Herbicides Labeled in Field Corn, Seed Corn, Popcorn, and by ojd96442



                 Table 7. Herbicides Labeled for Use on Field Corn, Seed Corn, Popcorn, and Sweet Corn
                                                                            Field Corn
                                                      Field Corn            Grown For Seed                Popcorn             Sweet Corn

            2,4-D.                                          Y.                      Y 5.                    Y5.                     Y
            Accent.Q/NIC-IT.                                Y.                      Y5,.8.                  Y1,.5,.8.               Y5,.8
            Aim.                                            Y.                      Y 9.                    Y.                      Y5
            Atrazine.                                       Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y
            Balance.Flexx.                                  Y.                      Y 5.                    N.                      N
            Basagran.                                       Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y
            Basis.                                          Y.                      N.                      N.                      N.
            Beacon.                                         Y5.                     Y5,.7.                  Y5,.7.                  N
            Bicep.II.Magnum/Cinch.ATZ.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y
            Bromoxynil.                                     Y.                      Y2,.5.                  Y2.                     N
            Cadet.                                          Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y
            Callisto.                                       Y.                      Y.                      Y10.                    Y
            Capreno.                                        Y.                      Y5.                     Y.                      N
            Celebrity.Plus.                                 Y.                      N.                      N.                      N
            Corvus.                                         Y.                      Y 5.                    N.                      N
            Degree.                                         Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y
            Degree.Xtra.                                    Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y
            Dicamba.                                        Y.                      Y5.                     Y5.                     N
            Dicamba+atrazine.                               Y.                      Y5.                     Y5.                     N
            Dual.II.Magnum/Cinch.                           Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y
            Expert.                                         Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y
            Field.Master.                                   Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      N
            FulTime.                                        Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y
            Guardsman.Max.                                  Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y5
            Harness.                                        Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y
            Harness.Xtra.                                   Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y.
            Hornet.                                         Y.                      Y 5.                    N.                      N
            Impact.                                         Y.                      Y5.                     Y5.                     Y5
            Integrity.                                      Y.                      N.                      Y 5.                    N
            Keystone.                                       Y.                      Y3.                     Y.                      Y
            Laddok.                                         Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y
            Lariat/Bullet.                                  Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y
            Lasso/Micro-Tech.                               Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y4
            Laudis.                                         Y.                      Y 5.                    Y5.                     Y5
            Lumax/Lexar.                                    Y.                      Y.                      Y10.                    Y
            Metribuzin.                                     Y.                      N.                      N.                      N
            Northstar.                                      Y5.                     Y5,.7.                  Y5,.7.                  N
            Option.                                         Y.                      N.                      N.                      N
            Outlook.                                        Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y5
            Parallel/Parallel.Plus.                         Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      N
            Pendimethalin.                                  Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y
            Permit/Sandea/Halomax.                          Y.                      Y.                      Y..                     Y5
            Prequel.                                        Y.                      N.                      N.                      N
            Princep/simazine.                               Y.                      N.                      N.                      N
            Python.                                         Y.                      Y5.                     N.                      N
            Resolve/Resolve.Q.                              Y.                      N.                      N.                      N
            Resource.                                       Y.                      Y 5.                    N.                      N.
            Sharpen.                                        Y.                      N.                      Y5.                     N
            Shotgun.                                        Y.                      N.                      N.                      N.
            Spirit.                                         Y5.                     Y5,.7.                  Y5,.7.                  N
            Stalwart.C/Stalwart.Xtra.                       Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y
            Starane.                                        Y.                      N.                      N.                      Y
            Status.                                         Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      N
            Steadfast.Q/Steadfast.ATZ.                      Y.                      N.                      N.                      N
            Stinger.                                        Y.                      Y5.                     N.                      N
            SureStart.                                      Y.                      N.                      N.                      N
            Surpass/Topnotch.                               Y.                      Y.                      Y.                      Y
            Valor.                                          Y.                      N.                      N.                      N
            WideMatch.                                      Y.                      N.                      N.                      Y
            Yukon.                                          Y.                      Y.                      N.                      N

            1.   Do.not.apply.to.any.white.popcorn.inbred.or.hybrid.unless.approved.by.seed.supplier.
            2.  Do.not.apply.prior.to.3-leaf.corn.stage.
            3.  Do.not.use.on.corn.seed.stock.such.as.“Breeders,”.“Foundation,”.or.“Increase.”
            4.  Do.not.make.postemergence.application.of.Partner.or.Microtech.to.sweet.corn.
            5.  Check.with.seed.supplier.or.chemical.representative.for.sensitivity.of.inbreds/hybrids.prior.to.use.
            6.  Injury.may.occur.on.field.corn.hybrids.with.a.Relative.Maturity.(RM).rating.of.less.than.88.days.or.on.waxy,.Hi-Lysine,.or.food.grade.corn.
            7.  Can.be.used.if.spray.is.directed.using.drop.nozzles.when.seed.corn.is.between.4.and.20.and.4.and.30.inches.tall.for.Spirit.and.Exceed,.respective-
            .8. Do.not.apply.if.corn.is.greater.than.20.inches.tall.or.exhibits.5.collars.
            .9. Apply.as.directed.spray.only...Avoid.herbicide.application.into.the.corn.whorl.

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