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									Editorial                           The President’s Column
O          nly a few years ago
           EAGT was no more
           than a four letter
combination for me. The pres-
ence and connective efforts of
                                                  Siracuse, April 20, 1999
                                    Dear Colleagues,
                                    This is to invite you to participate in the
                                    EAGT Meeting of Members, which will take
                                    place Sunday, July 4, from 10.00 a.m.
                                                                                           We thank our Austrian colleagues
                                                                                      of the ÖAGG, Gestalttherapie Sek-
                                                                                      tion, and the Organization Office of
                                                                                      the World Council of Psychotherapy,
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, as the   to 3.00 p.m., in Vienna, just before              who helped us in the logistical or-
President of the EAGT, has          the beginning of the World Congress               ganization of our Meetings in next
had a strong influence on the        of Psychotherapy.                                 July. The meeting will be at the Aus-
unfolding and growth of this           I announced this Meeting in my                 tria Center Am Hubertusdamm 6 A-
organization in recent years.       December 29, 1998, letter. Now the                1220, Vienna (this is east side of the
EAGT has become a natural           details.                                          Blue Danube, next to the United Na-
and authoritative forum for                                                           tions Building).
interest in Gestalt Therapy and     Agenda
its advancement worldwide.          On January 24, 1999, the Executive                Hotel Accomodation
I feel very honoured being          Committee agreed on the following                     We are kindly supported by the
asked to edit and design this       agenda:                                           Organization Office of the WCP
Newsletter, and thereby having       1. Approval of the minutes of the last           in order to reserve the hotel rooms
a chance of contributing to the     Meeting of Members held in Palermo,               for personal accomodation. If you
enhancement of contact and          October 1, 1998.                                  want to use the WCP hotel facilities,
connectiveness among Euro-           2. Apologizes.                                   the reservations can be made by the
pean Gestalt practitioners.          3. Annual report of the Executive                World Council for Psychotherapy
The EAGT Newsletter is fore-        Board and its approval.                           (WCP) whether you participate in the
most devoted to information          4. Annual accounts of the Executive              congress or not.
of what has been discussed and      Board and its approval.                              Please follow the instructions in
decided in different commit-         5. Report of the Extended Committee              the enclosed brochure under the
tees in the EAGT Board. In the       6. Report of the Ethical Committee.              voice “Hotel Booking”.
future, however, I have a vision     7. EAGT Newsletter.
of this newsletter, also becom-      8. Election of the President, the Sec-           Meeting of the Extended Board
ing a creative tool for commu-      retary and the Treasurer.                              For those of you who are part of
nication around what is of           9. Annual membership fee.                        the EAGT Extended Board, you are
importance to you as a mem-         10.Connection with the EAP.                       invited to participate at the Meeting
ber, in your certain part of the    11. Proposals from Members.                       which will take place on Saturday,
European Gestalt Community.         12. Alia.                                         July 3rd, 1999, from 3.00 p.m. to
One step in this aim is a call      13....                                            6.00 p.m., the afternoon before our
for engagement in the critical               As you can see, the Board in-            Meeting of Members, in the same
situation in the Balkan coun-       tends to give a suitable space for open           place (Austria Center).
tries. While reading the article    discussion and ideas from Members                     You have been noticed already
on page 6 you can reflect upon       during this annual meeting.                       about this meeting by Renate Becker,
your possible willingness to            I remind you about the right for              coordinator of the Extended Board.
contribute with your creativity     all EAGT Members of including new                 From this letter you have details
and psychological knowledge         points in the Agenda up to one week               about the Venue and hotels. Renate
in a help project as sketched in    before the Meeting of Members (via                will send you the Agenda of the Meet-
the text.                           fax or e-mail or a letter addressed to            ing.
  Your creativity is welcome in     me), and also the obligation of paying                This is the first time that a special
any way!                            your membership fee in full, in order             space is given to the Extended Board
Let the EAGT Newsletter be-         to keep your rights, including the right          and we look forward to receiving a lot
come a vehicle for your voice in    to vote.                                          of support from this Board of repre-
the European Gestalt Commu-                                                           sentatives from European countries.
nity of cultural differences and                                                      We believe that the Extended Board
common ground.                                                                        has to become the ground of EAGT.

Lars Berg, Editor;                  EAGT newsletter is produced in a cooperative sequence, by several people over the Internet.
Gestalt therapist and Artist        Editor and graphic designer is Lars Berg, Stockholm, Sweden. E-mail:
EAGT Newsletter                                the EAGT. We feel that we have been         1. creating a ground of training insti-
You are now holding the first issue of          doing mistakes and also a good job          tutes;
the EAGT Newsletter in your hands!             in these last three years, with a lot of    2. spreading much good writing that
We hearty thank Lars Berg from Sweden          dedication, and are aware that we have      often is unknown due to language dif-
who made this dream come true. Lars’           been helped in that, by many EAGT           ferences;
discrete, open, deliberate and intel-          Members. We know that continuity is         3. organizing a conference of writers;
ligent support in getting together the         important in this work, as well as to       4. spreading a list of European Gestalt
contributions of the EAGT Boards and           be open to new members. Bas and I           therapists; and so on.
Committees is a precious example of            decided to recandidate ourselves in             I’m sure you can add many inter-
a positive use of the potentialities that      the Executive Board (we dont know           esting things we can do, besides those
EAGT has, thanks to the professional           anything from Nura unfortunately),          we are already engaged in.
skills of its Members.                         in order to support the Board with              I hope you will enjoy receiving and
                                               our previous experience.                    reading the EAGT Newsletter and
The Election of the President, the                 You can candidate yourself or           contribute in it with your creativity.
Secretary and the Treasurer                    nominate a full member you want to              Looking forward to receiving your
Nura, Bas and myself will finish our            propose, via fax or e-mail or a letter      proposals about the items in the Agen-
turn with the next Meeting of Mem-             addressed to me.                            da, I wish to meet you all in Vienna.
bers. Therefore, we will have the elec-            In the Board we feel that we are
tion of three members of the Executive         becoming a community, which needs
Committee. During our last Executive           to have a lot of exchanges and to com-      Sincerely yours,
Board meeting, we discussed our feel-          mit itself to different projects, like,     Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb
ings and wishes to continue to work in         for instance:                               President EAGT

Last Executive Board Meeting Ethical Committee
O          n January 23 and 24 1999,
           Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb (Presi-
           dent), Daan Van Baalen (Public
Relations), Bas Lokerse (Treasurer) and
Veronique Vermeir (Vice-President) met
                                               on that more than one person can
                                               represent a country if there is more
                                               than one national association in that
                                                   We discussed the relationship
                                                                                           T        he Ethical Committee was formed at
                                                                                                    the Members Meeting during
                                                                                                    the last EAGT Conference
                                                                                           in Palermo, Sicily. The members, all
                                                                                           volunteers that were given mandate by
in Bruxelles. Nura Paul was excused, and       between EAGT and EAP; see further           approval from fellow members, are:
for one afternoon Renate Becker was pre-       details in the section News from the EAP.   Anna Rita Ravenna - Italy, Synnøve Jørstad -
sent as chair of the Extended Board.               We discussed the next EAGT Gen-         Norway, Udi-Jutta Schneewind - Germany
    After the financial report (with a          eral Meeting of Members in Vienna           and Dick Lompa - Holland. At their first
modest positive saldo), we accepted            (July 4, 1999).                             meeting during the conference, the
17 new individual members (10 from                 We decided to start this Newslet-       members agreed that Dick Lompa would
Belgium, 7 from the Netherlands and            ter and publish it once a year. We feel     be chair-person for the committee.
1 from France) and 4 institutional             happy with this initiative, and are very    The duties of the Ethical Commit-
members (2 from Belgium, 1 from the            grateful to Lars Berg for the editing       tee are:
Netherlands and Belgium, and 1 from            work!                                       1. To work on the creation of an EAGT
France). We are examining the can-                 We will ask Barbro Curman to stay       Code of Ethics, to be put to a vote by
didatures of people from Denmark,              intensively in touch with us on the         our next European Conference, in
Tsjechië, Greece and Macedonië. We             next EAGT Conference, that will take        2001.
are also contacting people in Fin-             place in Sweden, 2001.                      2. Then to agree on a procedure to
land, Lithuania, Slovachia, Russia and             The new statutes are to be regis-       treat ethical cases.
Spain.                                         tered in Germany.                           3. Only after these two steps, the Ethi-
    We discussed and emphasized the                We will contact the Ethical Com-        cal Committee might work as an “advi-
function of the Extended Board.                mittee (voted in Palermo) on their          sor” for the Executive Committee and
Renate will contact several people, to         aims and work.                              eventually for the Meeting of Members
activate the Extended Board, getting on            Many good things are arising, and       for ethical cases.
with the discussions on their tasks and        we need the help from all members               The committee members have
aims. F.ex. getting in touch with the          to make the “machine” work like an          since been busy establishing com-
representatives of European countries,         organism-in-its-field!                       mon ground for the ways and means
starting to work on local and European                                                     to complete the tasks ahead. They are
issues and getting in touch with coun-            Veronique Vermeir                        presently gathering significant materi-
tries which are not represented yet, in                                                    als from their working fields in their
order to have an Extended Board as                                                         respective countries to stimulate and
representative as possible. We agreed                                                      enrich their future discussions and ex-
changes. They have also established a
timeframe for their communication
via fax and e-mail and hope to arrange
                                            News from the EAP
for a meeting together sometime this
Spring or Fall. Anna Rita has offered
accomodations at her insitute in Rome.
    All in all, a productive start with
the realization that the members of the
                                            T         he connection with EAP (Eu-
                                                      ropean Association for Psycho-
                                                      therapy) is now fully estab-
                                            lished. I summarize here a few points
                                            to update the situation:
                                                                                       and will address to the proper EWAO
                                                                                       (EAGT for Gestalt therapists) to get
                                                                                       approval on training standards or oth-
                                                                                       er matters (ethical issues for instance).
                                                                                       6. What we expect now is these rules to
committee still have a lot of work to do    1. The EAGT is the European Wide           be properly applied. It’s very impor-
for which they all need to find the time     Awarding Organization (EWAO) in            tant that any EWAO has a relevant role
in their busy schedules.                    the EAP (voted in Bruxelles on Oc-         in the attribution of ECP, since this
                                            tober 24, 1998). This means that the       means to keep the scientific level of the
   Dick Lompa, Chairperson                  EAGT (and its national associations)       EAP as an association which aims at
                                            should have a determinant role in the      giving autonomous dignity to the pro-
                                            attribution of ECP (European Cer-          fession of psychotherapy. If the main

Financial Report                            tificate of Psychotherapy) to Gestalt
                                            2. This brings the necessity of a
                                                                                       power will be given to other – more
                                                                                       political – values, we risk to disqualify
                                                                                       or at least deprive our profession.
                                                                                       7. One general problem is to award the

T        his is the first Financial report
         I write for the EAGT Newslet-
         ter and I ask myself what is of
importance for the members?
     The general meeting in Palermo
                                            meaningful cooperation among the
                                            Institutional members of the EAGT
                                            (expecially on training standards). We
                                            discussed this in our last EAGT Board
                                            meeting and activated several parallell
                                                                                       ECP to Eastern European colleagues
                                                                                       who don’t fullfil training standards
                                                                                       on account of the financial situation
                                                                                       in those countries, which don’t allow
passed a resolution to raise the mem-       activities on regard.                      them to get extensive training. It has
bership fee. In my opinion, as treas-       3. The first is the Extended Board          happened already that I had to refuse
urer, a good decision, because we           of the EAGT. The Executive Board           the approval of colleagues from East-
need lots of money to do our job well       agreed on a procedure of activation of     ern Europe, because we don’t have any
and to do things we didn’t do before.       the Extended Board: get in touch with      member from there! Even if Bas will
An example is the EAGT Newsletter.          the previous and new representatives of    propose to differentiate the member-
     Very important issues for this year:   European countries, start to work on       ship fee for Eastern colleagues, this is
• to have meetings with the Extended        local and European issues. Meanwhile,      not enough, because they usually don’t
Board;                                      the Executive Board will continue their    fullfil training standards. This is a
• to register new constitution;             contacts with countries not yet repre-     problem that deserves to be addressed
• the political developments in Eu-         sented, in order to have an Extended       in our next Meeting of Members. The
rope for psychotherapy and particu-         Board with the highest representation      Board needs to know the opinion of
larly Gestalt therapy – our member-         of countries possible.                     EAGT members.
ship of the EAP;                            4. A coordinated work in the attribu-      8. EAGT paid a lot of money (R 1200)
• and of course all other topics we dis-    tion of ECP between EAP and EAGT           to confirm its EWAO status. This
cussed during the Board meetings.           is necessary. This will be possible if a   amount is besides the regular fee we
     Because of the raise of the mem-       member of the EAGT takes part in the       pay as a European Association (EWO).
bership fee we can do it. The mem-          national umbrella organization which       The price is high indeed! If you con-
bership fee is the only income we have      awards the ECP. The interim rule           sider also that the EAP seems to be
till now.                                   of grandparenting has created some         at a crossroad at the moment (many
     The biggest part of the expendi-       problems to Institutes which seriously     conflicts previously kept in the ground
tures are: board costs, travel costs,       follow the training standards and seem     are becoming open) between moving
telephone and postage costs and the         to be quicked by their students who        toward power or science, you under-
membership of the EAP (this year for        hope to have an ECP without getting        stand how important it is to keep an
membership R 712 and EWAO status            all the standards. I have brought this     eye on how the situation evolves.
R 1200). So if you have not paid your       problem to the EAP Board and have          9. We will surely know more and have
membership fee 1999 yet, I request          been assured that the national um-         the chance to discuss this matter in our
you to pay it as soon as possible.          brella organizations will not apply the    next Meeting of Members, on July 4th,
     Our bank account:                      grandparenting rule to those who are       in Vienna.
     31.12.98.......€ 3504;                 still in training.                             Till then, please don’t hesi-
     15.3.99........€ 7180.                 5. To be awarded with the ECP any          tate in getting in touch with me:
     For the General Meeting in             European psychotherapist has to apply      fax +39-0931-442734; e.mail
Vienna I will send you the Financial        to the national (umbrella) awarding; cellular phone
report 1998.                                organization (NAO) (or directly to the     +39-335-8233413.
                                            EAP when the NAO doesn’t exist). The
   Bas Lokerse                              NAO or the EAP will check whether
   Treasurer                                the applicant fullfils EAP standards        Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb
The Extended Board
T       he Board of the EAGT con-
        sists of the Board of Directors
        (executive committee) and the
Extended Board (general committee).
The Extended Board consists of mem-
                                             is based on the influence of all mem-
                                             bers. This is the only way we can make
                                             EAGT a strong organization. The
                                             most important task of the Extended
                                             Board is to be intermediair between
                                                                                        not come to the meeting in Vienna.
                                                                                        However, they will stay in contact via
                                                                                        email etc.
                                                                                            Although no concrete steps have
                                                                                        been taken yet, the Training Stand-
bers from several countries in Euro-         the organizations and personal mem-        ards are high on the agenda of the
pe. Many countries have a national           bers of the country and the Board of       Extented Board. Some representatives
organization, some have two – like           Directors and vise versa.                  are in communication and will set up
Germany and France – and some have               We took the first step in Brussels,     a meeting in Vienna, to discuss the
no organization at all. The members          in January this year. Renate Becker is     issues around this topic.
of the Extended Board represent their        elected as the President of the Extend-        Please let me know, if you are in-
respective countries, but what is each       ed Board. Her task is to form and          terested to participate.
country representing?                        enlarge the Extended Board.                    Barbo Curman from Sweden and
    In my opinion it’s very important                                                   myself will be present and I hope that
that every country in Europe, that has       Bas Lokersee                               we can workout some concrete steps to
organizational or personal members                                                      be taken. The response from members
of the EAGT, is represented in the           The situation in Switzerland is such       of the various countries has been slow
Extended Board.                              that the Gestalt therapists feel more      and I hope that reading this NEWS-
    In order to know what’s alive about      cooperative with the Integrative thera-    LETTER, people will feel interested
Gestalt in each country, it’s necessary      pists and therefor find it difficult to      to get in touch.
to have at least one meeting together        be involved more actively in EAGT.
every year. The agenda of that meeting           Their representative will therefor     Renate Becker

List of Members – May 12, 1999
ORGANIZATIONS                                • Societe Française de Gestalt, France     • FISIG-Federazione Italiana Scuole,
• Osterreichische A G Gestalttherapie,       • Savoir Psy. Dr Pierre Coret, France      Anna Rita Ravenna, Italy
Austria                                      • College de Gestalt-Therapie, France      • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Ge-
• Institut fur Integrative Gestalttherapie   • Ecole Parisienne de Gestalt (EPG),       stalttherapie, Netherlands
Wien, Dr Alfred Grillmeier, Austria          Gonzague Masquelier, France                • Noord Nederlandse Gestalt Organi-
• Vlaamse vereniging voor Gestalt,           • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Integra-       satie, Netherlands
Belgium                                      tieve Therapie, Gestalttherapie und        • BOLT opleiding, Netherlands
• Multi di Mens, Belgium                     Kreativitätsförderung, Germany             • Nederlandse Stichting Gestalt, The
• IVC Instituut voor Communicatie,           • Deutsche Vereinigung für Gestalt-        Netherlands
Vlaamse vereniging voor Gestaltthera-        therapie, Germany                          • Instituut Heel, Thijs Besems, The
pie, Belgium                                 • Fritz Perls Institut, Germany            Netherlands
• Faculteit voor Mens en Samenleving,        • Gestalt-Zentrum Göttingen, Ger-          • Nederlandse beroepsvereniging voor
Belgium                                      many                                       Gestalttherapeuten, NBGT Ina van
• Drusrvo Gestalt Integrativnih Psi-         • Institut für Gestalttherapie, Ger-       Deursen Secretaris, Netherlands
hoterapeuta Hrvatske, DGIPH Josorka          many                                       • Norsk Forening for Integrativ
Golub President, Croatia                     • Gestalt psychotherapy and, ethodol-      Terapi, Norway
• Cambridge Gate, Sparrow’s Lodge,           ogy, Toula Vlachoutsikou, Greece           • Norske Gestaltinstitutt ANS, Senter
England                                      • Gestalt Foundation Athens branch,        for Gestalt og Psykosyntese, Norway
• Gestalt Association UK, England            Greece                                     • Gestalt Academy of Scandinavia,
• Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Insti-      • H.C.C. Human Communication               Sweden.
tute, England                                Center, Italy                              • Schweizer Verein für Gestalttherapie
• The Metanoia Trust, England                • Societa Italiana Psicoterapia Gestalt,   (SVG), Dr Urs Isenegger, Switzerland.
• The Sherwood Psychotherapy Train-          Italy                                      • Institut Für Körper Zentrierte Psy-
ing Institute, England                       • Societa Italiana Gestalt (SIG), Dr       chotherapie, Switzerland.
• Institut Français de Gestalt-therapie,     Marina Lonigro, Italy
PERSONAL MEMBERS                        • Tineke Hommes, Netherlands          • Claire Neger, Germany
• Jaap Alberts, The Netherlands         • Lluisella Imperato, Italy           • Ester Neumanova, Czech Republic
• Angeles Arechederra Ortiz, Spain      • Svein Johansen, Norway              • Adrian Oomen, Germany
• Lia Aarsbergen, Netherlands           • Anne Synova Jorstad, Norway         • Prof. Dr. H.Pauls, Germany
• Helena Arsenidou, Greece              • Martin Jara, Czech Republic         • Marta Peduzzi, Italy
• Daan C. van Baalen, Norway            • Augustinus Klaren, Netherlands      • Prof. Dr. Hilarion Petzold, Germany
• Alain Badier, France                  • Despina Koweou, Greece              • Dimitra Plagianakou-Kanoni, Greece
• Despina Balliou, Greece               • Ernst Knijff, Belgium               • Mrs. Gay C. Parnell Ph. D., U.S.A.
• Ramo de Boer, Netherlands             • Eva Kristoffersen, Norway           • Bert la Poutre, Netherlands
• Géa Boiten - Stienstra, Netherlands   • Mgr. Jan Knop, Czech Republic       • Otteline van Panthaleon van Eck,
• Herman Boiten, Netherlands            • Biljana Koprova, Republic of Mac-   Netherlands
• Xaver Buschel, Germany                edonia                                • Richard Peterson, Netherlands
• Michel Yvo de Baere, Belgium          • Efthimia Konstantinidou, Greece     • Luk Peeters, Belgium
• Gerda Boydens, Belgium                • Otteline Lamet, The Netherlands     • Giuliana Ratti, Italy
• Marjan Braam, Netherlands             • Annet Lampe, Belgium                • Mevr. A.C. Schoon, Netherlands
• Yvonne Bok, Netherlands               • Jan Lens, Belgium                   • Gro Skottun, Norway
• Pierre Coret, France                  • Richard E Lompa, The Netherlands    • M.J. Start, The Netherlands
• Greet Cassiers, Belgium               • Georges Lambrechts, Belgium         • Harm Siemens, The Netherlands
• Marjo Claessens, The Netherlands      • Christine Leys, Belgium             • Dagmar Steinhauselova Ph.D, Czech
• F.J. Commijs, The Netherlands         • Joel Latner, U.S.A.                 Republic
• Pieter Deturck, Belgium               • Giovanna Mariotti, Italy            • Michael Tophoff, Netherlands
• Trees Deturck - Ingelaere, Belgium    • Traveni Mafalda Massella, Italy     • Mercedes Velasco Irigoyen, Spain
• Margaretha van Dijk, Netherlands      • Frans Meulmeester, The Nether-      • Bernadette Valentin-Mousli, Ger-
• Luc Declercq, Belgium                 lands                                 many
• Jiri Drahota Ph.d, Czech Republic     • Sjan Meijer, The Netherlands        • Carmen Vasquez Baudin, Spain
• Anna Fabbrini, Italy                  • Alberto Melucci, Italy              • Toula Vlachoutsikou, Greece
• Serge Ginger, France                  • Anne Mos, The Netherlands           • Veronique Vermeir, Belgium
• Jos Groels, The Netherlands           • Frank van Mierlo, Belgium           • Marjan Wiegman, The Netherlands
• Elisabeth Groenendijk, Netherlands    • Christine de Muynck, Belgium        • Georges Wollants, Belgium
• Annemiek van Gurp, Netherlands        • Raymond de Mey, Belgium             • Yamarelou Yianna, Greece
• Jutta Hommel-Schneck, Germany         • Gonzague Masquelier, France
• Wendela ter Horst, Netherlands        • Christine Milioni, Greece

                                                                                            Attendants at the 6th Euro-
                                                                                            pean Conference of Gestalt
                                                                                            Therapy, in Palermo, Sicily
                                                                                            – October 1–4 1998 – enjoy-
                                                                                            ing their togetherness during the
                                                                                            last General Meeting.
                                                                                            The Conference was held in a
                                                                                            lively athmosphere and with
                                                                                            a rich variety of workshops,
                                                                                            minilectures and panels.
                                                                                            With around 400 registered
                                                                                            participants, from more than
                                                                                            20 nations, ground was made
                                                                                            for heartfelt discussions and
                                                                                            cultural exchange. The linguistic
                                                                                            challenge was significant and
                                                                                            the complex task for the inter-
                                                                                            preters was obvious. This also
                                                                                            contributed to the aliveness of
                                                                                            the conference. It’s theme was
                                                                                            “Gestalt Therapy: Hermeneutics
                                                                                            and Clinical” .
A Call for Engagement                                                                   EAGT Conference
W          e are looking for possible
           ways of organizing efforts to
           prevent some of the effects of
trauma for the Kosovo refugees, in the
current Yugoslavian crisis. Any num-
                                             well take part in the activities at the
                                             Children’s Theatre Center, but
                                             not explicitly as therapists – rather
                                             as providers of playful experimenta-
                                             tion, based on our knowledge of the
                                                                                        B         elow is a report of the planning
                                                                                                  process of the 7th European
                                                                                                  Conference of Gestalt
                                                                                        Therapy, in Stockholm, Sweden, Sep-
                                                                                        tember 13 - 16, 2001.
ber of Gestalt therapists in Europe who      grounding effect of engaging fully in          We have built a project organiza-
have time and resources to engage in         the Here-and-Now.                          tion with a number of people taking
a psychological project, connected to            There will also be other ways of       responsibility for different parts of the
some institution or organization that        connecting helpful efforts from Ge-        planning. Each contact person devel-
operate in the area close to Kosovo,         stalt practitioners.                       ops a working group for her/his field
would make a good contribution.                  A Macedonian psychiatrist, Mira        of interest and all is kept together by a
With this eneavour in mind we have           Polazarevska, at the Mental Crisis         project committee.
been in contact with an organization         Centre in Skopje, is planning a play           We have discussed the theme of the
here in Sweden, called Intercult, that       therapeutic project, that would need       conference thoroughly, in order to
has a close link to a project in Macedo-     support in its development.                find a coherent line that has a connec-
nia.                                             We will connect to her about a         tive and energetic quality for everyone
    The Albanian director Dritero Kasapi     possible collaboration by interested       involved in the conference planning.
of the Dramatic Theatre of Alba-             Gestalt therapists.                            The theme formulation that has
nia, has organized activities to help            When the conflict in some way           won the most warmly response, and
refugees from Kosovo by rearranging          has come to an end, there might be a       also applies to a Scandinavian model
his theatre to the Children’s Theatre        need for conflict resolution training       is:
Center in Skopje, Macedonia – and            and training in communication skills           The Gestalt Approach in Proc-
soon also in Albania.                        among people involved in making            ess: “A Dialogical Encounter”
    We recently met Dritero Kasapi – who     ground for collaboration in building       – applied in the fields of Society,
fortunately made a short visit here in       up a new future.                           Psychotherapy, Organizations and
Stockholm – and we had a talk around             There are many steps to take in        Research.
the situation for the refugees in Mac-       terms of the realization of these ideas;       We all look forward to the realiza-
edonia and Albania.                          many threads have to be connected and      tion of a conference that points at
    We were very moved by Dritero’s          tried out.                                 three main aspects of Gestalt Therapy:
first hand experiences from the refugee           Our basic attitude to psychological    1. The fundamental and phenomeno-
camps in Macedonia and his insight-          helping efforts is to tentatively con-     logical person-to-person dialogue,
ful reasoning as the ground for what         nect to the conditions and needs of        where therapist and client explore their
he and his collegues are doing for the       the people involved, not forcing any       separate and mutual realities as an
Kosovo children.                             arrangements on people only because        I–Thou encounter in the Here-and-
    The ambitions of the Children’s          we believe it’s the right thing to do.     Now.
Theatre Center is focussed on the                While we check out possibilities,      2. The development of Gestalt Therapy
vulnerable conditions of the children        we’d like to know about the interest for   as a therapeutic approach, that isn’t
and because of the complex situation         this among therapists in the European      definite but has evolved over time and
they have no counselling ambitions           Gestalt Community.                         has been integrated with different cul-
other than those inherent in the activi-         Let us hear from you!                  tures around the world and still kept its
ties of play and expressiveness; drama,          We are open to ideas and sugges-       essence as The Gestalt Approach. We
music, painting, writing and social-         tions that could make these kind of        suggest that this essence is “A Dialogi-
izing. These also have the function of       efforts more effective and possible.       cal Encounter”, as well as this has been
stress relief, being closely linked to           The EAGT Newsletter could be a         the foundation of its evolution.
children’s normal way of handling their      link for contact between Gestalt people    3. We challenge all participants of
realities.                                   from different institutes, countries       this conference to actually engage in a
    Concerning the possibilities of          and cultures in any subject of concern.    process of person-to-person contact
doing something for grown-up refu-                                                      and we are aiming at structuring it in
gees, Dritero Kasapi reflects their obvious   Lars Berg                                  such a way as to enhance and fascilitate
conflictful state of mind, being “on          Eugenio Moliní                             human encounters throughout the
the road” – either waiting for deporta-      Swedish and Spanish-Swedish Gestalt        conference.
tion to another country or hoping for        practitioners                                  Welcome to join and experience a conference
a coming back to Kosovo – they are not                                                  built on the essence of Gestalt: a Human Dialogue
yet settled enough to be able to assimi-                                                based on Phenomenological skills and Existential
late therapeutic efforts.                    If you are interested, contact EAGT        values.
    Our reactions to this information        Newsletter at the addresse, phone/fax          The Gestalt Academy of Scandi-
is that Gestalt therapists could very        numbers or e-mail addresse at page 7.      navia (25 years of age) will be your
in Stockholm, Sweden – September 2001
 host and Stockholm City, built on 13       as where the Nobel Prize party takes                 Warmly welcome to Stockholm
 islands, will be your environment.         place every year. There will be din-                       in September 2001
     The Gestalt Approach has devel-        ner and dancing. The evening of the                – we all look forward to meeting you
 oped through Dialogical Encounter.         second day of the conference will have                   and exploring together!!
 This first EAGT Conference in the           the theme of joint entertainment,
 new millenium will reflect the proc-        probably linked to the archepelago.          The Project group of the EAGT Con-
 ess of how the Gestalt approach has                                                     ference, through:
 developed over the decades and how it      • Contact in focus                           Barbro Curman, Director, Therapeu-
 is applied in different fields.                 The main language will be English        tic Branch of the Gestalt Academy,
     The process of development has         at the conference. As many Scandi-           Project leader;
 been through the tool of Dialogical        navians know more than their own             Assar Hansson, Director, Organizational
 Encounter rather than from rules and       lan-guage plus English, we will form         Branch of the Gestalt Academy;
 regulations. In this way the Gestalt       language groups for other languages          Mem Tylling, Administrator.
 approach has matured organically and       so that we can support participants
 kept its essence, which you might call     from these countries. The application
 “The Soul of Gestalt”.                     form will include our wish to know
     How can we maintain that essence?      your need of language support. If
     How can we describe it? Maybe as       there are speeches of some length they
 a strong and very alive plant and at       will be translated in advance. Work-          European Association for Gestalt Therapy
 the same time (and because of that) a      shops will include at the most two lan-            Istituto di Gestalt - H.C.C.
 vulnerable one?                            guages. We hope to be able to arrange                Via Alaimo da Lentini, 2
                                            this through contact among collegues,                  96100 Siracusa, Italy
 • The Gestalt Approach in process at       which is a way of getting to know each                 Tel: +39-093135207
 the conference                             other. Of course we also save money.                  Fax. +39-0931442734
    The “how” of the conference will                                                          E-mail:
 reflect our theme. “Gestalt” means          • Fee
 holistic in practice – not only in             We count on a fee of € 390 (Eu-           Board of Directors (Executive Board):
 theory. From our theory of Phenom-         ros) including everything except bed           Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Italy (President)
 enology we consider three zones of         and breakfast and of course your               Bas Lokerse, The Netherlands (Treasurer)
 awareness; the inner (body), the outer     travel to Stockholm.                           Daan van Baalen, Norway (Public Relations)
 (senses) and the middle (thoughts).            There will be a list of hotels of dif-           Nura Paul, England (Secretary)
 The theme of Dialogical Encounter          ferent standards and prices. There are         Veronique Vermeir, Belgium (Vice-president)
 implies that the process of the con-       also two good hostels in central Stock-
 ference will facilitate a harmonious       holm for a low price. As Stockholm                         Extended Board:
 flow between these different aspects of     is in itself a rather expensive city, we           Renate Becker, Germany (Chair)
 communication.                             will try to compensate for that to some              Brigitte Couder, SFG, France
                                            extent and ask collegues and students              Jean Marie Robine, CGT, France
 ARRANGEMENTS                               to invite to their private homes. That                  Despina Koweou, Greece
 • Central Stockholm                        is also a nice contact-making way of                Marijke Prins, the Netherlands
     Grand Hotel in Stockholm City          relating. As is a tradition there will be               Barbro Curman, Sweden
 will host the conference during day-       a lower fee if you send in your ap-                 Markus Frauchiger, Switzerland
 time and the first evening. The hotel is    plication and fee a year in advance.
 located with a nice view over the water.   A lower fee for guests and hopefully              Chair of the Ethical Committee:
 You will be surrounded by water and        a support for collegues coming from                 Dick Lompa, the Netherlands
 views – this is the identity of Stock-     countries which today has a difficulty
 holm. The city is built on 13 islands      to provide for this kind of events. Two
 and the archipelago includes another       colleques are working intensely on                        EAGT Newsletter
 30 000 islands.                            funding for the conference.                            Lars Berg, Box 4204
                                                                                               SE-102 65 Stockholm, Sweden
 • Day conference with evening ar-          • Marketing                                            Tel: +46-8641 5544
 rangements                                     In October 1999 brochures/invi-                    Fax: +46-8642 7370
     The conference will be kept to-        tations will be sent out. The Confer-              E-mail:
 gether as a whole package concerning       ence will have its own web site, which
 everything except hotel. There will be     will be updated step by step. The               EAGT Newsletter is published when
 arrangements in the evenings included      Project group keeps a close link to the          there is new information at hand;
 in the fee. The last evening will be       EAGT Board in the planning.                              at least once a year.
 held at the City Hall in the same place

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