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					                  NEWSLETTER                                                                           IISSUE 3
                                                                                                         SSUE 3
                                                                                                      APRIIILL 2010
                                                                                                      APR L 2010

                 Lots of new things are            The monthly meeting for               will be hosted by Pippa
     SSUE        springing up in Mt Eliza!         March was held at Make                Hanson. This will be a great
                                                   Designs in Frankston which is a       opportunity to see what this
                 The Mt Eliza Business
                                                   picture framing business as           clinic has to offer and enjoy
                 Networking Group had their
                                                   well as a gallery of paintings        some food, drinks and like-
                 first meeting in September last
Mt Eliza’s new                                     and prints created by local           minded company.
                 year and since then it has
  business                                         artists which are for sale.
                 been steadily growing to                                                In the very near future there
 network &       around 30 members.
   farmer’s      Members can host a “Meet
    market       Up” in their own premises and
                 showcase their business to the
                 rest of the group in a relaxed
The best pizza   and friendly atmosphere.
                 Open to adjoining suburbs as
                 well as Mt Eliza it gives
 Sensational     members an opportunity to
  shows in       promote their business,

Weddings &
                                                                     MEET UP AT MAKE DESIGNS IN FRANKSTON
                                                   The group is a non-profit             will be a meeting (or two)
Little Wagon                                       organization and for a                held right here at the Boyz @
                                                   modest annual membership              Manyung!
                 generate connections, learn       you can get together and
                 from other members, or guest                                            To find out more you can
  Free wine      speakers, and most                                                      contact Rahman Ymer, group
                 importantly to meet and           The next meeting is on                organizer, on 0419 876 821 or
                 enjoy the company of other        Wednesday 21st April at The           visit:
                 professional people.              Sports Injury Clinic, 361
  Farewell                                         Nepean Hwy, Frankston, and
   to Rhys
                                                                                           MOTHER’S DAY
                                                                                           Taking bookings now for
 Behind the      To put it bluntly… Harro’s has    friendly staff. Their wine list
                                                                                           breakfast & lunch, special
  scenes         been serving the best pizza in    isn’t huge but it fits the food
                                                                                           menus for a special lady…
                 the St Kilda area for well over   perfectly and it seems their
                 12 years and I thought it was     Mars Bar Cake and White                       Sunday 9th May
                 about time everyone knew          Chocolate Cheesecake is
   Winners       about it!                         quite famous!
                 My daughter, Jacinda, and         Harro’s has taken the humble          Having said that, you really
                 her hubby, Paul, took over a      pizza restaurant to a whole           should make a booking,
  Food for       little pizza shop way back in     new level of dining and it            especially for Friday &
  Thought        1996 and with a lot of hard       won’t cost you a fortune so           Saturday nights as lately they
                 work turned it into one of the    drop in next time you’re on           have had to turn people
                 most popular "hidden secrets"     your way to or from the city.         away and I know they hate
                 in Melbourne, now taking up                                             to disappoint. And don’t
 Gig guide       3 shopfronts!                                                           forget to tell them I sent you!

                 Not just serving and delivering                                         JON
                 awesome pizzas, they have
 and more…       the biggest parmas, the best                                            262 Inkerman Street, St Kilda East
                                                                                                 Phone: 9527 7338
                 gourmet pizzas, and really                                       
                                                                                                                      S SU E 3
                                                                                                                       S U 3
                                                                                                                   APRRIL 2010
                                                                                                                   A       2010   PAGEE2
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                                                                                                                                   PAG 2

                       MT ELIZA’S NEW FARMER’S MARKET
                       After 18 months of planning           Melanie Wigg and the
                       and more than a few                   organising team ought to be
                       obstacles the first Mt Eliza          congratulated on such a fine
SUNDAY                 Farmer’s Market held on               event and the community is
                       Sunday 28th March was a               eagerly anticipating the next
ROASTS                 huge success, a really special        market.
COMING                 day enjoyed by the
                                                             It will be a long wait, the next
                       community at large and I
SOON!                                                        market won’t be held until
                       have to say it brought a real
                                                             May due to the committee’s
                       buzz to the town.
                                                             decision not to operate on
Don’t forget our
                       In excess of 3,000 locals and         ANZAC Day as a mark of
traditional Sunday
                       visitors were thrilled by the         respect for the veteran
roasts will be back
                       quality of the event, some            community.
for winter.
                       saying that it had “exceeded                                                   Market enquiries should be
                                                             In planning for Sunday 23rd
You can enjoy a        their expectations”. That was                                                  directed to Market Manager,
                                                             May, Melanie says, “We are
meal with the          also the sentiment of the                                                      Melanie Wigg on 0429 398 684
                                                             currently addressing a few
family and we’ll       organisers who were                                                            or visit:
                                                             issues on the day, bringing
donate to your         delighted by the turnout and                                         
                                                             people’s awareness to car
school!                are apparently still “pinching
                                                             parking options and trying to

                                                                                                                   Congratulations to…
                                                                                                                       Sharon Arnheim
                                                                                                                           Tania Neill
Relax at the end of                                                                                                     Ted Antonatos
the week with our
Friday evening                                                                                                            Karen Blood
specials…                                                                                                          the winners of our
Half price Daiquiris                                                                                               recent monthly
5.30pm to 7pm                  MT ELIZA WARD COUNCILLOR LEIGH EUSTACE OFFICIALLY OPENED THE MARKET,                draws.
                                       THE MT ELIZA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND MELANIE WIGG                           They have each won
the bar enjoying                                                                                                   two bottles of our
some great             The quality of the fresh              ensure that our stallholders                          Wine of the Month.
company                produce was outstanding,              don’t sell out too quickly. The
                       and a firm but fair stance            free range eggs were gone                             And also to…
Then feast upon
mouth-watering         from Market Manager,                  by 9:30am!”                                                  Rob Angelo
Spanish paella         Melanie Wigg, ensures the
                                                             If you missed out on the first                        the winner of our
                       stallholders are mostly from
                                                             market then make it a must                            Easter Egg
                       within a 50km radius of the
                                                             for the future, you won’t be                          competition.
                       town to keep it truly local.
                       The atmosphere was like a                                                                   Enjoy!
                                                             The Mt Eliza Farmers Market
                       traditional European street
                                                             operates on the 4th Sunday of
                       market and musicians,
                                                             each month right at the heart
                       entertainers and face
                                                             of the town, on the corner of
                       painters all contributed
                                                             Mt Eliza Way & Canadian Bay
                       towards making it feel like a
                                                             Road from 8.00am to
                       fun day out, a carnival
                                                                                                              S SU E 3
                                                                                                               S U 3
                                                                                                           APRRIL 2010
                                                                                                           A        2010   PAGEE3
                                                                                                                           PAGE 3
                                                                                                                            PAG 3

   The Boyz 4 Breakie are
   turning up the heat
   and bringing us three
   hot new shows at this
   cool time of the year!
   Appropriately named
   John Davidson and
   the Johnettes kick it
   off with the Rio Show
   featuring the best
   songs from the Boy
   from Oz, Priscilla,
   Rocky and Queen, to
   mention just a few.
   The May show takes
   us back to the 60’s,
   the beehive and the
   soulful voice of Dusty
   Springfield perfectly
   coupled with the         Fleetwood Mac complete the          musicians.                      limited so book now on
   distinctive look and     line up in July, in a show that’s                                   5977 2888 to avoid
                                                                An awesome line up of
   voice of Roy Orbison.    theatrical in its costumes and                                      disappointment.
                                                                entertainment right on our
                            flair. The voice of Stevie Nicks
   The hauntingly                                               doorstep!
                            is captured faultlessly and                                         SINCERE APOLOGIES, PUBLICATION A
   familiar songs from      backed by some of                   All shows include a sumptuous   WEE BIT LATE FOR THE FIRST SHOW - ED
   the legendary            Melbourne’s finest                  dinner. Seats are strictly

                            LITTLE WAGON                        CONGRATULATIONS!
                            You may have noticed the            We’ve had lots of couples tie
                            restaurant has been adorned         the knot here lately and our                 FREE MEALS
                            with some gorgeous toys and         congratulations go to…
GIG GUIDE                   children’s gifts.
                                                                      Shannon & Martin                       Don’t forget to join
• Austin                    Not only do they look good,                                                      our VIP Birthday
                                                                         Ben & Sera                          Club and we’ll give
Sunday 11th April           they are for sale by Little
                            Wagon, a website based                    Thomas & Hayley                        you a free main
• Joel & Juvita             business with a beautiful                                                        meal on your
                            range of traditional toys,               Dominic & Jacinta                       birthday!
Sunday 18th April
                            baby goods, gifts and special              Emma & Jaimie                         Entry forms are
• Daniel, acoustic guitar   things for new mums.
                                                                we also had Rob & Meredith                   always at the bar or
Sunday   24th   April
                            Each product has been               renew their wedding vows                     send us an email –
                            carefully selected by owner,        and all those lovely couples                 and then tell all your
• Joel & Juvita
Sunday 2nd May              Jacinda Harrington, for its         that celebrated Valentine’s                  friends!
                            quality and beauty.
• Gallery Opening Night     For more information and to            Special birthday’s for…
Friday 7th May
                            see the entire impressive                 Beverly Davidson
Book for dinner from 6pm
                            range visit:
                                        Pat Kingston
• Mother’s Day
Sunday 9th May                                                               Rob’s 60th
                                                                                                FREE GLASS OF WINE!
                                                                  and some farewells from
• Gallery Opening Night                                                                              Come along to the
Friday 4th June                                                   Peninsula Private Hospital
                                                                                                  Boyz @ Manyung for lunch
Book for dinner from 6pm
                                                                                                with 3 or more friends during
• Gallery Opening Night                                                                           April/May and receive a
Friday 2nd July                                                                                 free glass of wine on arrival!
Book for dinner from 6pm                                                                                 CUT ME OUT NOW!

                                                                                                   one voucher per table please
                                                                                                       a la carte dining only
                                                                                                       valid to 31st May 2010
                                                                                                                  S SU E 3
                                                                                                                   S U 3
                                                                                                               APRRIL 2010
                                                                                                               A        2010   PAGEE4
                                                                                                                               PAGE 4
                                                                                                                                PAG 4

                              RHYS SAYS GOODBYE!
FOOD FOR                      After enjoying 3 years of          Rhys doesn’t do things by
                              his distinctive and cheeky         half, he’s also left quiet        WINE OF THE MONTH
THOUGHT                       style of swooping through          little Mornington and
                              the restaurant to wait on          found himself a new home          Crittenden Estate in Dromana
One cannot think              our tables we said farewell        and a whole new life in a         has been featured this month
well, love well, or           to Rhys last month.                much “busier” place to            with 4 classic wines:
sleep well, if one                                               live!                             CRITTENDEN ESTATE PINOT GRIGIO
                              It’s a happy farewell as
has not dined well.                                                                                Vibrant yet savoury aromatics of
                              he’s off to the big smoke          He will be very much              honeysuckle and fresh cut hay and
VIRGINIA WOOLF                with an exciting new job to        missed and we all wish him        a palate of pears and lemon juice
British novelist              further his career.                the very best.
                                                                                                   GEPPETTO SAUVIGNON BLANC SEMILLON
                                                                                                   A nose of gooseberry and lemon
                                                                                                   zest and a palate of lime with a
                              BEHIND THE SCENES AT THE BOYZ                                        zippy acid finish
                              When we asked Emma for            pastime is kayaking with her       GEPPETTO CHARDONNAY
                              a profile for the newsletter      sister.
COUNTRY RETREAT               she said, “I don’t have
                                                                                                   Intense peach and melon aromas
                                                                                                   with a mouth-watering fresh acidity
                                                                And Emma isn’t always out the
                              one, I’m here all the time!”
Available for weekend                                           front, she likes cooking and       GEPPETTO PINOT NOIR
and holiday rental is a       I thought she was right           sneaks into the kitchen to “give   Intentionally made for early
beautiful three               and started off asking for a      it a go” whenever she can!         enjoyment with fresh fruit and low
bedroom country                                                                                    tannins but retaining a lively acidity
                              list of likes and dislikes,
                                                                Emma’s favourites…
home located at               which I’ll leave to the end.
                                                                Colour: Turquoise
Avoca.                        But there’s more to Emma
                                                                Food:    Chocolate & mash potato
                              than meets the eye… it all
In the heart of the                                             Drink:   Bacardi & Coke
                              started about 30 years
stunning Pyrenees,                                              Flower: Oriental Lily
close to wineries, and
                              ago in Mentone where
                                                                Animal: Cat
                                                                                                    MEET THE CREW
                              Emma was born and while
the township itself full                                        Place: Mansfield (to visit Nan)
                              she was still little the family                                       Chef/owner: Jon
of history, antiques and                                        Travel: Bora Bora
                              moved to Rye, and are still
galleries there’s lots to                                       TV star: Gerard Butler              Co-owner:          John
                              living there now.
do, or if you prefer just
                                                                Emma’s pet hates…                   Chef:              Adam
escape from it all!           Emma shares a cute little
                                                                No loo paper and being cold!
                              place in Rye with her                                                 Trainee chef: Anya
Set on a few acres of
                              black & white
private and pretty                                                                                  Kitchen:           Brad
                              cat, Little Man.
landscape it is fully
                              It’s fortunate                                                        Traineeship
equipped with modern
                              she’s in Rye as                                                       kitchen:           Ethan
appliances, cooling
                              she loves to walk                                                                        Alice
and linen included.
                              on the beach                                                                             Ben
Luxuriously furnished,        whenever she                                                                             Braeden
adorned with original         can and loves
artworks and a must-          the outdoors.                                                         Front of house: Emma
have open fireplace it                                                                                              Jacqui
                              Emma’s latest                                                                         Cassidy
offers the best in
                              project has                                                                           Dean
country lifestyle.
                              been creating a
For more details or           whole new                                                             Traineeship
bookings call Jon on          cottage garden                                                        front of house:       Rhiannon
9787 7911                     but she says her                                                                            Todd
                              most fun and               EMMA MAY BE CAMERA SHY BUT SHE WAS         Newsletter
                              adventurous                   HAPPY TO POSE FOR THIS PHOTO!           Editor:               Susie
                                                           P               B   B   M

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