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					                                      Nordic Kidney Group
                                      Third annual meeting
             24-Nov-2005, 10.00 am at Radisson SAS Airport Hotel, Gardemoen Airport

Nordic transplantation/nephrolic departments:
               Magnús Bödvarsson            - Landspitali
               Jesper Melchior Hansen       - Amtssygehuset i Herlev
               Lauri Kyllönen               - Helsingin Yliopistollinen Keskussairaala
               Torbjörn Lundgren            – Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset
               Melvin Madsen                – Skejby Sygehus
               Lars Mjörnstedt              – Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset
               Bengt von zur Mühlen         – Akademiska sjukhuset
               Nils H. Persson              – Universitetssjukhuset MAS
               Anna Varberg Reisæter        - Rikshospitalet

Nordic uremic registries:
              Páll Asmundson                   - Islandske uræmiregister
              Torbjørn Leivestad               – Norsk Nefrologiregister
              Hans Løkkegaard                  – Dansk Uremi register
              Staffan Schön                    - Svenskt Register för Aktiv Uremivård

              Arnt Jakobsen
              Frank Pedersen

                  Niels Grunnet                - Scandiatransplant
                  Niels Rohr                   - Odense Universitetshospital
                  Søren Schwarts Sørensen      - Rigshospitalet

      I.      Meeting called to order at 10.00 am by Torbjørn Leivestad.
           Leader of the meeting: Anna Varberg Reisæter
.          Minutes from last meeting approved.
           Further maters to the agenda;
                  - Terminology regarding deceased donors.
                  - Which data to distribute, and to whom.


           A. Chairman Group.
           No activity
       B. Code Group.
       No activity.

       C. Publications.
       American Transplant Congress 2005 Seattle, WA, 23-May-2005.



       A. Articles of association for NKG (Nordic Kidney Group).
       The decisions on Constitution and Publication rules will be rewritten into a separate
       document by Scandiatransplant, and presented to the “leader group”.

       B. Election of leader and leader group for NKG.
       Lauri Kyllönen (FI) – Chairman
       Torbjørn Leivestad (NO) – Data responsible
       Lars Mjörnstedt (SE)
       Melvin Madsen (DK)
       Magnús Bödvarsson (IS)

       C. Codes in Scandiatransplant.
       Mapping on EDTA<->ICD-10 . For now there are no conclusive European mapping on
       the codes, so both will coexist in Scandinavia and the group will make a mapping of their
       Nomenclature. Scandiatransplant will adapt the suggestions from AOPO on
       “Terminology regarding deceased donors”.
       Cause of Graft loss and Cause of death in Scandiatransplant’s Kidney follow-up is

              -   The “Code group” continues, with the participation of Páll Asmundson, Hans
                  Løkkegaard, Torbjørn Leivestad, Lauri Kyllönen and Staffan Schön.
              -   Scandiatransplant will implement the ICD-10 code subset in the database
                  alongside EDTA for optional entering.

       D. Living Donor Registry.
       The Norwegian living donor registry has been imported into Scandiatransplant.
             - Uppsala, Stockholm, Malmö, Oslo, Helsinki and København is using the
                 electronic system.
             - Reykjavik, Göteborg, Odense and Århus has the data on paper but is not yet
             -   Scandiatransplant will alter the paper forms, so they match the screens.
             -   Scandiatransplant will create a User Manual for the new database.
             -   Hands on education can be requested from Scandiatransplant.

      E. Yearly evaluation of exchange obligations.
            - The decisions on “Rules for exchange of necro kidney within the
               Scandiatransplant co-operation” from 02-jun-2005 was accepted with no
               further addition.
            - The is a need to distinguish between Exchange obligation, Pay back and Free
               kidneys in the statistical outputs.
            - The centres must be urged, to enter quality control on kidneys after exchange.

      F. Publications.
      Melvin Madsen will do an article on base of the Abstract "70+ KIDNEY DONORS -

      G. Updating of Scandiatransplant
         - Skejby Sygehus-IT and Oracle Danmark is at the moment defining the existing
         system, the papers should be ready around Christmas.
         - At the beginning of 2006 two workshops will be held, to define requests for the
         updated system.
         - NKG wish to emphasise the need to be able to transfer data from local systems to
         Scandiatransplant on both on-line and batch basis.

      H. The Scandinavian Transplant Society – XXIII Congress, Göteborg.
      NKG will be presented at the joint panel session for all registries within


      A. Changes in exchange obligation criteria.
           - The Tissue typers proposal to return to broad B12, B15, B16 and base the
              math on Bw4/Bw6 as well, was illustrated by Torbjørn Leivestad.
              NKG recommends the proposal, that is to be discussed at the upcoming
              Representative meeting of Scandiatransplant.
           - A proposal to do a program on “acceptable mismatch” for The highly
              sensitized patient (HSP) was approwed by NKG, however it’s the Tissue
              typers who must carry on further discussions and sugestions.

      B. Homepage.
              - NKG will have their own area on for Article of
              association, annual reports, scientific papers, specific statistics a.s.o.

       D. Codes.
             - The code group will decide on Mapping EDTA<->ICD-10.


       København will be hosting the next meeting preferably at Kastrup Lufthavn on
       November 23 2006.

Respectfully submitted,

Frank Pedersen, Scandiatransplant