Mill River Mill Pond Restoration Project Construction Sequence by fuf15836


									         Mill River & Mill Pond Restoration Project
                  Construction Sequence

In phase 1, steel sheet piling is installed parallel to the east wall of the Mill
Pond and down to the Main Street Bridge. The area between the sheet piling
and the east wall will become the bypass channel for the river during
In phase 2, the river is diverted into the bypass channel and the rest of the
Mill Pond is dredged and the dam and walls are demolished.
In phase 3, the new river channel is constructed as a series of pools and
riffles that allow fish to migrate upstream and feature rock structures called
“cross veins” which 1) provide aquatic habitat and 2) channel the force of
river to the center of the channel and away from the banks. The west side of
the new flood plane is graded and planted with native species.
In phase 4, the river is diverted into the newly constructed channel, the sheet
piling is removed, the east wall of the pond is demolished and the east side
of the river is graded and planted with native species.
Salt Marsh Restoration

At two sites, south of Richmond Hill Avenue and the MetroNorth Bridge,
invasive phragmites reeds are removed by regrading the river edge to allow
inundation by salt water for the majority of the tide cycle. Native marsh
grasses such as spartina are planted that support a more diverse flora and
fauna and provide better aquatic habitat for fish, eels, crabs and other

                   Pulaski Street Dam Reduction

Large concrete structures under the Pulaski Street Bridge are lowered to
allow migratory fish, such as river herring, to move upstream.
Mill River Park Construction
Construction of Mill River Park follows the restoration of the river.

Designed by Olin Partnership, an award-winning landscape architecture
firm, Mill River Park & Greenway uses a compelling and enduring palette of
trees, indigenous plants and materials that provide striking textures and color
throughout the year. The naturally wooded west side of the river forms an
interesting counterpoint to the more formal great lawn, esplanades, cherry
tree grove and granite overlook on the opposite east bank.

Twenty-six acres of parkland will form a new urban greenway stretching
from Scalzi Park to Stamford Harbor with amenities unique to Stamford,
including a carousel, interactive fountain, outdoor winter ice rink, kayak
facility, and jogging and biking trails that weave under beautifully
illuminated bridges that attract and enthrall evening walkers.
Mill River Park is the most important quality-of-
life initiative in Stamford in many decades.

Quality of Life

   • Run, walk or bike ride on the river
     greenway before heading in or after work
   • Enjoy summer concerts with the family on
     the great lawn
   • Escape from a hot sidewalk into the
     cooling quiet of a wooded landscape
   • Lunch on a bench watching people play on
     the great lawn or picnic quietly on a stone
     outcrop overlooking the river
   • Watch children get soaked dodging water
     spouts in the fountain
   • See spring runs of herring with striped
     bass in hot pursuit where children catch
     their first fish and their first understanding
     of natural cycles
   • Enjoy night skating on the illuminated ice
   • Stroll after dinner on river paths under
     illuminated bridges
   • Listen to children squealing with joy on
     the carousel
   • Or just be reassured that it’s there as you
     pass by.

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