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									LinkedIn for Business Networking

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          Velodea Media
        September 23, 2009
What is LinkedIn?
 • LinkedIn is not a community, but a platform to
   help people:
    – Remain "current" with your closest
      business contacts in a world where no one
      has the time to do so effectively
    – Create communities and subsets of those
 • The LinkedIn profile is the new "personal-
   professional brand"
What is LinkedIn?
 • LinkedIn is NOT an alternative to Facebook,
   but a place for business people to conduct
   business and build their “brand” in a particular
   field of expertise
LinkedIn Facts
 • Over 40 million members worldwide
 • More than 80% of corporate recruiters use
   LinkedIn as a recruiting source
    – Supports the referral method of hiring
        • “who do you know…”
LinkedIn Tips and Tricks
Completing the Profile
 • The more complete, the more often you will
   come up in searches
 • 100% completeness now requires
 • Use a quality picture
    – The “60 Minutes Close-up”
       • Don Hewitt knew the eyes were a
         window to the soul
Adding Contacts
 • Start with your closest contacts - especially if
   they're already on LinkedIn
    – Search your client/partner companies for
      new connected
 • Outlook toolbar – an absolute must
    – Informs you who in your contact database
      is already a member
    – Creates “collected contacts” that you can
      invite to connect
Connection Request Etiquette
 • People you know
    – Easy, especially if they’re already on
    – People you don't know
        • Use common interest – group, industry
        • If not, request an introduction
 • Types
    – Industry
    – Profession
    – Strategic partners
    – Trade orgs
    – Personal/hobby/alma-mater
    – Weekly digest recommended
    – Write intro and make it personal
        • How you got your start
        • Short opinion piece on current, relevant
 • Ask contacts in your industry to suggest other
   groups to join
    – Or “mine” group contacts for group
 • Create a group!
    – Screened by LinkedIn for content
 • Requesting recommendations
    – Recommend a colleague!
    – Close contacts only
        • People who really know you well
 • Request etiquette
    – Best time to request a referral is when you
      don’t need one
    – You can request edits to pending
      recommendations before they are posted
        • True for new as well as old
Growing your Network - Quickly
 •   “People you may know” window
 •   Surf your 1st level contact profiles
 •   Search your client and partner company pages
 •   Create a company page
      – Typically done by the principal of smaller
        companies, marketing depts. of larger firms
Answers Section
 • Answer questions posted from your network
   and groups
    – Intelligent answers raise your profile and
    – Tip: the best conversationalists are the
      ones that ask the most intelligent questions
      - true at networking events, true online.
 •   Great for Answers section!
 •   People
 •   Companies
 •   Jobs
 •   Groups
 •   Your Inbox
 • Don't spam your network!
 • Don't pepper groups and answers sections
   with marketing messages - your reputation is
   your message!
 • Use discretion on “Updates” – should be
   something relevant to your business activity,
   but not a continuous stream of sales
   messages, personal requests, complaints,
Premium Memberships
 • Inmails: contact members directly volume
   based on monthly plan
 • Enhanced search results – particularly helpful
   to recruiters
LION's = Linked-In-Open-Networkers
 • Risks/benefits of open networking
 • Quantity VS Quality
 • LinkedIn does not endorse nor inhibit this
Final Thoughts
 • LinkedIn is what YOU make of it!
     – Use it or cancel it
 • If you're not expanding your network on
   LinkedIn, it is of little or no use
     – You already have an address book and a
 • Complete your profile to 100%
     – you will show up in more searches which
       helps expand your network
Final Thoughts
 • Pick a time of day to check your social
   networks and stick to it - because THEY'RE
    – Tim Ferris in his book “The Four Hour
       Work Week” recommends 12N and 4PM
       for checking emails and same goes for
       social networks
 • Consider Plaxo as your online contact
   database – self updating, and a nice
   complement to LinkedIn until they either build
   or buy this feature.
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