	.		The	connection	with	   	
      the	racing	game	is	the	red	cap,	a	gift	from	friend	and	
             former	Daily	Racing	Form	writer	Mike	Mullaney.	                      SRB AB
        It	is	a	give-away	from	Saratoga	Race	Course,	oldest	
    racing	establishment	on	the	North	American	continent.

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