Grant Crossword Puzzle Answers by ojd96442


									                               Grant Crossword Puzzle Answers

   ACROSS                                                    DOWN
1 Educational Department General Administrative          1   Budget restriction to ensure funds are available
  Regulations                                                to pay for PO
5 Vehicle used to record transactions into accounting 2      Grantee's contribution other than money
6 Annual program report                                  3   Legal entity to which a grant is awarded
8 Panthernet command to move approved budget             4   12 consecutive months chosen by entity to be its
  from one approved GL code to another                       accounting period
9 Annual financial report                                7   Gross income earned by grant funded activities
10 Office of Management and Budget                       11 List of all federal domestic assistance programs
12 Cost principles for educational institutions          13 Systematic inspection of accounting and or
                                                            program records
15 Period after grant end to determine all               14 Difference between budgeted and actual
   administrative actions are completed                     revenue or expense
16 Type of requisition used to initiate request for PO

17 Legal document obligating payment for acquisition
   of goods or services
18 Written request to awarding agency asking for
   change in award

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