Effects of Female Officers on the Female Crime Rate by xdb19855


									Effects of Female Officers on the
        Female Crime Rate
    A research/grant proposal
           Greg Norkus

   Problem Statement: The purpose of this
    study is to determine factors affecting the
    increase in the female crime rate, more
    specifically property and traffic crime
   The actual problem lies in an increasing
    female crime rate
   The overall goal of the research will be an
    attempt at a correlation between the increasing
    number of female officers and the increasing
    female crime rate.
   The disparity between gender difference of the
    arresting or citing officer will be the independent
    variable and number of citations and or arrests
    will be the dependant variable.
       Therefore male and female officers data will be
            Review of Literature
   Definitions from Missouri Criminal Code
       Crime
       Property crime
       Traffic crime
       Discretion
       Arrest
       Felony
       Misdemeanor
    National Center for Women and
   14.3% of all sworn law enforcement
    officers are women (1999)
       Number has risen
   2003 1,764,942 females were arrested
       Prisoner population of females has risen 48%
        since 1995
            NCJRS 2004
                Review of Literature

   Crime Statistics for Females
       Internationally
            Interpol results for female crime rate
       Nationally
            Uniform Crime Reports
Related Theoretical Perspective

   Feminist perspective
       Adler and Simon
         Criminology of Deviant Women
         Sisters in Crime
   The subjects of the research will be female
    police officers and female offenders.
   Selection based on available data regarding
    female officer citations and arrests. Population
    limited to female officers and female offenders
    that are recorded in the data set.
   Comparison made to male equivalent data
              Data Collection

   Consists of Analysis of previous research
    and data sets.
   Paper and Pencil methods attempt to
    correlate preexisting data.
                Data includes

   # of female citations or arrests for traffic
    violations and property crimes
   # of female officers
   # of female officers issuing female
    citations or arrests
   Equivalent data with male officers.

   The grant would be proposed under the
    National Institute of Justice
       In law Enforcement for Crime Analysis and

   Data will be collected through the
    gathering of previous research that
    contains the gender of officers making a
    citation or arrest and the gender of the
   This data will cover a ten year span in
    which the female crime rate as well as the
    number of female officers have increased.

   Implications of and from this study
    suggest that the female crime rate is
    rising thus there is a need for correlation
    of affecting or causal variables.
   This research will identify whether or not
    the liberation of women into the police
    force is having an affect on the female
    crime rate.
        Planning and Organization
   The plan is to hire research assistants to gather
    and analyze the data sets and statistics in order
    to attempt to correlate the number of female
    officers with the increasing female offenses.
   The assistants (a total of three) are needed for a
    three month period.
       Duties include assisting in the collection, analysis, and
        interpretation of data and results
          Dissemination Strategy

   In order to get this report out the National
    Institute of Justice will hold a conference
    to report the findings of this research.
       Conclusions, Results, Findings, Methods, and
        general information on the topic will be
        submitted to databases after review by peers
        and determination of legitimacy.
   Anonymity is provided through nameless
    data sets that only involve numbers that
    are not identifying
   Table 1 UCR data Ten Year Arrest Trends
    by sex 1995-2004
   Table 2 Full Time Law Enforcement
    Employees as of October 31, 2004
       % male and female
   The budget includes
       Hiring of research assistants for a three
        month period- 40hrs a week at $10 an hour
                    40X3=120X12=1440X$10=$14,400
       Computers, SPSS, internet
            Estimated $5000
    Data is free and no travel or consultation is
     needed due to hiring research assistants
    Grand total= $19,400

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